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Letter from Dokes to central committee

Copy of letter by Eugene Dokes to St. Charles County central committee (copied from post on Hannity):

"Dear GOP Leaders:

On behalf of the St. Charles County GOP Central Committee (“Central Committee”), we submit this letter to you informing you that the Central Committee has voted not to conduct another caucus for the purpose of selecting delegates to the Missouri state GOP convention. We have made this decision due to our concerns regarding the safety and security of attendees and because we do not believe it is fair to those who attended last Saturday’s caucus in good faith. In 2008, our St. Charles County delegation was decertified at the district convention and we had no voice in the selection of our party’s candidate. Again this year, certain forces colluded to disrupt our county caucuses, threatened those in attendance and succeeded in forcing an abrupt end to the proceedings before delega...tes could be allocated or elected.

We believe that it wholly unnecessary and grossly unfair to those who did not disrupt the proceedings to conduct another caucus. We offer two options for allocating the delegates that would have been chosen at last Saturday’s caucus:

1. Allocate the delegates based on the congressional district results of the 2012 Missouri presidential preference primary, or

2. Allocate the delegates based on the preferences of those who signed in at the caucus meeting on Saturday, March 17, 2012.

Either formula will award delegates proportionally based on the preferences either of all primary voters or of those who actually attended the caucus meeting.

There is no need for another attempt at a caucus and we oppose any effort to force such an event.

We believe that the delegates can be allocated fairly based on publicly available information and that once awarded, the delegates should be selected by the respective candidates from those who signed in as attending the caucus meeting last Saturday.

It is completely inappropriate to reward the disruptive forces for their misbehavior. We believe the recommend approach is far better and we urge the state party to direct us as to which of the above options it approves for the allocation of delegates from this district.

Please contact the undersigned if you have any questions. It is not our intent to conduct a new caucus and we urge you to discard that as an option. Thank you."


St. Charles County Central Committee

Eugene Dokes , Chairman

Penny Henke, Vice-Chairman

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Let's make sure this TRAITOR to America Never

holds a position (at ANY level) the rest of his life. Eugene Dokes is a horrible person - let's let him, and others, know this. I have already sent him one letter expressing my concerns.

I hope the

campaign is going to write a response.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Good - and your signature

Reminds me of the "Big Dog" campaign ad.

"Later Bureaucrats! That's how Ron Paul rolls!"

I guess we have to rename

I guess we have to rename Roberts Rules to Santorums Rules.

New caucus and Dokes won't be part of it.


I would love it if someone forgets to notify the Santorum supporters.

Santorum's campaign drafted that letter for Dokes to send out

There was a thread about it earlier but it has been 404ed and I don't know why:

Jamie Allman covered it on his radio show today:
Here the talks to an annonymous member of the committee:

It's a pretty big scandal.

This is from Bob McCarty's website..Dokes comments on letter!

This is what Mr. Dokes had to say to Bob McCarty in the "comments" section:

FROM: Eugene Dokes // Mar 22, 2012 at 1:37 pm

I wanted to leave a couple of comments about this letter. First of all it’s dated today which is completely misleading and false. I sent this email out before I was even on the Jamie Allman show. Secondly, at that time- there were fears from me and others that another caucus would be just as bad as before. I have since then (the very next day actually) sent another email to the committee and said that my agreement to the letter was based on fears of re-caucusing- BUT, a caucus was the only way to go since it is the only official way to let the county’s voice be heard.

Likewise, I received a similar statement from a Ron Paul Support- I forwarded that to the committee as well. Only he wanted us to only consider a caucus (which I understand). Point being Bob, as a reporter you really should have gotten some statements from me so you don’t have such an obviously slanted release. I have gone on record with the Post Dispatch and other organizations as saying I support another caucus. Now, consider this as my statement to your blog that I support a re-caucus.

It should be widely understood that I passed this along to the committee merely for discussion but never signed it.

Bob McCarty's REPLY BACK:

BobMcCarty // Mar 22, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Eugene – After reading your comments, I decided to look for your on-the-record comments in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In the half-dozen articles published by the newspaper about last Saturday’s caucus, I found only one — published today at 11:58 a.m. — in which you stated that you favored a caucus. My piece was published several hours earlier. As for the rest of your comments, I’ll address them in my next post about the St. Charles County GOP Central Committee.

This should be added to this

This should be added to this post!

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

The original Thread ...is "403"


We are sorry we did everything wrong and illegally but

in the end please let us have what we set out to have. BUNCH OF GARBAGE!

ESPECIALLY "Congressional District...Presidential Preference..."

Everyone KNEW (or could have known had they informed themselves, as it was pre-determined well in advance) that the Presidential Preference poll would be totally non-binding, with delegate decisions made at the caucus!

Campaigns acted with that info in mind, and that's just a transparent attempt to justify giving Santorum a full slate for St. Charles. If they choose that option, I hope someone sues them.

This Dokes guy is a complete

This Dokes guy is a complete tool.

They are just having the stooge execute the plan as it was formed several months ago.

When the lawsuits start being filed, the rats will start scurrying.

You can't change the rules in the middle of the game!

You can't change the rules in the middle of the game!

It is ironic...the reason the St. Charles County caucus was shut down is because of a change in rules by the GOP central committee banning videotaping the caucus! All of the changes in the rules were illegitimate and without merit. The Central committee even admitted that the reason for their changes in parliamentary procedures, which was contrary to Roberts Rules, was in order that the GOP central committee could influence the outcome of the results.

Now the GOP central committee wants to change the rules again and apportion delegates in a new manner?