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For those of you who know Mark Koernke, he was at ground zero of the Dexter Tornado and had significant damage.

I have been up and down Dexter/ Pinckney Rd in Dexter with my chainsaw cutting people pathways out of their homes and clearing debris this week.

I stopped in to see Mark and he has an amazing story to tell. He watched the F3 tornado devastate his yard and home. He actually witnessed several large 150 year old trees get hurled whole through the air. Mark had a Ron Paul yard sign in front of his house and I wish I would have got a photo but among all the destruction the sign was untouched and standing! that's a true story!

Mark has been a guest on the Alex Jones show, has his own radio program and is a huge Ron Paul supporter.

Here he is on Alex Jones:

Mark has a huge mess to clean up and is organizing help this weekend. If you are interested in helping Mark put his house and property back together let me know and I will get you in touch with him.

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