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The American Logic

I often attempt to understand the logic behind America's public sentiment on a variety of issues. In particular, I find it most difficult to understand that of foreign policy. The simplest question of 'why' proves to be an endless endeavor of research and study. I have my theories but there is one I would like to share with my fellow DP friends and it has to deal with Iran.

Iran has been the topic of constant debate over the past year and the argument and sentiment is that we cannot allow Iran to have nuclear capabilities. The easiest answer to the question why is that we Americans are fearful. I agree with this analysis, but leaving the answer as is allows 'fear' to be construed a thousand different ways. This simplistic explanation inevitably becomes a vice for the individual with the most influence which, without question, is the president of the United States.

The average American citizen deals with fear by avoiding it(keep in mind, that the statements in this post are solely of my own opinion). I believe it is human nature to eliminate all possibility of encountering fear and as such, we tend to support any action that makes us feel more comfortable. And when the 'fear of what could happen' is so convincingly described without solid proof that these are their true intentions, it is much easier for those in a position of power to gain the support needed to take the military action they so desire. So my theory is that the majority of people would rather take violent action against others in order to prevent violent action taken against themselves.

A believer in freedom and liberty must always look fear straight in the eyes and see it for what it truly is. Go to any of the major news outlets and try to find one article or video where they actually explain in length the possibility of Iran planning to strike the U.S. Try to find anything with substance that outlines Iran's motivations for gaining nuclear capabilities. Trust me, you will have a hard time finding a clear and concise explanation about an Iranian plan for violent action against the U.S.. What you will see and read is the establishment's vice hard at work. Pumping the fear into your bloodstream until you believe without a doubt that we have to use forceful action to deter their pursuit. It's scary to think of a nuclear bomb hitting one of our major cities. It's scary as all hell. But as long as fear rules our hearts, the government and the media will continue to get away with pushing their propaganda by describing the severity of a catastrophe that might happen. This allows them to violate the constitution in ways that would make our founders roll over in the grave and doing so without the need to provide an ounce of solid, factual evidence. This is the injustice of our government and of our media.

Thomas Paine once said, "the real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection." I ask everyone who might fear Iran getting nuclear capabilities to go out and find the facts. Dig deep for it because FoxNews or CNN won't tell it to you. Hannity, Rush, or Beck won't either. By reflection, you will grow brave and eventually the fear will subside.

Liberty Lives!

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How do you even start a conversation with the hawks

when those who are most pro-life are also the most pro-war? Talking to someone advocating for war in Iran is like having a conversation out of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Good post

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

I totally agree!

I think your analysis is spot on!