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An amazing battle in the "Sovereign" war.


The video incorrectly calls the man a "sovereign citizen" which is an oxymoron. I have not been to the bottom of this bunny hole, I don't have the fortitude. The people who pursue this spend a lot of time in court and I don't have what it takes to do that. However, these folks are on to something and if you do not think so, you need to watch this video. Then ask yourself "If the cops had my child in the back of their car, could I get them out?"

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Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

This is in Idaho!

wow!! my backyard! I think you're right that because they spend so much time in court, it isn't a very feasible method for most, but hey, more power to him!! Thanks for posting!

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Not giving over jurisdiction

When one thinks about what this man did it reveals a lot about America. He knows who he is and he did not give over his authority to the pretenders. That is the only way they get authority because they have none of their own. If he had remained silent as they kidnapped his son he would have given them jurisdiction by acquiescence but he didn't - he objected and didn't lose his cool - much to his credit. This shows us that the liberty movement is not so much about "taking our country back" as it is "taking back our (personal) authority" usually and unknowingly given over without objection and we can only do that when we know who we are and who 'they' are and what the law is.

I do not agree with his babble about nationalities, I mark that up to bluff and bluster since they obviously knew less about the law than he did.

He was quoting the UN. In

He was quoting the UN. In order for the UN to be lawful they must have remedy.. he was simply using the lawful remedy within their own codes to secure his liberty.

This concept can be applied at all levels. If there is no remedy then it is not lawful. I've been about 3 years in and the things I've learned have made my jaw drop multiple times; more then the last time.

What interesting is how they've classified the contractual relationship revolving around using their words. Even admitting that you were born on the Roman Catholic Calender (Time Record [he who maintains the records controls the law]). So the hole gets pretty deep but once you get into ecclesiastical law you know your getting close. That explains why cops are traditionally associated with the color Blue. Sorta like those carbon papers that use yellow.. ecclesiastical colors, by mixing blue and yellow.. you get the greenback.. an ecclesiastical instrument (indulgence).

I really find it interesting how the entire court procedure mimic's(or maybe it doesn't![because it IS]) the sacrament of penance, where you confess to the priest and he gives you penance after you say your 10 our fathers and 5 hail Mary's. When you plea to a priest he becomes the executor.. the priest in the court, the Judge, wants to be your executor henceforth why he is adamant about a plea.. without it he has no jurisdiction. I can go on and on..

Dale, Trust law is pretty cool especially as it is the foundation to statutory law. However, ecclesiastical law is even cooler because it is the foundation to trust law. I'm sure you can recognize the significance of that. :)

I had to thrown in a little edit for fun: Is it a coincidence that it is called a penitentiary?? Those that are there are there voluntarily because they've plead and are serving out their penance. :/

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Thanks for the insights.

Thanks for the insights. About the time I was getting into the ecclesiastic law I had had just about enough of man's law. The endless splitting of non-existent and hypothetical hairs, etc., etc. But I kept up the pursuit of learning who I Am and all that that means. As you point out the rabbit hole not only goes very very deep but branches out endlessly.... very tiresome. I'd rather stick with my science/philosophy. The universe is easier to comprehend than man's egoic gyrations.

The man knows who he is,

a sovereign, and who the cops are - pretenders to an authority they do not have; i.e., corporate security guards acting under color of law but not the law itself. George Gordon is probably the best to learn from:

George Gordon's School of Law

and he did not waive his rights (by acquiescing to their actions) when the cops expected him to

"When a waiverable right or claim is involved, the failure to make a reservation (or claim) thereof, causes a loss of the right, and bars its assertion at a later date." (UCC 1-207.9) (UCC 1-308 replaces UCC 1-207)


Hey Fish

Whats up?

Saw this video a while back, its not difficult to understand whats going on.. the real challenge isn't the truth, but recognizing the lies.

The Law is actually rather easy to learn, thats the reason attorneys stay in 'law school' so long; because they do not teach them law, just litigation.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Sad when white people are

Sad when white people are still ignore. Just like I said we still have !@#$ Bleach Minded !@#$ Americans.

This video is old I've seen

This video is old I've seen it posted multiple times over the past year