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The Mainstream is Against Us, We Can Be the Mainstream

I have watched the website Yahoo develop and evolve as it changed hands. Currently it is the most popular website for home page in the nation, but it is increasingly disliked.

With a growing percentage of the nation in support of Ron Paul's ideals, many would appreciate a new homepage type page. It is the perfect time to lauch a competetive website.

The website would have to include all the features that made Yahoo pupular, that is search engine, news, games, email account etc....and could even include a facebook type of format to it. It would require some planning.

Yahoo's value currently is in the mega billions. It would have to be a volunteer effort from Paul supporters to construct a working website with the same features. The site would not openly be for Paul, but the news content inside would be.

The selling point for it could be no tracking, less advertising, and an all in one website. It could be carefully constructed to appeal to the masses, with free membership.

It would have to be a put together by volunteer effort with maybe a monetary gain coming as the site grew and gained room for advertising. We would need web designers, web developers, programmers (to make some simple games such as card games), and a host of writers to make entertaining news stories.

If it took hold, we could go on from there once it began to profit. The main thing is the projection of our viewpoints to the public. That is the same as any broadcast station in the US, take a look at Yahoo, originally when it began to recieve traffic, it was sold for over 10 billion dollars, not because of it's value in making a profit, but because of it's value in propaganda. We cannot afford ten billion dollars, but we can make something of our own, and now is a perfect opportunity with so many being disgusted with the mainstream sites.

This can be done.

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