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Breaking! New video confirming plan to deny Ron Paul delegates in St. Charles County Caucus

There is new video footage confirming that there was a premeditated plan to prevent Ron Paul from getting all of the delegates in St. Charles County.

In the video the Chairman of the Caucus Committee, Brian Spencer, states "He (Eugene Dokes) was not going to allow Ron Paul to shut out the votes of three other candidates."


Video Without Subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB9mfJX-w78

Entire Caucus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlJ6jUYvOC4

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This is the fly...

This is the fly on the wall view that everybody needs to see. This is great !!!!!!!!!!!! More brave patriots need to covertly video and come forward with the truth. I can live with the truth no matter where the chips may fall. Great video two thumbs up! This makes my day! Remember donate to the Liberty money bomb we need the money.


Oh, that's rich. In 2008,

Oh, that's rich. In 2008, the Ron Paul Republicans were fought tooth and nail by the old guard because we proposed proportional representation in Missouri. McCain won MO in 2008 with a low 30% number and shut out all of the other campaigns. We were winner take all then. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we are the bad guys for knowing the rules, showing up, and being motivated.

It's clear

Either Spencer hasn't actually paid attention to anything about the caucus since it happened, or he's purposely trying to violate what it stands for.

Either way, he needs to be gone.

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what he really was saying

We need to rally behind Eugene, because he was protecting our right to win regardless of votes... Just because all of the santorum people didnt bother showing up to VOTE doesnt mean they dont count...

Please send it to Swann, Maddow, any others?


I already sent it to Rachel Maddow

I think she's starting to like me. :)


This is going on everywhere. Sausage Grinder of politics and we don't want people to see. It is EXACTLY what people need to see to see the shenanigans.

Brian Spencer take a hike.


Here it is

Just uploaded.