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Ron Paul is Respected Around the World

Ah, the traveler's lifestyle. How I miss it! This article from Bohemian Travelers comes by way of Eric at another great website, the Activist Post.

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It’s not everyday that you can have an intelligent discussion about American politics with an Australian, a Canadian, and an Austrian.

We find ourselves in a quaint guesthouse in Penang, Malaysia four months in to our world travels. Although the area is home to many expat travelers and tourists alike with high-rise condotels, beach resorts and even a Hard Rock café, it’s certainly not the type of place you’d expect to find people who care about U.S. politics.

The lone traveler that is sharing the guesthouse with us is a retired backpacker from Austria. Upon first meeting him, I asked if he spoke English. He responded “a little bit,” which is the typical response from fellow travelers whose first language is clearly not English. Yet after a minute or two of discussion, it’s obvious they all speak much more than just a “little bit”. In fact, most of them should be labeled fluent even though their confidence is lacking.

After making small talk, we moved on to larger subjects like the state of the world, the wars, the euro situation and, finally, the United States. He revealed that he was a big country music fan and has visited the States a half-a-dozen times to go to festivals. His handlebar mustache suddenly made more sense.

So he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with America. Upon reflecting on the challenges facing America, he asked if I thought any of the current presidential candidates could make a difference. I told him there’s only one guy who’s even discussing the real issues like the monetary system, restoring freedom and privacy, and ending the aggressive wars. And before I could mention his name, he blurted out “Ron Paul?”

Later that same night, I joined two fellow family travel bloggers for some beers at a local pub. One is a website developer from Australia and the other is an economist from Canada. Both have been keeping a home base in Malaysia for many months and work remotely. Again, after talking of world events, the topic turned to American politics. Each of my drinking companions displayed a surprising level of understanding of how our system works; the two political parties, the Federal Reserve, and so much more.

As some of the problems facing America became agreed upon, they leveled their focus on me to see if I thought some of the presidential candidates would make a difference, if any. Yet again, I said there’s only one guy speaking of the issues we just discussed and before I could name him, the Canadian chimed in with “Ron Paul?” And the Australian said “who, the Libertarian?”

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Further Testimony...

My wife and I went to the beach with two other couples and their kids. The couple we are friends with live here in the states, she's American and he's from Ireland, and are Obama supporters although they both like Ron Paul (he's moving towards our side, slowly but surely as I work on him). Their two friends from Ireland and their child joined us.

Over beers and the grill, the three of us guys were discussing politics and Ron Paul (also talked a little about it throughout the few days). The guy from Ireland seemed interested in his principles and policies but didn't seem too overly excited.

A week or two later after they were back in Ireland, he posts on my Facebook wall. "Hey, can you send a couple of Ron Paul bumper stickers over to the Emerald Isle. We'll get it going over here too." He saw my bumper sticker at the beach. I think he got back to Ireland and researched Ron Paul on the internet, he did his research and embraced liberty (imagine that). Proof positive that people around the world embrace a message of a peaceful foreign policy, sound money and a massive change to the size and intrusion of the government in our lives. Just wanted to add my 'international Ron Paul' experience to the conversation.

I am from the UK and

I am from the UK, and over here, Ron Paul sounds like a normal sensible politician and leader.

The others, we think are wacky. Especially Santorum, Palin, Mcain, even Bush was deeply unpopular here in the UK. And we do read about world news a lot, and the elections in the UK papers.

Ron Paul is not mentioned much. And I do think that there is a blackout in the US. However, there have been articles about Ron Paul in the popular UK newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" where a number of journalists love his economic ideas.

People here also like Obama (although we all know that Obama is just a policy maker for his banking bosses), and in fact Romney and Obama have virtually no policy differences.

More worrying for the USA, is this insidious chipping away of your freedoms and civil rights. For example:-
- In Europe there is no TSA, and those "Full Body Scanners" are illegal.
- In Europe voting machines are illegal in many countries. ... Here in the UK, we use a hand count paper ballot, that is counted in front of observers and media, and never leaves the precinct room where the box is located. There can therefore be no fraud at all. None. Its foolproof, and the media broadcast each count where the Mayor (usually) reads out the total to media. It takes about 8 hours of live TV and usually goes on throughout the night.
- I have never met a European who thinks that the wars that the US started are legal. No one agrees with them, and if you read UK papers they are all 100% against them. ... Basically same as Ron Pauls explainations.
- Ron Pauls views on limited government and currency are typically conservative. In fact the only issue I dont agree with Ron Paul on is on Abortion. But then again, this is Ron Pauls personal view, and I think that he would let the states decide.
- A big thing going on is the UK, is something called "devolution", We are now giving Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland more power to make regional decisions... Similar to giving States rights I suppose. Yes, its popular.
And Ron Paul is not for off what Europeans believe to be problems from Central Management and problems with Fedralism... The big debate here is that the European Union experiment has had too much central planning, and now people want to move back to devlolution of power.... Ron Paul would be popular here, and his only difference is that he is quite a lot more right wing than our libertarians. But of course you can have a spectrum of libertarian ideas, just so long as individual freedom is not compromised. ... I hope that the USA might develop several (more than just Ron Paul) libertarians, that are from all spectrums. I think that Dennis Kusinich and Ron Paul are very similar in wanting to give back rights to the people, but on domestic policy they have alternative views. Fine. I would like to see them debate. Problem is that you have the rest of the 99% of politicans who are just liars, crooks, cronies and make a career of being "bought out". You need to get the people to vote them out of office.
- Ron Paul foreign policy would not bat an eyelid here in the UK or Europe. He says what 99% of people think, and many of our politicians say. ... Its actually weird listening to your warmongering senate, and there is now universal distrust of the US politically and in the general public perception. This damage needs repairing.
- One other issue, which is the only one I disagree with Ron Paul on, is the United Nations. ... I think that the League of Nations or the United Nations should be a place for governments to talk, and help to avoid wars. Invasion is not the best way. And remember that the US decided to go to war WITHOUT the UN approval in Iraq, Afganistan etc etc. The UN actually tried to broker peace and compromise.
- But adding to the above topic, I think that Ron Paul would not try to change or subvert the UN or other countries. But let them decide. He is a man keen on sorting out the US domestic economy, civil rights, and also restore the USA's place in the world... but leading by good example.

The US is setting a very bad example at the moment. And is really destroying itself.
- Look how China and Russia are now getting all the oil. And without firing a shot (on Chinas part). This is because countries see them as partners, and not invaders.
- The US economy is in tatters. And it is effecting the world. Now China has started an internal market for good, and growing a middle class to supply its products to. As you are not longer able to buy them.
- US corporations are failing. You economy is on a precipice.
- And you have all the trappings now in law, and in your militarised police force/state to create a very cruel and unimaginable police state.

We in Europe remember Hitler. And maybe this is one reason why we are less "gung-ho" about war. Also the USA has never had a war in the homeland, like the UK and all European countries. Trust me, you wont like it. And I think that the USA would grow up, if they knew what it was really like. Cities destroyed. Generations of families wiped out, torture, war crimes, famine, rule of law broken, rape.

And all people recognise the rise of fascism and the police state. I feel that for the USA, the ideals of that Ron Paul promotes are sensible, and is your last and greatest hope.

Freedom is popular. And freedom will always win. Human beings are not designed to be ruled by a corrupt cabal of of people that reject the teachings of Christ, Mohammed PBUH, or any other religious or moral teachings you can care to mention.

However, political process is the method that you must use. And to do this you need to understand how democracy works. The USA has been fattened up and brainwashed, and manipulated so much that you have no idea what the world things, or how they vote, pray, worship, live or trade.

But you had better learn quickly how to have a transparent election, and how ALL other countries do it. It is possible and the USA has forgotten. .... Ron Paul gives a clue..

"We the People"

Read the document. Its all there. And I know people who are avid Ron Paul fans, who have never read the Constitution.

We the people... count the votes.
We the people... find the following rights SELF EVIDENT

Learn your rights. Exercise them. If they are not used, then you will lose them.

You have a right to count your own votes, and observe your own election. Its your country, and its time to take the blinkers off thinking that Ron Paul can save you.

Its "We the people" that save themselves. And the constitution is your guide. Thank God for the wisdom of Ben Franklin and others, who foresaw the rise of tyranny. They have given you the tools and the manual.

Stand up for your rights. Be prepared as the British were, and many in Europe to die for them. You can win this, but you need to accept the truth, and I hope to God, that you learn how to operate your so called Democracy.

- You have allowed it to become full of holes,
- You have allowed them to give you machines to count your votes (?!)
- You have allowed yourselves to be deceived

Its now up to you, to get your rights back.

And then, maybe then, you can start to think about other issues. I want to see many Ron Pauls in office, and I dont care if they disagree on Abortion, or on tax, or on education.

So long as they agree, that they serve the public, "We the people". As long as the people are in charge, I have a hope and belief in the strength and goodness of humanity.

Now go and get yourselves your Democracy back.
- And know your rights.
- The Law is the rule of law, and is vitally important.
- Use it.

Very well written. Don't

Very well written. Don't understand why Obama is popular in Europe if you guys are much more aware there than we are here. And if Romney becomes prez, I am sure that the European media would be biased against him, yet like you say there's no real difference between the two. Finally we're working to get our republic back, now get to work getting laws passed to get your guns back.


Good questions.

1. Obama is popular over here, with many people, just like in the USA, because they are ignorant or take things at face value.

My Jewish friend thinks that Obama is great. But when I asked him about Obamas election promises, he was not aware that Obama has not stuck to virtually any of them. Including shutting down Camp Gitmo and ending the wars. Obama as you know, has actually extended the wars and the wanton destruction of Freedoms that you would expect to be Self Evident in any democratic society or republic.
- Really, people see the face colour, and the smile, and they think that he is a man of the people. He sounds like he is saying the right things. Actually very much like Tony Blair. .. Both Blair and Obama profess to be Democrat/Labour, but the policy is no different. I am surprised constantly that people dont pick up on, or realise that Obama was sold to them, and made promises that are pure BS. He is GoldMan Sachs man. Just as Bush was. ... Hell they probably go to the same country club. But Obama has a nice smile, and is more acceptable to the world than your stammering and stuttering idiot in chief, daddys little boy, George W Bush. ... He turned the USS into a laughing stock in the world and was universally reviled. So, again another reason might be that people were just relieved that W was removed!

However, we all know that the policies stayed the same under Barry. And in fact he has extended the destruction of civil rights, and liberty all to plan (of his masters).

2. Socialism is popular here. So Democrats are usually quite well liked. ... Thats why Ron Paul is so "unusual". I was a staunch socialist, although I run a business. But I had never heard true conservative ideals, such as limited government and sound money. Ron Paul is a conservative, and I had probably never seen a live one speak, lol. ... Im guessing that the last one was Taft?!

Anyway, I could not care less if you had a Willaim Taft or a Andrew Johnson. Just so long as they place the rights of "We the people" first. The left/right thing for me, is important. But not as much. In a free Republic with Representative Democracy, and state rights that obeys the Constitution. States can decide issues on education, local economics, tax, social policy etc. And this is how the US economic miracle worked, and build the strongest economy and free-ist society in the world. These things will ballance, and maybe a state wants to give out free school meals. So what. We the people will change policies and our elected representatives to suit out needs, and human society can find balance and work. After all, what would be the point of having just the Republican party? But I have to say, that debate is healthy. But the real truth, is shut out. And only Ron Paul says it. We agree.

3. You are spot in saying that you are collectivly working on laws to get your republic back, lol, and of course your guns. ... Of course please dont be blind in the USA, to Europe. Many of you dont even realise that Switzerland has more guns per capita than the USA, and they can legally "Open Carry". Many of them do. Also you can exchange fiat money for gold at the bank counter. The world is more diverse, and interesting than you think. So please stop bombing it, without asking permission!

Ron Paul would make a great President of the United States. And I think that the world would love him. I think that there are politicians in our countries that would respond well to him, and to us his views are not kooky but perfectly normal.

I would say, that he is definitely more Conservative than most. And if I were critical, there are maybe 2 issues, which are not Federal policy, but are from his own viewpoint that I would like to debate him on. These are only smaller issues, and may be right for the USA, but in the UK, we are not so religious (Paul is a baptist) and also we have had some success from our National Health Service (the NHS) which proves that if done correctly, and in limited ways, some services that are essential to life that ONLY IF "we the people" are willing to allow government to provide can work. The French SNCF trains are another example. So we understand that within limits, we can use the state to provide services. But of course mixing private and public enterprise is bad and leads to corruption. Also public enterprise can lead to high costs, unless managed carefully and can in some cases lead to cost reduction and thus allow benefits to all citizens.

I do however, think that Ron Paul is right for the USA. And certainly, I dont think that you will ever have a chance to vote for anyone else, by the way your militarized police state is heading (and thats if you can plug the holes in your corrupt and heavily rigged voting system). So debate or criticism of Pauls specific stance on social justice and redistribution apart, ... I think that really Ron Paul is your only and best chance.

Of course, I would love to see Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinch debate. Or even better, running mates. Solve the state of emergency, and then straighten out this whole mess.

Although Paul wants to End The Fed almost immediately, if Paul is correct about stateism/socialism, he knows that he will have to provide for people reliant on it (elderly, or those who have been made to rely on it) for some time. So programs will need to stay in place and change over time. Who knows, one day the USA could have the best of both worlds. Small government, state rights, sound money, free trade and economy, and one day learn to trust the government again. Maybe just give it a limited role in some Federal tasks, but this time answerable to the people and using the fine system designed by our forefathers in the Constitution. On this we can all agree.

Kindest regards, and prayers from the UK!

"if Paul is correct about

"if Paul is correct about stateism/socialism, he knows that he will have to provide for people reliant on it (elderly, or those who have been made to rely on it) for some time. So programs will need to stay in place and change over time."

Undoubtedly true... and Paul has spoken on this issue many times. He agrees with you. He has said that since people have become so dependent on government, it would be immoral to end such programs in the face of such dependency. His solution is as humane as it is practical. End the wars, foreign occupations and foreign aid to dictators, and use the money saved to bolster our obligations in these areas. His goal would be to eventually wean people off such programs.

No surprise

that intelligence, integrity, consistency and truth telling are qualities respected internationally......likely as they are so extremely rare amongst high profile candidates.

Dovetails nicely with these "votes"

from countries around the globe in the 2012 Republican primary:

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

OK so we're our own passport.

Ron Paul gear of all sorts should be worn abroad. Maybe we'll revert to being friends instead of targets.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Yes BUT......

Don't be wearing any RP gear at the U.S. airport or you just might find yourself being not only detained for a while, but maybe an extra frisk or two!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Thanks Michael

...for posting. I had posted from Activist Post about 30 minutes before but it was quickly buried. I need to study formatting so I can set up articles properly rather than just :( cut and paste.

It is such a great article that I am glad folks saw it. Also, I would recommend that people make comments on Activist Post. It is a "friendly site" but has a lot of readers into *other* issues areas and, therefore, a great place to educate about Ron Paul.


Hi, came over to post this...

Hello Michael Nystrom

c7p'd this to post here and you have done it
Good on you!

I did post a short piece from here over there.
There are posters there posting LIES about Ron Paul
but no REPLY available
so its a bit of an op to c&p part of their LIES
and refute them in another whole post

BUT TRUTH POSTS about Ron Paul over there are
a great way to educate those who might be looking
in there

Readers here please consider visiting there and posting

Also at The Daily Caller which is NOT Ron Paul friendly
and we can get called filthy words there
but SOME will read our posts and maybe a seed will




have been posting on Dc for a few months with no glitches

After this post there I have been BANNED on every thread
tested three innocuous threads having no referral to Ron Paul
have written Tucker Carlson asking WHY

no notice or cause given by DC
emaile site
no response

does DC HATE Ron Paul ?

post accepted / post more there PLEASE


SophiaH said...

and repeated rhetoric of which there is NO proof.

see here for TRUTH:

Ron Paul's foreign policy would suck money away from the warmongering fools and restore the money back to America.

His foreign policy would suck and siphon money away from Japan, Germany, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the MIC and redistribute the wealth back to the American People.

Just do a quick Yahoo search for "base closings." Do you understand how many United States military bases have been closed since Bush I took over? Now Obama is proposing even more military base closings here in America so we can build more military bases overseas. Now that really SUCKS.

Obamao wants to cut America's defenses by closing American bases, but seeks to expand the military overseas. WTS? What the Suck?

President Paul wants to cut the overseas military expenditures, and restore America's defenses by building more military bases here at home. (First SC debate as reference.)

Ron Paul's foreign policy would suck money away from the Military Industrial Complex and give it back to the American People in the form of a real national defense.

Obamao's foreign policy leaves America vulnerable to attack.



Thanks for posting Michael

Many Canadians asked me if there is a 'Canadian Ron Paul'.
People here crave for someone like the good doctor.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Maybe it's because Ron Paul isn't being

blocked out of their news casts. I know people on at least 4 other continents who know more about Ron Paul than the average American does! Now that's pathetic.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

There are a lot of us in

There are a lot of us in Australia who love Dr Paul's message, and the man! Although there are the Welfare/TV watchers who follow MSM who would never have heard of him. If you could please clone him we would love it! At the moment we have a very socialist gov and are slowly going down the drain. They are trying to take away free speech as well. COULD you please clone him? GO RON PAUL......

And Another from Down Under!

Im In the West!

Western Australia is the best

Western Australia is the best state in Aus (Shhh don't tell everyone!) In Aus we have Labour=Socialism=Obuma and Liberals=Conservatism=Paul. When I started reading US posts, I couldn't believe what your libs were saying & doing! I live in GN.

Another Aussie

Count me in as another Australian that loves Dr Paul's message.

Shame we don't have our own Ron Paul. Instead we have to settle for a government that has done exactly the opposite of their election promises.

We are getting the world's biggest carbon tax, plain packaged cigarettes, we already have over 120 taxes and are now getting a mining tax aswell. General Motors Holden has just been given another bailout of $275 million dollars (I'm serious when I say that if I were given $275 million dollars I could create a lot of Australian jobs too)and our government "guarantees" the banks - meaning that we would do exactly the same as the hated US TARP.

Not only do we not have any politician talking about our contitution we have members of The Greens Party in political power proudly boasting a prominent policy of global governance. They are actively going against our sovereignty.

Oh, don't forget the ever increasing nanny state. Like Aussie Girl can we place an order for the first Ron Paul clone should a cloning machine ever be invented please?

Another Aussie right here :)

Another Aussie right here :)

And another!!!

Who would have thought Freedom and liberty is so popular in a country that started out as a penal colony!! Go figure..LOL!
We would dearly love (and need) our own Ron Paul..

Those who once lost their freedom..

Where would it be valued more?

God Bless the Both of You!

God Bless the Both of You!

Thanks Michael.

Posted on twitter..


The Australians should head over to the Liberty Australia Institute http://la.org.au/ & The Mises Seminar http://mises.org.au/

Stickers in Japan and Australia

I sold some stickers to a guy in Australia and another in Japan. I gave them extras with the for Liberty DVD, JBS Overview of America DVD and some flyers.

I Amuse Myself

At this line,

"And before I could mention his name, he blurted out “Ron Paul?”"

I imagined the writer sitting there, decked out in his Ron Paul T-shirt, hat, and buttons, and holding a sign or brochures. Good guess!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I hope Dr. Paul is able to introduce

Europeans and Canadians to the idea that wealth redistribution is a practically and morally bankrupt method. I hope they will understand that there are few valid roles for government outside of defense and justice. These ideas have always been at the core of American political debate. Its great to see such overseas respect for the Good Doctor, but I wonder if this respect is inspired mainly by his foreign policy. Europeans loved Clinton and demonized Reagan. I wonder if they will reacess their own bias enough to realize that Dr. Paul's philosophy is closest to Reagan and anathema to Clinton. I know that we have our own forms of brainwashing here, so please don't take this the wrong way. After all, it was Europeans who brought these ideas to our continent. But give me the good news, that limited govenment has now entered the realm of global political debate. My Canadian neighbors always give me the line that their system is so much more FREE because they have the RIGHT to healthcare. My European freinds dismiss our consitution as an outdated document that only records the popular sentiments of its time. I hope this new understanding of the role of government goes deeper than concern about militarism and debt.

Being an American in Canada I

Being an American in Canada I can tell you we are far from free, in many economic aspects. There is a very high sense of entitlement to 'free stuff' from the government, partly due to the high progressive income tax. The national identity up here is very closely tied to being Canadian...and not American, so any talk of limited government is dismissed on those grounds.

I miss the States, lol.

This reminds me of July 2007

This reminds me of July 2007 when I was in Costa Rica visiting a friend and hanging out at the Blue Monkey Hotel. I had found about about Ron Paul 2 months prior and was on fire about Liberty. There was an Aussie there and we started talking and of course I couldn't resist bringing up Ron Paul. Surprisingly, this guy knew who Ron Paul was and he told me he wished Ron Paul was running for President of Australia. Now this was back when Ron Paul was being ignored and heavily attacked and laughed at on stage by Rudy and co.

Thanks for posting Michael.