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We need people this Saturday in Tarrant County Texas.

We have a bunch of love here in Tarrant County Texas. A huge County here in Texas. We need all hands on deck this Satuday.

We are having a massive sign wave/ information hand out this weekend. We have flyers, Brochures, Free bumper stickers and much more to hand out.

Keller Parkway(17​09) and Rufe Snow , Near the North Richland hills , Keller area.

After having several Sign Waves in Arlington and Fort Worth we are spreading out and reaching out to the people of NE Tarrant County, known as "Santorum Territory". This is where Santorum won 1st in the straw poll and Paul came 2nd by a very few votes. The event is in Keller and this is really important so be there bring your frineds and family, we will have extra signs and brochures so don't worry! Get there at 3 or whenever your time permits! 3-7pm , It is going to be 80 and Sunny out so bring some sun tan lotion , water and your Libery game face!!! Contact me for more info call or text 817 673 0028

Our Facebook page for up to date info.

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I actually just posted a thread about this..

I work in downtown fort worth and the sign I purchased won't be here until next week...I was thinking about getting a few people to head downtown with me and stand on the side of the belknap entrance where all the cars come in from with a sign wave..

Would it be ok to use some of those signs that you have until I receive my own??

Also, if anyone would like to join me...I can fit four in my car!


Tarrant County Texas

Get out today!! Weather is amazing!!!!

Bump me
+ me

Working... but Hood county needs a RP group meeting

I know alot of Ron Paul supporters in Hood County South of Tarrant I REALLY want to set something up in Hood County I just have no idea for a meeting places.... Can anyone help me?

Tarrant County Texas

Call me. # below. I can help with you county.


Here is yahoo maps. http://maps.yahoo.com/#tt=&q=1709+Keller+Pky%2C+Keller%2C+TX...

1709 Keller Pkwy is located east of Rufe Snow. There will certainly be plenty of vehicular traffic on Keller Pkwy that will witness the event.

Tarrant County has a solid base of Paul supporters. Hoping for a good turnout.

Do not assume establishment party officials who say all the right things about conservative principles will do anything differently. This is the battle. Individual liberty demands personal responsibility. - Debra Medina

Tarrant County Texas

We are going to have a blast today!

If you need help or more info call or text me 817 673 0028

Tarrant County Texas

Today is the day!


will be there, as well!

Love thy enemy.


for some Texas action.

Tarrant County Texas


Tarrant County Texas

Come out and join us tomorrow!

Tarrant County Texas, SIgn bomb!

bump me!

Tarrant County Texas

I will not shut up!

Tarrant County Texas


Will be there!

Will be there to show our love and support for Dr. Paul. Will bring a few hundred SB too. Looking forward to it!!

Love it!

We will have a very large group out with us.

Bring the kids I will have mine. They know their amendments already so the police can't mess with us LOL!!!! No but really! Kids welcome.

Calling all freedom lovers!

Might try

Stephen Broden (pastor). He is having his today. Might help tomorrow if asked.





Texas are you sleeping?


Tarrant County Texas

Where is the love??? GET UP OFF YOUR BUM!


Worth a bump.

Tarrant County Texas

Give me some +

Give me a bump.

Tarrant County Texas

I need you!

I will have a cooler on site so nobody goes parched!

For Freedom , For Liberty, For Dr Paul!

Texas Freedom lover!

I need you help!

Bump for any Texan!! Good

Bump for any Texan!! Good Luck!

I also linked this thread for a Denton Co sign wave group. Maybe we can join forces in the future.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Denton Co

When is Denton having theres?

Tarrant County Texas

Get off your Bum for Liberty and come help us this weekend.

I am going to bump a bunch unitl Satuday. All bumps are appreciated. THANKS!



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix