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[Video] Ron Paul gives campaign status update, asks for your support March 23

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This is IMPORTANT, folks!

This is IMPORTANT, folks! Please Bump!

Take this AE

I think this your post link should be pasted on all Americans Elect Posts!

Puma, I already posted this (see Top Recent Comments)

but I do like your title!


I always check "Latest Posts" first, to see if something has been posted. I didn't realize that "Recent Posts" was more up-to-date? How does it work?

The easiest way to check if a video has been posted

is to do a DP search for the Youtube URL (the youtube ID link). Anyway, in this case, the more the merrier :)

Your Title...

...is what made me look!

We are winning...

delegates are waiting to climb on board the," Love Train".Choo-Choo !!