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Paul should issue strong statement on talk radio blacklist

Paul is the the only candidate who said we're moving towards a totalitarian state. This article proves him right.

Obama Administration Tries To Shut Down Rush Limbaugh

Media Matters is a White House front group

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, March 22, 2012

"The Obama administration attack dog Media Matters is attempting to shut down free speech by spending $100,000 dollars on radio advertisements in an effort to get Rush Limbaugh off the air in a staggering display of contempt for the first amendment...."


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I hope he does...

...otherwise it will be yet another missed opportunity to lead.

Other missed opportunities:

- calling for impeachment over Panetta's treasonous statements before Congress regarding war powers

- inspiring the nation with a clear explanation of his vision for a strong, Constitutional national defense

With every one of these exits off the highway of the status quo in this race that comes and goes with no or little action by the campaign, my hopes sink a little further. They better have a good reason for ignoring these opportunities to lead the nation back to Liberty.