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California Bill Aims to Limit Use of License Plate Recognition Tech

California State Senator Joe Simitian has proposed a law that would restrict the way local law enforcement agencies/individuals obtain and use information gathered by license plate recognition (LPR) technologies. The bill, introduced by the Silicon Valley Democrat, would make municipal and county law enforcement agencies conform to privacy standards already mandated for the California State Highway Patrol.

In recent years, police departments across the nation have readily adopted devices that give patrol cars the ability to automatically scan vehicles license plates in passing. The information obtained from tags on both parked and operated motor vehicles is compared with outstanding warrant and stolen car databases, among others. A time stamp as well as the geographic location of the object vehicle is stored by local law enforcers in their own databases. What those agencies do with information of innocent motorists is the subject of the proposed law.

more: http://ivn.us/2012/03/21/state-bill-aims-to-limit-use-of-lic...

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Wow how far gone are we when

Wow how far gone are we when even state legislators are starting to recognize the potential for tyranny.

Wow,This the second possible...

Good legislation coming out of Ca. in a long time. This is a biggie because they are currently using this to target out of state CCW permit holders.

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