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Drudge wants you to sleep

Did ya see the Drudge headline?:


Sorry Drudge/America/France, you will have to do better than that. Anyone want to bet this is a false flag to help spread fear of terrorism? Why does the guy want to surrender at night to 'be discreet'? When do negotiators "explode charges to intimidate the suspect"? The last time I checked, special ops police crews would have the situation handled already. You have a higher chance of getting hit by a car than killed by a terrorist:


and if you are a conservative:


Private property and civilians are NOT the target according to the stats. Military personnel and Diplomatic agencies.....HRMMMMM that means.......*light bulb*......GOVERNMENTS are what pisses other nations off. So the idea of blowback CAN be real?

Look, everyday I make a calculated risk to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. I accept that risk because it is REASONABLE. Do terrorists scare me? Of course, but I have to take a calculated risk to go about my day not worrying about it. I accept that risk because it is REASONABLE. We must stop being afraid of everything. You may die at any point during this thing called life. It happens. But my god, do not let fear control you.

So this, at least to me, seems like an attempt at propaganda. Yes, we have sociopaths running the show. They sacrifice a few kids at school to achieve their means and convince the population to get angry. I refuse to fall for it again: The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor is coming out as a setup, "Gulf of Tonkin" incident to spawn Vietnam, The war on drugs, and back to good ole' Iran when we removed the Shah in the 50's. We have a hand in everything around the world. Let's go fight the [insert evil enemy here] and save the people of [insert foreign country here] or help them realize democracy.

I am now awake and I see through their disgusting plan. You will not manipulate me into selling out humanity any more. Just as technology has given us the power of free information (internet), innovation will set us free from our own bonds. The free market system will find a way to elevate humanity into an enlightened era.

Besides, there are more things to be afraid of.........like Ninjas!

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Drudge sucks!

He loves Romney.


Haven't seen a drudge ad that wasn't .gov in . . .

Thanks for the two articles

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

It's probably not a false

It's probably not a false flag. It's probably another crazed loner who does identify himself with Al Qaeda. Europe doesn't have school shootings, we have these cases. They all claim some political cause, usually wildly different ones, but the real cause is usually schitzofrenia.

It's been happening quite a lot all over, that's disturbing.

But I agree, we should be very afraid of the ninjas.. They are radical buddhists Santorum's preacher warned us about after all!