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Puerto Rico Fraud Charge Article In English

I couldn't stand NOT knowing what it said, so I sent to a friend in Puerto Rico for translation. He got back to me already and here is what he wrote about this article (http://www.elnuevodia.com/oficializanquerellassobreprimarias...):


Ron Paul's supporters maintain that they were submitted to the State Election Commission

Voters identified with the campaign of Congressman Ron Paul announced tonight that they had presented complaints with the State Election Commission because of irregularities that had been reported towards the Republican presidential primary in Puerto Rico.

The group hopes that federal prosecutors in San Juan will confirm that they may present their complaints to that office tomorrow.

"With the federal prosecution it is by appointment. They agreed to call us tomorrow, "said Luis del Valle, who was delegated by Paul in Puerto Rico.
Together with del Valle, the charges were filed by Raymond Sanchez and Ramon Diaz.

The voters argue that there was no proper supervision of the voting process, there were ballot box unsealed and a total discrepancy between the proceedings, the voters and the ballots issued, said del Valle.

"Every elector, election official or observer who witnesses irregularities in the voting and counting process, can file a complaint with the EEC (State Election Commission). We urge voters to make complaints and do not let this the problem of electoral fraud and disorganization in the EEC pass unnoticed, "said del Valle.

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Thanks, Columbia.

Please update us when you get more info on this.

Sad that election fraud is beginning to sound like "same old news". Seems like when there isn't election fraud somewhere should make headlines these days for being so unusual.

Don't let up on these reports. Spread them everywhere!

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You're welcome!

He's promised to let me know if sees anything more.

Big bump

Thank you.

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