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Surely there has been a poll on R/D support

Surely this has been done before but I am trying to find a poll as to which side of the fence we all come from. I was arguing with my dad about who would get the most Dem support in order to beat Obama, Rep will vote for rep regardless. Its my view that we truly are a mix and i'm thinking its close to 50/50. I'm a libertarian through and through and I don't like labels either but I just am trying to get a number. Paul would obviously get more dem votes than Romney -we know this. But if I could get a number from the biggest RP site in the world, that would be pretty representative of RP support overall. If this has been posted a million times my apologies but this site is huge.

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spreading ourselves too thin?

Nah, I say hit'em from a million different angles so that all they can do is cover and cower in the corner from the sheer volume of white noise that is the voice of freedom. All the sites I know of have links to each other anyway. I am curious about the poll though. I know Paul would beat Obama-it wouldn't even be a fair fight. I just want a number to go with my argument. If I can't find one, i'll do one.

I've been thinking along the same lines...

and thanks for the post.I've often wondered is the DP is the most visited RP site(I get the feeling that it is,and it's the BEST,in my opinion).There are so many RP sites,that sometimes I wonder if we're spreading ourselves to thin?I've also wondered if there is ,or should be a main network,that would channel people where they needed to go,and would list all sites for RP,The Revolution,Liberty,activist info,Q&A,etc..I think that by having so many sites,people might be confused,and not sure how they can help,so they simply don't join us.