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Collin County/North Dallas Convention Info

Here is the location and times:

Collin County Convention

Senatorial District Convention (8)

WhenSat, April 21, 8am – 1pm

Where: CCCC Preston Ridge (Frisco) campus

Senatorial District Convention (30)

When: Sat, April 21, 2pm – 8pm

Where: CCCC Preston Ridge (Frisco) campus

Senate district 30 is north of 380. Senate district 8 includes most of Plano, Allen, McKinney and Frisco.

Here is a map of the senate districts:


Lets go get them!!

If anyone has any info on how to locate Paul supporters in Collin County, please let me know.

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My precinct #119

I inquired about our Precinct Convention.This was the reply I got:

"We are not holding Precinct Conventions. Our County or Senatorial Convention will be held on April 21st. You may contact our Headquarters at 972-540-5985, if you would like more information about that Convention.


Fred N. Moses
County Chairman
Collin County Republican Party

Plano TX

Im in precinct 115

be there

Plano, TX...



The second link deals with a Dallas-wide sign wave on Saturday, March 31, 2011. For the Plano folk, let's use this website to organize a sign wave at 11:30 am on the corner of Park and Preston. We held numerous sign waves at this location in 2007/2008.

Plano TX

Sign waves

Im not sure how beneficial these are. Are you handing out info when the cars are stopped at a redlight?? That would be the only benefit I would see.

Walking your precinct...

... is obviously the most beneficial.

That said, sign waves are the cheap version of billboards. It pays to advertise. As we cannot afford billboards, the next best thing is to wave signs at busy intersections. It certainly does no harm and makes for a lot of fun, especially meeting other like-minded folk.

Plano TX