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Only Ron Paul Questions Federal Governments Role

Only Ron Paul Questions Federal Governments Role

As Ron Paul pointed out in a campaign press release on the Paul Ryan budget:

“The House GOP’s budget proposal does not balance the budget until the year 2040, and it adds billions to our already exploding deficits. In fact, this budget doesn’t actually ‘cut’ any spending. It only reduces assumed increases in spending – essentially playing the same game the Washington establishment has played for years with our hard-earned money.”

But Dr. Paul also makes a very important point here:

“What is really disappointing is that the GOP budget assumes that the federal government should continue to do everything, or at least almost everything, it is currently doing. We will never have a balanced federal budget, low taxes, economic prosperity, and individual liberty unless Congress stops trying to run the world, run the economy, and run our lives.”

The idea of reexamining the very functions of our federal government, applying cost/benefit analyses (and the Constitution), and then seriously scaling back federal power–this is the one thing no Republican candidate talks about except Paul.

In October, the Los Angeles Times noticed this as well:

The basic question posed by the likes of Republicans Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry is: “Would this person do a better job as president than Barack Obama has?”

The basic question posed by Rep. Ron Paul’s candidacy is: “Why do we have a federal government?”


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