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Utah Caucus Experience - Robert's Rules not Enforced

Went to my first caucus March 15th, 2012. I'm a Paul supporter. Prior to attending I was studying Robert's Rules. Before the elections began the chairman read aloud roughly five pages describing utah republican party (what we believe, etc). Towards the end, He read aloud. "Robert's Rules of order will not be used." I didn't say anything, wasn't sure if I had heard him right. Then during the elections a dispute happened. Robert's rules were mentioned but then both parties simply agreed with each other that Robert's rules didn't apply and the voting continued. I didn't say anything, just curious why we are having a caucus without rules. I'm sure the same applied all over Utah because it was the establishment's own material stating, in writing, that robert's rules would not be enforced. I didn't dare nominate myself as a delegate (now kicking myself). Everyone running for delegates were speaking paul language then endorsing romney. Made my blood boil and I just walked out after realizing I was the only Paul supporter.

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A reminder for all our Utah

A reminder for all our Utah brothers and sisters: On April 21st, 2012 the Utah State Republican Convention convenes.

The Nominating Convention selects a National Committeeman, a National Committeewoman, and the National Convention Delegates. [Utah Republican Party Bylaws 7.5.A.]

The National Convention delegates elected today will be bound to a Presidential Contender according to the results of the June Presidential Preference Primary.

There is no formal system applied at the State Convention to relate the presidential preference to the election of National Convention delegates. The delegates in attendance at each caucus alone determine if presidential preference is to be a factor and, if so, how it is to be applied.

Many of you may not be aware of this because Utah's primary happens much later on June 26th 2012. Contact whomever you can and remind them of this. Make sure a plan is set so we don't defeat ourselves.

Here's a little help swaying some last minute anti-romney's:


Want to do a sign waive outside the State convention?

It would be the last chance to change minds of delegates as the go into the convention.

I am proposing it be 'Truth-About-Romney' focused and as objective as possible.

For example:
--Sign divided in half, word "abortion???" across the top, Romney pro-choice on 1/2 with year, Romney anti on other 1/2 with year.

--"Huntsman declairs Romney a 'Perfectly lubricated weather vane'"

I am sure there are better examples and perhaps difficult to phrase it in non-attack way. The point is not to get them defensive and to dig in on their Romney views, but to plant justifiable seeds of doubt. This isn't a Paul V Romney popularity thing, but an examination of character and record. Idea would be to deliver very simple, fact based reminders to the delegates about who Romney really is or isn't. Appealing to outside sources, like LDS Church leaders who state quotes or doctrines that support Ron Paul's approach, not Romney's. Non-interventionalism would be an example.

We could hand out comparison sheets (DPers have posted links to these) as well.

If they are going in as Romney supporters, chanting President Paul may not change their minds as much as calling into question who Romney really is AND doing it in a way that is not attacking Romney directly, just sincerely stating "Really??? Of the candidates, this is the one that best represents Utah values."

Any thoughts on this?

All sounds good. I would like

All sounds good. I would like to add to it. I think we should dress in our Sunday's best and connect Dr. Paul with the Mormon Prophets. Ezra Taft Benson and Dr. Paul quotes paralleled to show how identical they are. The only people mormons trust more than other mormons is the LDS Prophets.