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Daily Caller removes my posts re Ron Paul

For some time now I have been a poster on DC
and often stir a bit of energy among those who HATE Ron Paul
I do not ever use foul language and have never given any cause to get banned

Earlier I posted in a thread there
Later I went back and its gone

Posted a short piece from TDP and it was removed almost immediately

Posted several times asking WHY


I get a copy first so I have TDC stamp of link

Here is a list of the removed posts

why was my post removed?
DC being anti Ron Paul?


Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...

whats up with posts being REMOVED here

DC hiding positive Ron Paul posts??

0 minutes ago

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...

SophiaH Collapse
my question about my deleted post is also removed

whats up DC?

why this censorsing??


Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...

so no matter how many times I post asking
why my Ron Paul support post was removed
each time I ask that post ALSO is removed



Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...

I have posted a pro Ron Paul comment
It was removed
I have asked WHY in several posts

see me at TheDaily Paul where I will now post all the deleted posts that
for some reason TDC has removed,

0 minutes ago
in reply to MC1171611

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...


SophiaH in reply to MC1171611

I have posted a pro Ron Paul comment
It was removed
I have asked WHY in several posts

see me at TheDaily Paul where I will now post all the deleted posts that
for some reason TDC has removed,

0 minutes ago
in reply to MC1171611

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...




0 minutes ago


anyone know whats up with DC?
usually there are many Ron Paul haters here
and only a few pro Paul

but I have never been banned for posting Pro Ron Paul there

wheeeewww ! ( holding nose)

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A DC rep sent email, he got R3volution reality...

scroll down for the most recnet email in which he is made cognizant of the passing of elite censorship due to the R3volution going on right now, :)


Re: a censored post is a censored post, its the WHY that raises hackles ..

to: David Martosko


I have never used any threats or foul language on any thread or forum
Been on the net since 98 and in various forums and threads since 2001

It is not my personal style to abuse anyone or use foul language

It is usually me that calls down posters who use four letter words in place of debate

I did post a LOOONG string of my posts at TDC that were very one deleted on a popular site and sent email to Tucker Carlson with link to that post

a few hours later my ORIGINAL post was back up at DC

but of course not the many posts asking why I was being auto blocked
auto block is, as u must know, the posters IP that is being blocked

and YES I DID go to two other articles and posted "test" just to see if it was my IP number


I was blocked on ALL DC threads

on the other site I was informed the person who finances TDC is that same one who finances Santorum so the DC is ANTI Ron Paul

wish y'all put up a disclaimer about that

censorship must stop
stifling of Ron Paul is a GLARING example

but there have been many in the 13 years I have been reading daily on the on internet before Ron Paul became a threat to the STATUS QUO

so TDC can stifle me and anyone they want to but in the end the TRUTHS will overcome and all those who stood FOR censorship will fall on their OWN perfidies.

cnn is doing the very same thing to me this morning
over a short piece I posted about the global awakening going on being a Spiritual thing for all people everywhere

scares them it might be religious
NOT from me ever, but Spiritual yes

even so they got scared and deleted that short inspiring piece

this sort of censorship begets a huge wave of response from
UNIVERSAL FORCES which act as a boomerang

what we deny sneaks up and bites on the rear with poison FANGS

what we stifle of dissenting views grow stronger and will cause the censors to FAIL in their endeavors

I am NOT gloating here
simply stating NATURAL LAW

"what we do always slides around the boomerang and sails back in even greater force"

from what I have seen in the last few mos the DC could use a few more intelligent
writers who open a broader view of the articles

but Freiss might not like that

but thanks for finally asking anyway

Sophia, who aint sucha stupid member of the masses
elites want to think we all are


On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 11:33 PM, David Martosko wrote:

Dear Sophia--

We don't gratuitously censor anything. Can you tell me what your comments said? Were they threatening in any way?

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Daily Caller wrote:

NAME: SophiaH
EMAIL: s2@gmail.com

WHY are my posts in support of Ron Paul being deleted? why are my posts asking why being deleted? why is TDC censoring at all?


HERE is the most recnet email I sent to the DC rep:

David Martosko

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 4:43 AM, sophia wrote:


one persons 'condescending' is another persons irritation FIRST with the censoring and NOW the pretense of a "look into it" which is elite speak for "we can shelve this till the complainer /bitch gets tired and lets it go".

you can read the WHOLE expose and see your minions being outed there

Daily Caller removes my posts re Ron Paul


We have already seen up close how the chosen candidate of your owner is a THUG who HIRES THUGS to steal a caucus so being now disillusioned I will not be interested in your site anymore

you have allowed your reputation to be sullied beyond repair and lost an excellent writer in that process just to shut up any POSITIVE words about Ron Paul

you, your site, your OWNER, Foster Friess the classic woman hater, and his selected boy to take his zealotry to the WH, are ALL living in the last century and are being bypassed by the R3volution that is cleaning even small corners of the peoples plaza of those who censor and have usually gotten away with it allowing your belief in your infallibility and elitism to take over your egos and create "the one who flies too high and loses his wings so crashes back to Earth" with more than a bruised bum.

The Ron Paul R3volution is alive and well and sweeping all hidden BS out to be washed away by the tsunami of TRUTH and the UNITY of the people once more

msm is not going to choose what we the people get to see any longer
The DC has already lost and will dissolve in its own toxic spittle.

YES this communication also will get posted at that link.

Don'cha just love this internet which is slowly but definitely leveling the playing field??

was that YOUR hubris I just heard hit the floor??

Have an enjoyable holiday on the 8th and DO try to reconnect with the rights of ALL the people.


A pushy bitch who labored many years to reclaim my 'pushy bitch' part to balance my sweet co operative part



the usual dismissive crack when they cant handle the TRUTH

seems David has run from this issue
did we expect any better?


David Martosko david@dailycaller.com

4:46 AM (25 minutes ago)

to me

Have a nice day. Get some rest.


PS the immediacy of his last reply means he didnt bother

..to visit here to review the review

he DID ask for my IP number
but isnt REALLY interested in coming here to look at the whole review I told him is here

his reply was fast and back handed dismissal

true colors showing from under the veneer

R3volutions do that. ;)

AWESOME! I get banned for

AWESOME! I get banned for pointing out how this site bans people who are even remotely critical of Ron Paul!

IT is like you were playing RIGHT into my hands to show your hypocrisy!

Joη's picture

no, you were banned for graphically suggesting suicide to a DPer


No one would welcome such talk in their living room.

There are rules you agree to upon signing up.

If you choose not to follow them, you will be banned.

If you believe people are misinformed, heaping vitriol is not the wisest way to convince.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Thanks Joη ...

for the link

it was prior to my coming here so needed to know

the type of posts is very typical of those TROLLS on utube who spend days posting one liner hate to distract from the topic of any ANY video not just a Ron Paul one,that they think is a threat to the STATUS QUO and many of them actually get PAID to do so.

'nuff said before the usual epithets start here. wink.

"a NEW broom sweeps clean ".

So, you're just gonna let

an obvious troll who's admitted coming back after banning just waltz around the site and continue to do damage?
Which is exactly what he and a couple of his new buddies are doing on other threads right this very minute, running up the negative votes.

BigT , PLEASE post links...

.. as I work at home so have access to this puter all day and will happily go to any links to RESPECTFULLY refute the liars and their lies
about Ron Paul.



The Daily Paul

Has an agenda and it is clearly noted. However, the Daily Caller is supposed to be some type of media outlet. Are you saying that the Daily Caller has an agenda? The Daily Paul is here to promote Ron Paul and started as a blog about Ron Paul.

Looks like the Daily Caller are playing into their own hypocrisy of showing that they do in fact provide bias information. You must be stupid if you are seriously comparing the Daily Paul with the Daily Caller.

JimButl, please show what post was removed on THIS site?


As I wish to know why your obvious talent for expressing yourself was deleted.

Just what did it say ?

or can you repeat it?

And how is this any different

And how is this any different from DP removing and banning any post (and poster) that is critical of Ron Paul...even slightly?

Or even any post that doesn't subscribe to the delusion that Ron Paul REALLY had 1700 delegates already!

Oh...it isn't different. You just don't like the taste of your own medicine.

JoeNyo ,..Kindly show what posts and/or who was banned...

and when.

If someone was banned here there has to be a sensible reason.

if you or someone posted nasty words re Ron Paul
I can see why such a post was deleted

If you had a different view from the prevailing one and reported it with respect I am sure some here would have been happy to debate you

but if you just came here and gratiously said ugly things about Ron Paul, then you were out of line and your remarks should have been deleted

I have never used foul language and do not go to suites to post nasty about anyone
I have often responded to ugly uninformed comments about Ron Paul with well written often my words but also c&ps of excerpts that address the issue but written by others than myself.

NEVER have I given any cause to be banned other than the DC has a H.O. for Ron Paul dealt to the auto delete by the owners hard core beliefs in jailing women who defy his views of how we are to be allowed to use our bodies.
mpfbpm ! to Friess !

ALL, and there have been many, of my other posts on DC were never banned.

ONLY the one supporting Ron Paul.

Now why again were you banned here and did you re register with a diff name?

Why was your remark deleted,? honestly now...?

you are of that type that thinks of a tooth for a tooth as witness your comment here:

"You just don't like the taste of your own medicine."

as I never engaged in this medicine you relish, you are out of line posting that comment but it sure shows your emotional state clearly.

And if you are so unaproving of Ron Paul why is it that you are even a member here?

come to gather info to use against the Doctor?

see how your attitude makes all your actions SUSPECT!

Unless you're willing to state outright

that the Daily Caller has a central purpose to promote a particular political candidate, then the difference between the DC and the DP is a huge one.
There is no comparison at all.

I think you're off your meds.

This happened to me last August

on Mark Levin's FB page. He had omitted Ron Paul from a poll about who will win the republican nomination. Myself and a couple other commenters began having a reasoned debate with his followers. We were responsible and respectful, unlike those who represented the other side.

This thread went like 70 comments long and some of the commenters were starting to come around to our point of view; when all of the sudden the thread was deleted, I was "unliked" from his page and my posting privileges were revoked. I noticed the other reasonable RP supporters were also censored, but he allowed the guys posting things like "ron Pawl roks!" and "Ron Paul = legalized drugs WHHOOO!!!" to stay.

This was my first experience seeing the media try to shape the narrative and was the final straw in my severing ties with talk radio.

The financial backer of the Daily Caller,

billionaire Foster Friess, is the same financial backer for Rick Santorum's campaign.
He's the money behind Santorum.

That's why the Daily Caller is censoring.

AH HA.....


no wonder it took an email to Tucker Carlson to
stop the censoring of the pro Ron Paul article

hidden little cabals AGAIN.

The same

thing started happening to my posts on Yahoo news articles a while back.

For the most part, comments and/or debates with another commentator just add up to free advertising for Dr. Paul and the spreading of his message. The great thing about this is that others will read your comments and a few may wind up learning and seeing the light. The idea is to win some people over.


On a positive note; I have noticed a HUGE increase in the number of commentators supporting and defending Dr. Paul on various sites, compared to just a few months ago. The message is definitely spreading :)
I just hope the funds and donations hold up.

censorship is growing . its actually a good sign....

My post on


has also been removed

it was a short rebuttal to those who are lying
on Ron Pauls foreign policy

with a LINK to TDP

I am beginning to suspect that when I post a LINK to here
THATS when my posts get removed and I get banned

just a thought

it is becoming obvious that Ron Paul is winning against all odds so the cen sorship is getting tighter

IMV this is all akin to a boil rising up in a sennnnnsitive spot and it has to be drained or it will burst and spread
toxic pus to all areas and OTHER boils will rise up and burst like so many volcanoes that have been stomped down for far too long and cannot be stifled any more.

whatever it takes!

we must carry Ron Paul to the WH to prevent national and indeed global boil ups and massive crises where hope is dying and a LIGHT must shine or destruction will reign.

Once every Century an AVATAR appears....

a light for the people when times are too hard to bear.

2012 or nothing.

ANOTHER post deleted this one at theexaminer

My post was deleted
Here I replied again but not with any text of support for Ron Paul
Lets seee if my complaint is also removed

this is the THIRD on one day, actually the 22nd, Thursday.



Ron Paul will get troops killed. His foreign policy WILL invite an attack, and a full scale war will ensue.


1 day ago


As I did reply to your uninformed post here and it has been removed
you need to realize you are parroting what you are fed and no
TRUTH re Ron Paul is allowed here.



keeping count ...



censorship is alive and thriving here


Of course I will return to see if these are also removed

STINKS of desperation and ALL of them getting their ORDERS from same source


Ron Paul 2012 !

Mine always get deleted when

I prove the writer wrong and talk about them being a lazy journalist who copy and paste from other articles without checking their sources.

I don't know but censorship

I don't know but censorship on online news articles is widespread. I get censored a lot seemingly just for mentioning about money and currency competition, etc. I say "seemingly" because I always try to be polite and don't spam or troll, and I stay on topic, so I'm not sure what other reason it could be. Talking about public education, democracy, and the drug war is also a no no. The media sites know we are active commenters so they are pushing back, I guess.

emailed Tucker CARLSON

For some time I have posted often on DC
never a problem
I never use foul language or ad hominem
yes I have been attacked but thats so on any thread
but I do not respond with insult

today I posted a pro Ron Paul piece and when I returned it had been deleted
I asked repeatedly WHY
and every query is also removed almost immedaitely
I posted an innocous sentence on two other articles just to see if I am BANNED


any ANY opost I make on DC is removed

just WHY is this

DC stoops to censoring and banning with NO CAUSE

whats up with that

I appreciate a mod may not like my posts but CENSORSHIP?

please check this out before I spread it across the net.

Here is a list of posts that have each and every been deleted

a tireless internet VOICE




as you can see here many of my posts at TDC were removed
the site never replied

emailed Tucker Carlson

NOW the original post that was removed that started my many questions there that were ALSO removed is back up


they cant get away with it if we are PRESISTENT

Fun in Paul land tonite !

see here:





1 day ago


this post was removed yesterday

after I posted on DP that this site is now censoring
and emailed Tucker Carlson about it
it has reappeared today

so some mods believe they are arbiters of what TDC
readers are allowed to see ?



Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/21/ron-paul-calls-secret-serv...