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Current Situation - My thoughts

The current state of the campaign seems rather insane right now don't you all think? I agree with my "democrat" dad with one thing and that is the Republican GOP is corrupt beyond belief. Now that i'm awake and realize just how bad it is it's almost scarey. If we have any sort of war with Iran (which we likely wil) then what? How's Iran and China/Russia going to react? It'll make gas prices likely go even higher when realistically it should be 2.50 a gallon right now still but thanks to keynesian economics and our "HERO" Ben Bernanke it's 4.00 a gallon in Florida and 50 cents higher im sure in California where i'm from by now.

Had a heated debate with my dad who still is stubborn and believes we have to stop evil dictators and police the world to keep us safe yet proved him wrong in numerous occassions with numerous cites sources from professionals in the field of economics. I think using the gold standard seems to have it's pros and cons. It can be used to stablize things but when we encounter a rough time it can slow progress to recovery. Overall however i heard that Utah started using other currency and i think that's a fantastic idea. Good for them!

The bills that Obama has been rushing through scare the crap out of me. It's like they are gearing up or getting ready for something? Like riots/mass protests? THey figure our military might not follow orders to arrest it's own citizens so they are just militarizing the police instead. Anyone who knows anything about history should realize all great empires have many times collapsed on their own. Look at the roman empire for example. It's split up first before it finally couldn't defend it's vast empire anymore. Pretty similar to us as of right now. It's going to take awhile however before we hit that breaking point. Not until people are starving and looting ont he streets everywhere will people wake up. I hope Ron Paul supporters don't give up and try to prevent this.

The fraud started off as a conpiracy theory but it's documented FACT now. There is clearly Mitt Romney as the man they are selecting and that way the banks win for sure because BOTH are backed by them and will push forward their agenda. WAR, WAR, WAR,... war is money to them. Question is will this all start BEFORE the election of AFTER?

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ya it's hard to even keep

ya it's hard to even keep track.. like fraud going on in every single state.. as long as people keep fighting at every caucus and don't allow them to change delegates or steal votes we can win all the delegates and crash their party at the convention.

I have stopped trying to figure

out what is next. I just observe and watch it go down. Good luck

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."