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Ron Paul Won Washington County in Maine

watch the video and announcement of votes ....

old news was good news

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oh yea this is huge

oh yea this is huge

Count from Wikipedia

Feb 11th count
1,996/2,190 dif= 194

Feb 17th Count
2,030/2,269 dif= 239

Feb 24th Count
2258/2373 dif= 115

Feb 16th and march 3rd caucuses not included


This is old news; Happend

This is old news; Happend february 18. Please change the name so people do not think it is

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Yeah, I have to admit, this

Yeah, I have to admit, this thread kind of threw me.

Is there any new development here? Even the linked video is a month old.

If Romney was ahead by 156 in the Boston Globe Feb

article below, then before today it was as if Paul=0 and Romney had 156.

Today add 80 for Romney=236 and add 163 for Paul=163
Now: 236 minus 163=73 So Romney won. Sucks



The 163 figure is from 2-18-12

2/18/2012. Total at super caucus: Ron Paul 163, Romney 80, Santorum 57...


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What is the most up to date inclusive vote count?


Well maybe not...Romney got 80 votes in Washington

County so he probably still won....but not by much.


Can anyone confirm when you

Can anyone confirm when you add these numbers with the all the counties that had ZERO tallies ,that DR.Paul wins ?




Paul WINS MAINE by 7 VOTES...!? It appears that way!

Boston Globe link below on Feb 19 (after first batch of outstanding votes were added in) giving Romney the lead by 156 votes.

If we got 163 votes TODAY then PAUL WON THE STATE BY 7 VOTES!



well romney also got 80 votes

Ron picked up a net of 83 with his 163 total, or am i miscalculating?
*edit: also just noticed this news is from 2/18/12 a day before the article you mention


I hate the globalists!


RP officially wins Maine ... he got 163 votes in this county alone - trumping Charlie's count


I think Ron Paul won Maine, but the official numbers still don't show that he did. The numbers shown for Washington County in the link didn't overturn the lead.

As stated..

that is really only a 83 point bump. I don't think it is enough to over take Mitt. Sadly

of course he won Maine - but they aren't going

to admit that .... this is for Washington county - ya know, where it snowed less than an inch and got postponed.

Is it true then he won the whole state in addition?



Won state or county?

When did this come out? Did he officially, now, win Maine as you state or just Washington County?

Sasha Sessums

according to video date

it was posted
today at 2:09pm eastern ... this is Washington County win ... huge win. from a video announcement back on Feb. 18

Nothing new happened today.

The final, OFFICIAL vote in Maine, INCLUDING Washington County and that last precinct in Hamilton County, is Romney 2,373 and Paul 2,258. That's official in every source out there. You're not helping the cause by creating misleading and incorrect information and creating false hope. We'll do great winning delegates in Maine, so stop trying to create an unimportant "beauty contest" win for RP that did not happen.