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Wyoming hijinks - Park County

According to the GreenPapers
Santorum won the vote 29 - 27
The Republican Executive Committee awarded the delegate to Romney.

OK - its only 1 delegate, but even so shouldn't this disputed?

Park: Santorum-29, Romney-27 On 19 March 2012, the Park County Republican Party Executive Committee in an unanimous decision determined that the Romney delegate won the caucus. Elected-- Romney (delegate). 13 March 2012 media article from Powell Tribune: Park County GOP delegate in doubt. 19 March 2012 media article from trib.com: Romney wins Wyoming county caucus delegate vote.


Already, the presidential campaigns were asking for the names and phone numbers of delegates to the state convention to lobby for their votes, Hooper said.

I hope the Ron Paul campaign is doing this.

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Lobbying for votes? That is really low and dirty. Hopefully the delegates that want change will not fall for these tactics, the same tactics being used in government.

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