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American Elect will HURT RP Delegates! Must Read!

"Establishment, website disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates?"

" Maybe it would be better stated, Ron Paul Delegates are potentially, unwittingly disqualifying themselves from being legal delegates if they sign up with a website the "mainstream" media has been pushing lately, “Americans Elect.”

Rumor currently has it that it may be a conflict of interest to sign up with Americans Elect AND be a delegate. It may be against the rules and your position as a delegate could be discredited if you are participating in this website and its owner’s and media’s “third party” agenda."

More at the source:


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Thank you

Thank you for posting this information.

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The GOP is discriminating against anti-Romney supporters.

How is this the fault of Americans Elect once again? AE lets everyone and anyone participate. This is classic intolerance on the part of the Republicrats.


repost - AE = Liars.. and RP never ever runs for them

AE is out to make money and control voting.

People posting AE threads either aren't paying attention to previous threads, or are purposely creating new ones in order to make it look like a new/good idea.

AE could sell the election if their group wins one state in the general election.

There's plenty of evidence that this is a very bad thing. A quick google search pulls up:








General problems with voting machines and online voting can be found through http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

you ar4e either an idiot or a traitor

everything is explained abut what they are up to

you are employed by ae to publish this stuff.. or you are a usefull idiot for the international banking cartel that hold america and the rest of the world hostage.

AE is NOT the way out and your constant pushing of AE without answering any of the question shows that you are a traitor and not interested in the revolution but here to derail it!

I 2nd that! Americans Elect

I 2nd that! Americans Elect is dirty. Smells of democracy. This is a damn Republic!