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Republicans in Athens allege threats from Ron Paul supporters

"Two local Republican Party leaders filed a police report on Tuesday, telling police that Ron Paul supporters left them harassing, potentially threatening messages after a contentious meeting on March 10, according to an Athens-Clarke police report."


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Of course!

You know their drill.

"Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations".

It's S.O.P. with political puppets.

It's big Lie.....

they just wanted to give us a bad name and bad press.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

I highly doubt any RP

I highly doubt any RP supporters are threatening anyone with anything other than lawsuits or running for office against these corrupt people... another GOP trick for the MSM sensation machine.

How about getting arrested, with no charges, for following the rules?

C'mon - the GOP knows there's no such thing as "blowback"


More B.S.

They probably said something like--we are going to take whatever legal action is available to us...some people call THAT a threat.


its not wise to harass anyone but it happens and in this case it

s called BACKLASH