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Interesting "sidebar" to President Paul's appearance on LENO

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Very good article.

Very good article.

Comments to this article are

Comments to this article are uplifting.......lots of patriots out there.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.


Mitt, Newt, and Rick are private citizens making threats against foreign countries and threatening the liberties and properties of many domestically.

I can see why they might have fears. Look at the 2010 Party Conventions. They were held in armed camps. I wondered what they had done that they are so fearful of their safety.

Tax Parasites running for President in the GOP. Ron Paul didn't take a bailout for his campaign's security.

Free includes debt-free!

I think we need to really make something of this

I was trying to sleep last night - unsuccessfully of course - liberty is hard on SLEEP! :) and thought about this part of his interview. We need to really point this out all over the place. Dr. Paul could have secret service if he would take it - at the cost of $50,000 a day of tax payer money but he will not take money from us for something for himself. He lives what he preaches. Meanwhile millionaire (or is he a billionaire?) Romney and Gingrich use tax payer money for their security - they have corporate sponsors as well and Romney has more campaign money than anyone but Obama yet he is letting the tax payers pay for his security. And Santorum asked for security - he is taking our money also.

Wake up America - what they will do in the campaign is just the beginning of the way they will steal from us once in the most powerful office in the land.

There should be a HUGE outcry from the people that they pay for their own security...

And then we don't have to worry about that new law that doesn't allow us anywhere near folks with secret service protection. I am VERY concerned they are going to use that to keep Paul supporters out of the convention - especially the marches on the convention.

Let's start an outcry about this... those 3 are costing you and I $50,000 a day - by the way Dr. Paul seemed unsure of that figure - anyone know for sure before we go with it?

Post it everywhere - put it on your Facebook accounts, tweet it all over the place - this is POWERFUL. Those 3 should be paying for their own security just like Dr. Paul but it really shows the major difference in practical terms between him and them.



That was my feeling. Good point, easy story to tell.

Thanks slm

Free includes debt-free!