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Medved says Medicaid is not redistribution of wealth!

Michael Medved starts out by coming out against all the redistribution of wealth. However, it turns out that he is in favor of Medicaid because he thinks Medicaid is not redistribution of wealth! Why you may ask does he think Medicaid is not redistribution of wealth, because it is a service! In Medved's view, when the government provides free services it is not redistributing wealth from the people that are paying for the service to the people who are receiving it for free. It is one whopper after another. This is the natural result of a person trying to evade the truth.

Don't miss the conclusion of Medved's interview and his parting shots after the interview. Medved Part 6.

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Smug clouds wafting from Medved

The aloof snooty airs these neocons have are almost as despicable as their liberty crushing world views. I'd LOVE to see that face get slapped.

So let us do away with public streets

Roads and highways. After all it is something that we all get the benefit of but not everyone pays in equally!

Let us not forget public schools and Library's.

Oh yea and the Fire Dept, police dept, public works dept.

Ron Paul said that Social Security is not an entitlement program but an insurance program which the public have been paying in to as in an insurance contract. The problem is that the Government is looting the Social Security funds.

And is it not the same case with Medicare and medicaid?

So on a toll road in NJ, if you get stuck and call AAA to tow you away they can't get you! Why? Because the owners of the road are getting kickbacks from their chosen tow truck companies and you got to pay outrages rates to get towed off the parkway. But not so on a public road paid for by taxes. Which by the way is socialism. So you see on public roads you actually have more freedom than on private roads.

Is that what you guys want? Pay as you go roads and streets?

I know Ayn Rand is propped up as an independent icon. But the fact is she failed to live up to her own ideals. From a two pack cigarette habit she got cancer and late in life collected from Social Security which allowed her to live out her life with dignity. Even though she apparantly tried to hide that fact from her followers.

Want to privatize the water supply? Billionaires are buying up water rights all over the world. Then they pay politicians to pass laws that saving rain water is illegal. And yea, they already have laws on the books in several states already. Is it not wonderful? Free enterprise at work.

Like Monsanto buying up seed companies. Then genetically altering the seeds and get a patent on them. They then burn the other seeds leaving then with a monopoly on the food supply. Yea, free enterprise. Don't you just love it?

It is great to be back in the days of the Robber Barons.

Privatize everything.

roads and highways, public streets

are allowed for in the Constitution, necessary to move troops in case of emergency, and mail by the postal clause. hmm. Just figured out why they are dismantling the postal service. 2 bills in the house atm, one by dems one by rep. both devastating to the USPS.

Didn't this guy used to review movies?

His knowledge of government seems to come from "The American President" and "Dave".

So is Medved going to go out and vote for Obama??

Sure sounds exactly like *HIM* to the very tee.

Medicaid, like Lockheed Martin-caid is simple theft.
Nothing hard to understand here.

Its an unconstitutional tax on everyone's effort no matter where they reside...if we can't abolish Medicaid overnight, then instead we must slowly phase out of it to something easily managed by states & our savings accounts.

Medved equals: Israel first USA second.

That's why he hates Ron Paul.

The very idea of ending all foreign aid is hateful to Medved.

Medved is the biggest rat in the media - bar none.

He slammed Dr. Paul for 2 weeks straight on his radio show after Dr. Paul came in 2nd in New Hampshire.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You're quite clever, Jan.

You're quite clever, Jan. Your being able to continue to engage Medved after he insists his "time is limited" is classic Jan. Great stuff.

Jan Helfeld's picture

Thank you for your praise and support.

Thank you for your praise and support.

Jan Helfeld

why people don't move to

why people don't move to China, Cuba, N Korea or Venezuela if they love so much having the Gov. taking care of them?

Nodbody gets anything for free

I hate Michael Medved, but your own argument is totally false.

I get tired of people always saying that Medicare or Social Security recipients are just "getting stuff for free". They are not. They paid into the plans themselves through their own labor and the deductions taken from their paychecks all their lives.

So it is not a "redistribution" of wealth at all. That is just plain wrong.

In fact unlike the working class, the Rich people don't even have to pay into to the plan because social security deductions become capped once your salary is a little over $100,000. So most of their money didn't involve a deduction at all (yet they still get the benefits).

But now the working class pay into the plan for the full 100% of their paychecks. They have a right to receive the benefit that they paid for.

Stop always falsely blaming the poor for stealing money from the rich. That has never happened in this Country. The reverse is true. It is always Wall Street, rich Multinational Corporations, Bankers, and Billionaires that have robbed America blind, and feasted like prey upon the poor and the middle class.

The Rich get all the Tax loopholes invented for them, and escape paying any tax, while the middle class and the poor bear all the real burden. And people like Warren Buffet have been honest enough to admit that.

Bailouts to billionaires constitute the true redistribution of wealth in this Country -- and that is always going in just one single direction: Robbing from Main Street and handing it over to Wall Street.

So Medicare is not the problem. Wasting Trillions of our dollars on Global Warfare, Mass-Murder, and Multinational Corporate profiteering is the real problem here.

Notice how Ron Paul's own Trillion dollar budget cut does not attack Medicare & SS, but instead goes after the real problems: Militarism, Overseas spending, Corporate subsidies, Market interference, and government waste, secrecy, and corrupt Departments.

No folks. The poor have suffered enough in this Country.
No wealth whatsoever has ever been "redistributed" to them. Stop blaming them.

The truth is that the Elite 1% have robbed the wealth of everyone else. Even the gap between CEO salaries and worker salaries has never been higher. The Table is always, always tilted against the 99% and for the 1%. Poor people cannot win in this Country. The Rich criminal-class are the true redistributors -- not my Mom on Medicare.

Dead wrong

Medicaid is funded from general revenues.

Medicare and SS have payroll taxes, but they all go into the same pot as evidenced by the fact that SS surpluses are spent on other programs, and when SS in is shortfall (as now) the funds are taken from other taxes or borrowing.

Rich people pay more in payroll taxes than working class people. For Medicare, they pay 2.9% (employer + employee) on all earnings. So someone earning $1 million / year pays $29,000 and someone earning $10,000 / year pays $290. Guess what? They both get the exact same benefit at age 65 - except that rich guy also pays a higher premium. Classic redistribution.

"Rich" people making over $110,000 pay 12.4% of that into SS. Those who earn less than $110,000 pay 12.4% of whatever they earned. SS payouts are based on historical earnings (under the cap), so someone who always earned above the cap will have a higher payout than someone who always earned very little. But the ratio is much closer than the earnings would suggest. In fact the benefit structure is "kinked" to accrue payout at a slower rate above around $30,000 in income and even slower above around $80,000 in income. The result is that "rich" people get a negative return on their forced investment while those who earned very little get an extremely high return.

Again, class redistribution. But masquerading as a pension scheme.

Can I opt out?

Do you believe I should be able to opt-out of these "services" if I so desire? Right after my right to life is my right to be left alone. If you want to pay into these programs go right ahead. You should have as much right to opt-in as I have a right to opt-out.

How will I take care of myself? None of your business. But if you really want to know, I will do it voluntarily through a mutual aid society, which were hugely popular before government got its greedy hand into that social organization and destroyed it (as usual):

"I hate government as much as government hates freedom, and that's a lot." - Mike Malin

Check out my PowerPoint:

And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video:

Point agreed

I would prefer the dignified ideal of volitional governance where public agency (inc. speculative vehicles like Medicaid) are funded by choice and unethical taxation is abolished (thanks also AC for introducing the term, Mutual Aid Society)

you pay into MediCARE not Medicaid.

The biggest problem with MediCARE (and social security) is that when it started there were 18 people working and paying into it, for each person receiving benefits. Now there are (depending on which numbers you believe) 1.7 - 3.3 people working/paying in, for every 1 person receiving benefits. It is not sustainable, especially in this economy.

Even if the politicians keep their hands off the trust fund...

We would not be having these conversations if the economy was not being dismantled.

hey we're all in the same boat.

but you need to face up to facts.

the average person will draw far more than they pay in.

and it's getting worse every year.

but the real problem is, the government is broke.

and remember, social security and medicare are not investment funds. the money you paid in POOF, IT'S GONE.

the only way you're going to get your benefits, is for the government to steal the money from someone else.

as for Ron Paul, you need to get your head on straight. He said these programs are BROKE.

So yes, in the short term, he wants to make all the cuts in government operations as well as foreign militarism, in order to save those programs for those who are dependent in the near term, buying us a little time, but in the medium term and long term, they need to be phased out.

Michael Medved Is A Liar!

He knows full well that Medicaid is welfare and redistribution of wealth. He is simply an opportunist..


Those of us who paid into it for a lifetime know it's not welfare. How can something be welfare if it's paid for out of your paycheck? Besides, what's wrong with taking care of our own disadvantaged who need it? Dr. Paul is not against safety nets. He's against the fraud. Let's not go to extremes.

Keepin' it real.

You are completely wrong...

...Dr. Paul is very much against safety nets of this kind. He subscribes to a philosophy of non-aggression, whereby the use of force is clearly relegated to self-defense. Anything beyond that use of force is a violation of his moral code, and medicare/medicaid both exceed that threshold.

Can I opt out?

Do you believe I should be able to opt-out of these "services" if I so desire? Right after my right to life is my right to be left alone. If you want to pay into these programs go right ahead. You should have as much right to opt-in as I have a right to opt-out.

How will I take care of myself? None of your business. But if you really want to know, I will do it voluntarily through a mutual aid society, which were hugely popular before government got its greedy hand into that social organization and destroyed it (as usual):

"I hate government as much as government hates freedom, and that's a lot." - Mike Malin

Check out my PowerPoint:

And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video:

you might be mistaking

Medicaid with Medicare. It's a Medicare deduction on paychecks.

doesn't matter if you paid or not.

If I paid $100 a month every month for 30 years.

That's $36,000.

Let's say with the fed's monetary expansion, it was actually $50,000.

The average lifetime benefits payout is approaching $400,000.

You are the extremist, expecting something for nothing.

Three trips to the emergency room for a kidney stone, a gallbladder attack, and a broken foot ...that's enough to wipe out everything you paid in.

What you paid into was a joke. A bad joke. Ponzi.

Now, that's it's been exposed, you want others to cover your loss.

Negative. Not if I can do something about it.

...and if I'm not mistaken, Dr. Paul is against non-voluntary safety nets. He's also the only one serious about saving medicare and social security in the short term. Long term, they would be phased out, if he could convince people of the true nature of medicare and social security, which is they by force, and they are unsustainable.

If you've studied this at all, you'll know that the government will never stop writing the checks. They just won't be worth anything.

And hence no politician, except Paul, has made any authentic effort to address this.

Paul has a real plan, to save in the short term, medicare, and social security, by stopping the deficit spending NOW. Not 40 years from now. Again, long term, he has stated they need to be phased out. Also, he wants to give younger folks a chance to opt out. Like now.

You are mistaken

1) Many Medicaid recipients did NOT pay into it. That makes it welfare.

2) Ron Paul is most certainly against GOVT safety nets. He'd rightfully end them immediately if he had the power, but because that doesn't sell with the sheeple he talks of 'transition'.

"What's wrong" with the govt "taking care of our own disadvantaged", instead of allowing the private sector, charities, families, friends, churches and communities to do it, is that govt interference in ANY industry is destructive - it inflates prices, creates shortages and diminishes the quality.


They're just getting ready for the '12 campaign. When a Democrat is president, Medicare/caid is a socialist, wastefull program. When it's election time or a Republican is president, the same is a necessary function of government. Happens every time...

SteveMT's picture

A pompous, egotistical, hypocrite.

Social Security is also a redistribution of wealth. What does Medved say about that Ponzi scheme?

I can't tell you how much I hate the rat Ron-Paul Hater Medved.

After Dr. Paul came in 2nd in New Hampshire, Medved spent 2 weeks solid weeks on his radio show.

Then the other day he had the gall to ask "What ever happend to Ron Paul?" After which he referred to him as a racist again.

Michael Medved is ENEMY NUMBER ONE in my book.

And speaking of racist, Medved is the biggest racist on radio (followed by Mark Levin).

Medved hates Palestinians, Chriastians, Blacks, Catholics etc.

He uses a "soft" racism on his radio show but it's quite obvious after a while.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I thought it was obnoxious too...

I'm sure a seed was well planted though, and that he will be thinking & talking about the interview and come to terms with his confliction one way or the other. It's hard enough to change ingrained thought patterns (especially if they are wrong) without confrontation. Let alone while being confronted (even nicely) on camera, knowing the video will be on youtube for all to see. I'm sure he did find it annoying.

It is hard for most people to imagine something being done without the federal government doing it. In reality things can not only be done, but in many cases can be done much, much better 'without' the federal government.

Ron Paul himself says there will always be the need to take care of the poor... Of course he is right, as a matter of moral and civil responsibility. A federal program is not the answer though. Communities and States are far more equipped to handle the problems their citizens face, effectively, efficiently, with more transparency and accountability than a huge federal bureaucracy.

Clipped from Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America:

Honors our promise to our seniors and veterans,
while allowing young workers to opt out. Block grants
Medicaid and other welfare programs to allow States
the flexibility and ingenuity they need to solve their
own unique problems without harming those currently
relying on the programs.

Our whole welfare system as it is, keeps people down. If we were handling this at the community/state level solutions could be more tailored to the individual; more wind-beneath-wings programs, more effective hand UPs, fewer cracks to fall into, less fraud, better enabling to get people past the issue that creates the dependency. Yes, there will always be people who's circumstances dictate the need to be supported fully and continually, and there will always be people who are willing to come together do just that for their neighbors in need.

Sure, some people would opt out if they could (for various reasons and should be allowed to), but I think an overwhelming majority of Americans are compassionate people and would contribute voluntarily to legitimate needs of others. Some people would contribute in different ways, perhaps even far and above what taxation (redistribution by force) would take from them. Communities need to come together to meet their own needs/wants/visions and stop looking 'up the line' for solutions to be paid for and handed to them.

Medved is just another former Liberal

Jew who jumped ship to join the neoCon(artist) movement when they began pushing the praise Israel. He is still a liberal at heart, as he supports Big Gov. programs and the Big Gov. War and Police State Machine. The neoCon's are nothing more than Trotskyites who are posing as Conservative to undermine the 'real movement' started by Robert Taft, and force it towards the Totalitarian rule, much like the Bolshevik movement. The real name should have been Neo-Liberal, as 90% of what they support is Liberalism. The only Consrevative part of their platform is the 'fuax' Social Conservatism movement. The neoCon Bolsheviks have moved the political stance from 'those who will prevent the unconstitutional liberal moral activism. akes people believe the 'state' can solve the moral issues through (unconstitutional) legislation. IMO, they are destroying Christianity in this process, because they are reliquishing their 'works' to the faux state, and their focus has been steered towards Israel and away from America. It's a real simple question, has our countries morals improved, since the election of GWB, the first neoCon(artist) and Social Conservative president, who spent 8yrs in office and all those elected to Congress???

What a chickenhawk

Look at the pansey's limp wrists at the end when he is standing up about to leave. This man has no problem shedding other children's blood for Israel but would never serve this country.

These interviews are awesome.

Please keep them coming...

Hey GOP, where's my vote?


Definition: Service - What a bull provides for a cow.