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The "old guard" has two choices. They can accept us and work with the "Ron Paul" Republicans. Or...

The "old guard" has two choices. They can accept us and work with the "Ron Paul" Republicans. Or, They can directly confront us and loose by attrition and also loose in the political process.

The battle lines have been drawn. We can do this with cooperation or we can do this by removing them from elected seats one person at a time. I say we do both. Sign up today to run for your local Republican committees and offices. 2008 started it, 2012 strengthens our resolve, 2016 will be a landslide victory. Boone County, MO had 42 Ron Paul Republicans show up in 2008 to the caucus. We had 240 Ron Paul Republicans in 2012. That suggests we will have over 1,440 in 2016. (Side note. I will be working to get 5,000. Better book a larger venue next time.)

We have demographics on our side. We have passion on our side. We have economic law on our side. We have the constitution on our side. Most importantly, we have liberty on our side. They have the establishment and treachery.

We become stronger every time they strike at us. We become stronger every time they break the Constitution. We are the new Republican Party and we will uphold the US Constitution for the liberty of our Republic.

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Without Ron Paul leading the ticket, the GOP will not only...

lose the presidency, they will lose control of the House and seats in the Senate. The public will accept a lot, but corruption turns off many voters. Very, very many will either stay home in November or vote for Democratic candidates as a protest. The GOP leadership's plan to re-elect Obama while maintaining a comfortable percentage in the House and Senate is completely gone. This should be dawning on even the dumbest of them very shortly.

Hopefully it will be Ron Paul's

"Second Term" and we should easily get 5000. Keep spreading the word.


Last night at my RCC meeting

Last night at my RCC meeting, the Chair congratulated me for running for an RCC seat and winning it. He told everyone how he replaced Matthew Heath as District Chair, because Matthew resigned to go to work for Ron Paul as Northern CA coordinator. The Chair said he had a few gifts for me, and presented me with a small stack of Ron Paul slim Jims, a Ron Paul bumper sticker, and two Ron Paul yard signs. He said he could not give me all he had, as he knew others that wanted them too. Everyone congratulated me. The Chiar and Treasurer have offered to groom me, help me go to the future training sessions, and car pool with me to the next Tea Party Friday the 14 in Ukiah Court House 11:45 to 1:45.

I passed this information on the Matthew who emailed me this morning wanting to do a delegate training session for Sonoma and Mendo, and I suggested we include Lake County, by having the meeting in Ukiah after the Tea Party.

Only nine months ago when I began showing up to the RCC meetings, these folks were NOT happy with me AT ALL. But I stood my ground, petitioned and got my signatures without their help, and I've earned their respect, and wow.. even congratulations and sincere offers of truce.

See my signature for the reason.

One seat at a time we need to

One seat at a time we need to become the new Republican Party.


The first thing that came to

The first thing that came to my mind from the article is from the movie Sound of Music. The song "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" You can sing the tune with Ron Paul's name instead of Maria.