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Washington Times - Tom Mullen Strikes Again: 'Ron Paul reveals benefits of brokered convention on Jay Leno'

TAMPA, March 21, 2012 – Following Mitt Romney’s victory in Illinois, the media buzz on Ron Paul has focused on speculation about him dropping out of the race. According to many sources, his delegate strategy has failed and his fundraising is drying up.

However, Ron Paul seemed as upbeat as ever last night during his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He noted that the delegate counts for many states are still unknown and that a brokered convention becomes more likely every day.

Several media outlets report that Paul has only secured one tenth of the delegates that Romney has secured. This presumably rests upon the assumption that the percentage of delegates each will eventually secure will mirror his percentage of the popular vote.

However, Paul’s campaign maintains that they expect to control a majority of the delegates in Iowa, Maine, and possibly several other states

Why the disconnect? Is this evidence of the media treating Paul’s campaign unfairly?

Probably not. It is much more likely that most do not fully understand the caucus process. Rachel Maddow admits that she doesn’t and suggested that even the Republican Party doesn’t know the delegate count for any candidate at this point. She’s right.

The process of selecting delegates for the Republican National Convention (RNC) varies...


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US News & World Report Cites Tom Mullen Article on Ron Paul

Hello friends,

Thanks to Lauren Fox of US News & World Report for citing this article in telling the truth about Ron Paul's candidacy - that he is still very much alive!

Please give her article a read and some love:



My guess is the main reason the campaign wanted to go on Leno was to get the word out about a second ballot, so if he wins nobody can cry because he warned everyone.

we are in it.. lets go for all remaining delegates spots..

we possibly can get..
and then work the county and state conventions with all our info weapons to install at least some 2nd thoughts.( I beg you to never go hostile towards romney,santorum or gingrich supporters in the crowds! We need them!)

then we work the Tampa convention from all angles.

+ a great speech from the Dr. and we might get the big upset!

its hard but certainly not impossible.

Remember there are many delegates who are nominated by anti Romney voters. They are just not good enough informed about the Dr. ..

I just wanted to say Ron Paul

I just wanted to say Ron Paul KICKS A S S!

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

brokered or open?

DPer Steve Dickson says there's a difference.

"An issue that needs to be addressed is the growing concern there will be a "brokered" convention in Tampa. This is not possible - and is an attempt to create confusion and control the process of selecting the nominee. A "brokered" convention would be like this: during the 1st ballot (where each State is called on by the Chair) no candidate receives a majority. The candidates and other powerful party types then get together and make deals to come up with a nominee, and the candidate pledges his Delegates to someone else to achieve a majority.
. . .

"Instead of a Brokered Convention which is no longer possible by GOP rules, if no candidate on the 1st ballot gets a majority we will have an OPEN convention. Each Delegate will then be legally able to vote their conscience, based on the rules from their states.

"The Establishment fears an Open Convention more than anything, for it means the actual Delegates will chose instead of politicians, the media, or back room power brokers. The Convention can then nominate ANYONE, whether they have been a candidate or not up to that point, or they can unite behind one of the current candidates."

His explanation is worth reading.

Oh yea

You betcha !!!


Fantastic Tom good to see you

Fantastic Tom good to see you out there cutting teeth in the main stream...