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A Message to the American People from History

A Message to the American People from History

My Long Term Thoughts

The Greek Scenario Coming to the US and GeoPolitics

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Nicely written!

What a great blog post, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton


Reconciliation....how do people possibly reconcile with what is going on today in contrast with a mere 20 plus years ago?

For some reason I can only think of my father buying John Havlicek leather sneakers in 1976 in Richmond Virginia that lasted him for 23 years.

A weird analogy but it works for me. :(


I have and will continue to

I have and will continue to question the 'petrodollar' explanation for going to war with Iraq, Libya, Iran, and maybe Syria. You may -as others have- ask(ed), well Iraq, Libya, and Iran are leaving the USD currency and we have either gone to or are planning on going to war with each of them, so it would only stand to reason that this is why we go to war with them.

If TPTB were really concerned about loosing the 'petrodollar' reserve currency then why is it that we put those countries into the situations which could only result in those countries using something other than USD's to trade with?

I believe the 'petrodollar' is an apparatus used to allow a Central Bank to be formed in countries which are not part of the system. It(the petrodollar) is also used to misinform those who don't believe the original story. It is a redundancy, so those who are more likely to question reasons get caught with an explanation which they themselves discover; this makes the reasoning that much more believable for those individuals -it is psychology.

For those who still believe it is all about the 'petrodollar,' answer my question then: why would we sanction a country to the point where they have to use something other than USD's and then attack them for moving away from USD's; it doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever.

Logical sense

Causing conflict by financing all sides in the conflict makes logical sense when those who cause the conflict are also those who profit from the conflict.

The Money Monopoly Power is currently producing Dollars as The World Reserve Currency. Too many people are gaining the power of knowledge concerning that Legally Enforced Money Monopoly Extortion Racket, therefore those who control that tool, that process, that Legally Enforced Money Monopoly, are setting up a Global Regime Change, so as to destroy all the power they can destroy, that opposes their power.

This is the highest amplitude of The Business Cycle.


If there wasn't a World Wide Cabal Enforcing a World Wide Single Currency Monopoly Power then the quality of money would be forced up by competition between producers of money, and the cost of money would be forced down by that same Free Market force of competitive production of Legal Money.

When The Dollar is still The World Reserve Currency Power, even as the quality of that product has depreciated over 90% in less than 100 years, or so, the only explanation is that the other "competitors" are producing worse products, lower in quality, and higher in cost.

There is no competition, if there was, then our choices of currencies that we choose to use, to be paid for work, to be paid for production, to be paid for supplies, would be between Money A, which is higher in quality than Money B, and Money A, which is lower in cost that money B, and we would choose A until B was forced to produce something higher in quality and lower in cost, then we would choose B.

That ain't happening, because all the producers of Legal Money, with very few exceptions, are in the same game, they do the same thing, even if they are not all sitting around the same table, in the same room, they share the same method by which they take, by fraud, and they take, by threats of violence, and they take by torturous, and massive violence, surplus wealth from those who create it.

Proof B:

If Utah, and a number of other State Governments, begin producing their own, legal, competitive, higher quality, and lower cost currency, they will end The Dollar Hegemony, and any other currency World Wide, because anyone needing to save their surplus wealth, if they can, will choose to BANK their hard earned surplus wealth in a secure Bank with Honest Money (redeemable in Gold and Silver or any other stable commodity having a stable value, accurately measurable as a stable value).

Those people who are moving in the direction of competing with the Federal Legal Criminals (which are not Federal, they are National, as in Nation State, or Despotism), they are risking all for that move, and they know it, they have been warned, I spoke with one of the people in that effort when he spoke at the recent Liberty Conference in Reno Nevada.

My guess is that Utah, and the other States, rather the people in those states, the elected representatives, are ready to implement their own Legal Money, at the right time, when The Dollar Hegemony Criminals are at their weakest, which will probably be at the point when they have spent their Political, and Economic Capital on starting, and accelerating, World War III.

At that time those fools will be spread too far, and they will not be able to open yet another front at home, enforcing their Funny Money Fraud in a number of Large States as The State governments, and The People, return this Nation State back to a working Republic.

Of course I can be wrong.

What do the tea leaves report?


Long term error?

"The US will never again enjoy the hegemony she enjoyed in 2000. Other countries have become too competitive.
But she can enjoy premiere league power for centuries to come if she plays her cards right.
And who knows what the world might look like in 200 years time.
The American Constitution is certainly a better formula for government than the Chinese or Asian or European model."

England was, and is, two groups.

Those who steal legally

Those who produce something worth stealing legally

How did Group A steal legally from Group B before all those victims fled to America?


An enforced Money Monopoly Extortion Racket.

Here is where history may help us now.

Those former victims in America prospered because they were no longer forced to use the fraudulent money that was controlled by the World Legal Money Monopoly Power, the Empire, and this is very instructive.

Utilizing competitive money systems the Americans were able to defeat the Empire Army when it invaded American so as to enforce their Money Monopoly upon those runaway slaves, who dared to compete with higher quality, and lower cost, money.

Those former victims had a working Republic for a little while, where Legal Criminals, inventing, and producing, Legal Money Monopolies, were known to be criminals, and The People who rebelled against them, were Patriots, not outlaws.

The precedent for that very thing was something called Shays's Rebellion in Massachusetts, under The Articles of Confederation, after the defeat of the British and before the Money Monopoly Power regained Money Monopoly Power in America with that usurpation called The Constitution.

Time line:

A. Slaves run away to America and prosper with their own competitive money systems.

B. Money Monopoly Financed Empire, at that time The British, conducted an aggressive war for profit against the Americans who were growing very powerful, and who were runaway slaves.

C. The Rebels in America (runaway slaves) won that Legalized Rebellion under The Articles of Confederation, based upon The Declaration of Independence, where, obviously, it was legal to rebel against a criminal government.

D. One of the Sovereign States in the working Republic began to use a fraudulent money system to finance aggressive wars for profit into Canada, and the tax payers rebelled against that Legal Crime in that Sovereign State, because it was no different, in principle, than the legal crimes perpetrated by the British, but this time the Rebels lost, and the Legal Criminals won in that Sovereign State within that working Republic under The Articles of Confederation.

E. The Rebels fled to Vermont as runaway slaves, failing to regain control of their power to use their own money, which was Whiskey, since the Legal Criminals, with their fraudulent money monopoly, and their failed Aggressive Wars for Profit, chased all the gold out of the Sovereign State, by way of Gresham's law.

F. The Legal Criminals in Massachusetts demanded their runaway slaves back from the Leaders in Vermont, but the leaders in Vermont did not return those runaway slaves, those rebels who lost control over their own government in Massachusetts, and who lost control over their own money production, at home, if needed.

G. The Legal Criminals pretended to call a meeting to improve upon the Republic, but that meeting was a fraud in progress, the doors were closed, and a gag order was placed upon those in attendance, but some of the Leaders within the republic smelled a rat, and blew the whistle on those Nationalists, those Money Monopolists, who called themselves, falsely, Federalists.

H. Although the Nationalists claimed to abhor democracy, they went around the functioning system of governance, which was a working Democratic Federated Republic, under The Articles of Confederation, and they went directly to the people, through the near monopoly they held on the media at the time, and they sold a lie, their Federalism that was no such thing, it was Nationalism, or a Consolidated Nation State, and behind it all was the same English Monopoly Money System Operators, as Alexander Hamilton, the chief criminal of the bunch, was exposed as a British spy.

I. The Constitution was ratified despite objections by such notable statesmen as Patrick Henry, as the fraudulent Sales pitch, The Federalist Papers, which sounded great, if that was what was going to be done, but that was a fraud, a campaign promise to be broken, and by dictatorial fiat: rebellion against criminal government was no longer legal.

J. The same forces at work all along the frontier states, where Gresham's Law drove gold out of the country, or only into the hands of war profiteers, or slave traders, or those who had exports to sell for gold, whereby those ex-revolutionary war soldiers, and farmers, had to invent their own currency, such as whiskey, and the Legal Criminals running the Money Monopoly Extortion Racket taxed that whiskey production (competitive money production) in gold, no less, which was too much for the wise to tolerate, and so the rebellion continued all along the frontier.

The weakest area was Western Pennsylvania, and that is where the Legal Criminals taught those rebels, those rebels who dared to compete in money markets, a lesson, and "so fatal a spirit" as the Spirit of 1776 was crushed, by George Washington, now with a conscripted National Army, instead of a voluntary army of a Republic, as the Legal Monopoly Money Extortion Racket, a subordinate of the British Legal Monopoly, took the form of The Whiskey Rebellion.

Shays' Rebellion occurred during the regime that was closer toward the ideology of a Democratic Federated Republic. The Rebels tested the validity of the design of competitive government, as the rebels voted first with the cartridge box, and then with their feet, fleeing from a criminal State within the imperfect union, into a less despotic State within the same imperfect union. What was the Federal Government authorized to do in the matter?


The Whiskey Rebellion occurred after rebellion was outlawed Nation Wide, same legal money monopoly, enforced nation wide, same Gresham's law enforced Nation wide, same attempt by veterans of the Revolutionary War to produce their own home grown currency, or locally produced purchasing power in the form of whiskey, same tax placed on that monetary competitor, and the same demand, or fine, payable in the gold that was no longer available, same rebellion, only this time the new King George has the legal power to conscript an army the size of the volunteer Army he commanded to fight the British, but instead of defending against the money monopoly power, now Georgie boy is wearing the red coat, crushing so fatal a spirit.

"The US will never again enjoy the hegemony she enjoyed in 2000. Other countries have become too competitive.
But she can enjoy premiere league power for centuries to come if she plays her cards right.
And who knows what the world might look like in 200 years time.
The American Constitution is certainly a better formula for government than the Chinese or Asian or European model."

The Dollar Hegemony is the same, single, World Wide Legal Currency Monopoly Extortion Racket, new officers in the highest positions, but it is the same thing, and has been the same thing since 1788, less obvious due to the flux of locations of headquarters, but it is the same thing, the same tool, used to enslave as many of the dupes as possible, and that is a very large number.

When enough people wake up to it, it is time for a Reset. That time is approaching in a big way.


Legal Crime

"If the US does not start thinking strategically, it will not be very long at all and the direction is obvious to all."

People, not Legal Fictions, think.

I understand that the common practice is to place a label on a group of people so as to avoid having to name each person in that group.

The US is at least 2 groups who may, or may not, think strategically.

Group A:
Those who enforce the Legal Crime known by many names including The Dollar Hegemony, Wall Street, Major Media, The Pentagon, Washington, The Club (an you ain't in it), etc.

Group B:
People who produce more than they consume, or the people who are targeted by anyone who may want to steal something of value, or honest productive people, or those who are directly responsible for increases in the standard of living while at the same time reducing the cost of living (on average).

If the Legal Money Monopoly Power (Legal Crime) retains that Power, then it is because they thought strategically, and they acted strategically, and their strategy overpowered their victims.

Now, you may think, when The Dollar Crashes, and a new World Reserve Currency takes over the Legal Power to Enforce One Legal Money World Wide, that, you may believe, you may be told, that the people running The Dollar Hegemony, have lost their battle to control their Monopoly over their victims, and now that control has shifted offshore, to the Chinese, or to The World Bank, or to whichever name is placed on the latest BOOGIE MAN.

Why not simply start using competitive Legal Money at Home, and see if the force of competition actually does force the quality of production up, while that same force of competition forces the cost of production down, at home?

Because, the answer is, that the victims have been duped in the belief that there is competition world wide in money markets, when in fact, that is a false front, the competitors are all part of the same group, a Cabal, where they keep changing their names on their Legal Fictions, blaming the legal fictions, and then setting up shop in a new place, with a new name, and they leave an empty bag held by their victims, as they hop from one Corporation, to another, raiding each one along the way, pulling out everything of value, as with Sherman's March to the Sea, or the retreat of the Soviets, or the retreat of the Nazi's, burning everything in sight to make sure that nothing of value is left for the enemy to use, to gain strength, and power, to resist, or to even survive.

The PEOPLE running each Empire take over the power of law, and then use that power to steal everything that can be stolen, and then, when the victims grow wise, and the victims grow too powerful, the Empire People buy, with their stolen power, a new conflict, the larger the better, financing all sides in the new conflict they buy, and that is done like resetting a computer, to erase all, and to then load up the base program over again.

Here are two links that serve to illustrate the point:

Finance Side A

Finance Side B

Among the victims there are a few who eventually know the true measure of the enemy, at home, and abroad.

When it is time for the enemy within, and abroad, where ever they happen to be at that time, in bunkers, on yachts, in private jets, vacation mansions, wherever, when it is time to press the reset button, the number of victims that know the true measure of the enemy is reduced to an insignificant percentage of the whole that is the victim group.

It may be a good idea, this time, to opt out of that high amplitude Business Cycle run by those few who take over, and perpetuate, the Legal Money Monopoly World Wide, while it is still possible.


Accurate Accounting versus less so

"Should the US Dollar lose it's reserve status :-
The consequences would be dire indeed."

If one city, then one county, then one State, then 2 States, then 4 States, then 16 States, on and on, start producing their own competitive legal money, how on Earth can the crash of the Fraudulent Dollar cause dire consequences for anyone other than those people who have gone "all in" on that Fraudulent System of Legal Extortion?



And agree with much u have written in the other 2 posts as well.

But I was trying to keep it simple.
The general public has great difficulty in accepting stage 1, which my post was supposed to be about.
Let alone more advanced stages.

I have written seperately on a potential gold backed currency.
Which was outside the central banking cartel.
This has been marked down. This surprised me on this forum.
Others may have better suggestions, but I thought it at least worth discussing. And no other suggestions forthcoming on tht thread.
Individual states issuing PM backed currency is certainly one.
But it would be helpful if other countries or companies or individuals also started buying into this idea.

The Fed is getting worried.
Launching propaganda programmes targetting the young with disinformation.
Two pronged attack by Fed.
College aged people circa 18-22.
And schoolkids 8 to 12.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."


It took me more than 20 years to move past abject and even willful ignorance concerning the naked emperor.

Many people are just beginning to realize the full impact of current events, and it is not a welcome sight.

Many other people are caught very deep within the mire, or web, of deceit, taking hold of left against right, as if reading from a script, or telepromter, without thinking things through on their own.

It is very simple for anyone who earns a living, for example, that elimination of The Income Tax is an effective weekly bonus, each pay check, no more Federal Income Tax deduction.

Why is that hard to sell?

If that is hard to sell, as unbelievable as that seems to me, how much harder is it to sell the elimination of The Federal Reserve System of Extortion, having to explain The Business Cycle?

It takes an unwinding of days of exposure, lies, upon lies, upon lies, hammered into the average person, over years, and years, lies, lies, and more lies, until the victims actually believe that it is good to sacrifice your life, your son's life, your daughter's life, to perpetuate the fraud, as if you had a stake in it.

Each lie has to be carefully unwrapped, unraveled, and unwound.

Thanks for trying.