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Trayvon Martin Case: Lead Investigator Asked to Step Down

During a heated special meeting regarding the death of the unarmed teen, who was allegedly shot and killed by self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, Sanford city commissioners conducted a vote of "no confidence" against embattled Police Chief Billy Lee. Three of five commissioners voted against the chief.

only several hours went by when the Article was changed to

Sanford city manager says they were barred from arresting Trayvon Martin’s killer

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Justice for Zimmerman

If this BE true,
NOW, All those JUSTICE marchers can turn around and march (arm-in-arm) in the opposite direction for JUSTICE for Zimmerman.
I hope to see some media coverage showing this too.

I also hope the media doesn't let this case die, because we all need to know that all gun related deaths are not tragic, especially in a self defense situation.

I hope they show George

I hope they show George Zimmerman the same mercy that would have showed if he had been black and his victim had been white.

meekandmild's picture

last I heard he was still walking around

That may not be safe for him.

Remember Oscar Grant shooting?
Cop shoots & Kill unarmed Man(Oscar Grant)

Daily Paul folks are usually knee jerk against police corruption

There are tons of anti-police posts, videos, comments on Daily Paul.

They fall all over themselves assuming the police have the worst intentions.

But when it comes to a black person, it doesn't matter to these knee-jerk police hating people.

Despite the 911 operator doing the right thing, the police/morgue/media/etc. all worked to hide this crime and get the killer off. The police swooped in, gathered the body, intimidated the eye witnesses, and didn't arrest the killer.

The morgue, under police observation, didn't try one iota to contact Trayvon's parents for three days...despite having his cell phone. It should have taken minutes.

When eye witnesses told the police that they saw and heard Trayvon shouting for help, the police said that the shouting for help could have come from anyone...just tossing that piece of evidence out.

Now that this has gotten out, the chief of police has quit...running to cover his butt for these actions and probably many others.

But hey, the above may just be a story...a false story made up by the media.


I do NOT wonder why. It's obvious who these Ron Paul supporters hate worse than the police...blacks.

The only discussion concerning what happened with Trayvon Martin is the side issue about gun control: http://www.dailypaul.com/222463/gun-boom-continues-despite-f...

There is not even discussion about how this could be advantageous for Ron Paul. Paul has been talking about the corruption against minorities this election...where is he now when it is happening? Politicize this event would be in bad taste so I don't expect him to go down to Orlando like Al Shapton, but he should weigh in on the issue.

I have not seen anything anti-black on DP

and would hesitate to accuse anyone here of racial prejudice. Did I miss some racist posts?

I can certainly speak for own silence, which stems from my wait-and-see disposition. I don't know what the police know or what the victim's family knows. There appears to me to be some evidence that Zimmerman, the shooter, acted rashly, pre-judging the victim to be a prowler and a threat.

As a concealed carry permit holder I understand the ethical limits I need to observe. My weapon is my last resort if I am unable to avoid or evade major trouble. My permit does not give me special authority to challenge anyone, play LEO, or otherwise go looking for trouble but it sounds like Mr. Zimmerman may have done exactly that.

I am inclined to agree with Heraldo that young Mr. Martin did himself no favors by wearing a hoodie, so often the garb used in muggings and holdups. Mr. Zimmerman's active imagination must have spiked at the sight of someone who, by appearances and actions, could easily have been contemplating the commission of a crime. In reality it appears Martin may have been simply distracted by being on the phone with his girlfriend, not casing the neighborhood.

If the screaming (shouting for help) on a separate 911 call is determined to have come from Martin, I am led to wonder if Zimmerman had his gun leveled at him in a menacing manner and Martin believed he was being held up, assaulted, or worse. Under such circumstances, what would cause Zimmerman to pull the trigger? It's possible he could have been looking for an excuse to use his weapon rather than being primarily motivated by a desire to keep the neighborhood safe. It's the same suspicion we often have when law enforcement officers gun down an unarmed citizen.

If Martin was in fact casing the neighborhood for the next house to burgle he certainly had excellent cover stories: leaving the house at halftime during a game on TV to buy skittles for his younger brother and being unarmed. He may have been completely upstanding and wore the hoodie just to look tough so nobody would mess with him.

Hopefully a full picture will emerge and culpability can be clearly assigned. With what I know so far I am leaning toward overzealousness on Zimmerman's part.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

New witness says "the guy in red" (Zimmerman)

was being assaulted by the guy in the gray hoodie (Trayvon), who was on top while Zimmerman was on the ground. He said it was the guy in red who was screaming. The witness says he told (yelled at?) the guy on top to stop and that he was calling 911. This version, if it holds up, would tip the culpability toward Mr. Martin. TV news video with audio of witness:


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Im sure RP has already weighed in on this

he has this problem with not getting a lot of air time.

That would be great...been looking for it

can't find it