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ACLU to Consider St. Charles Caucus Issues

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2 days ago I phoned the Eastern Missouri chapter of the ACLU and asked for their help.

The arrest and other caucus incidents raise serious 1st and 4th Amendment issues. The ACLU complaint counselor told me it is “the kind of case we generally are interested in.”

Arrested Ron Paul caucusgoer Ken "the CameraMan" Suitter has completed his application and forwarded all materials to Brent Stafford, the other Ron Paul supporter who faces ongoing prosecution.

Here’s a Facebook page you can follow to stay up to date on the ongoing struggles related to the St. Charles caucus.

(Important Note: this is only the beginning of the process, the ACLU hasn't yet agreed to provide representation.)


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Thank you

Posted on Twitter.

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Thanks for your efforts

I hope the ACLU will run with it.


There is also a "conservative ACLU," just in case the ACLU decides to pass.


for pursuing all avenues available.


Was the post(from earlier today) RE: St. Charles County and Dokes letter to the GOP taken down? "403"

Dokes letter...

I found it on Hannity (that overgrown leprechaun)


Thanks for re-posting it :)


I don't know

but it wasn't anything I did--- :)

I'm pretty sure that was one I read.

I wasn't...

implying that you did anything :) ...I was reading it at lunch and now its gone. I found it very interesting!!! Mods must have had a good reason...

yes, I understood you weren't implying anything about me

I just wanted to say I didn't do it.

I always say that when something goes wrong :)

No Biggie!

What you are doing is awesome...THANK YOU!

Thank you!

Nice job.

In Liberty

Thank you

This post just got buried here at DailyPaul, and still got a pretty decent number of immediate likes on Facebook, so I don't know what's up.

I guess I shoulda gone with that naked picture of myself to sell it...I really figured that would be more a turn-off than a turn-on, but it just might have got more attention than did this post :)

Thank you John for all your hard work!