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Delegate Numbers to date

There are a total of 2,286 delegates at the national convention. To clinch Romney needs 624 more. That means the other three candidates need to amass 1143. Right now Paul, Santorum and Gingrich have a total of 446 delegates. That means the three have to garner 697 more delegates at least.

The math above is based on the numbers I got from CNN below:

Romney: 520
Santorum: 239
Gingrich: 138
Paul: 69

– 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination
– 2,286 total delegates
– 996 delegates so far
– 1,290 delegates remaining

This means Paul supporters HAVE to outperform Romney in all those caucus states that have been completed and Paul was strong - especially concentrate on the ones where he may have been cheated - like Maine North Dakota, Alaska, Nevada. The Paul army has to go to the conventions, even the primaries and sneek in as a delegate for other on 1st ballot, 2nd, etc,, but can be freed up to vote for Paul.

It is not good enough to take Santorum delegates - we have to take away from Romney.

Also, Paul and Santorum have to mess the Romney machine up in CA and TX.

Please check my math and comment. Soory for typing erors but my keyboard has gone weird on me.

The 2,286 delegates might not include so called super delegates - maybe one of you would know.

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here's my version of the #s

First of all here's an estimate taking into account winner take all, as well as proportional states, and following the preferential polls or primaries as the case may be(I'll follow this up with more realistic #s).
Again this is an estimate: Rom 485 San 261 Gin180 Pau 97
Assuming this was true…Romney has 485 vs the rest 504, to reach 1144 they would need: Rom 659 vs the rest 640. In other words Romney would have to perform better than he has been doing, not the other way around.

I am the 99%

I used the actual percentages

I used the actual percentages from the preferential vote to come up with the proportional delegate allocation in those states or territories that work this way and on winner take all states I gave the delegates to whoever won. Of course this is not the reality in states whose delegates are unbound and in those states whose delegates are bound for 1 or 2 ballots at the national convention. In these states Ron Paul will have more delegates than the popular vote would suggest, especially if more than one ballot is needed to elect the candidate. (A more than likely situation.)
So here are th #s again assuming Ron Paul doubled his numbers on unbound caucus states :
Rom 432 San 242 Gin 166 Pau 162
Now Romney vs. the rest of the field is this: 432-570
A totally different race than the fakestream media is presenting. And that’s not all if we take into account states that are bound for one ballot then a 2nd round (counting only the contests thus far would look like this:
Rom 427 San 239 Gin 154 Pau 206
Notice how delegates migrate from the other candidates to Paul’s camp as they are released by their respective state’s rules.
Here’s 2 links to sites I used to calculate this #s.

I am the 99%

Those are not actual delegates

those are assumed, for example a nice chunk of Romney's total are Iowa Delegates, I doubt he gets 2% of the actual number, Paul will get 90% out of that states.

Those numbers are a joke

Anything spewing out of the

Anything spewing out of the State Run news Media is an out right lie.

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From Green Papers...

The only place to look at actual delegate totals...


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I saw this and got even more confused

Do all the states do their delegates this way, or just Texas? I found this on Wikipedia:

To show the calculation of a state's delegation, the following example shows the size of the Texas delegation (based on the current political makeup and not counting additional delegates due to the intervening Census; Texas is a GOP stronghold):

Texas is allowed 10 delegates under the at-large rule.
The chairperson of the Texas GOP, the state national committeeman, and the state national committeewoman counts as one delegate each, for a total of three delegates.
Texas will have 36 members in the House of Representatives after the 2012 elections; thus, Texas is allowed 108 delegates (36 * 3) under the House membership rule.
As John McCain carried Texas in the 2008 United States Presidential Election, and as Texas has 38 electors (36 House members plus its two Senators), Texas is allowed 4.5 delegates under the at-large provision plus an additional 22.8 delegates (38 * 60%), for a total of 27.3 (4.5 + 22.8), rounded upward to 28 delegates.
Texas is allowed the following additional delegates as follows:
One additional delegate as the current Governor of Texas (Rick Perry) is Republican.
Of the 32 current members of the House, 20 are Republicans; thus, one additional delegate under this provision.
As both houses of the Texas Legislature are controlled by the GOP (77-73 in the Texas House of Representatives and 19-12 in the Texas Senate) and both chambers are presided over by a Republican (Joe Straus as the Speaker of the House and David Dewhurst as Lieutenant Governor, which presides over the Senate), two additional delegates (one for having any chamber meeting the criteria, and one additional for having both chambers meet the criteria).
As both United States Senators from Texas are Republicans (Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn), and as both have been elected within the past six years, two additional delegates.

The Texas delegation would thus consist of 10 + 3 + 108 + 28 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 155 members.

Where are you getting your figures

They haven't announce the delegates numbers yet.


I'm just using CNN's numbers as a baseline/reference. I do not know the ACTUAL delegate count - do you? So if not, then RP supporters should use the numbers as a measure to the amount of effort that is needed to stop Romney from clinching it.

My understanding is

Actual Delegate Counts will not be available until after caucus states have state conventions.