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Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney In latest Poll

Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney In latest Poll


LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul polls better against President Barack Obama in a head-to-head matchup than establishment-choice moderate Mitt Romney, according to a recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling.

The poll found that Obama defeats Romney by 4 percentage points (48-44) and Newt Gingrich by 8 percent (50-42). While Santorum also joins Paul being within striking distance of the President by 3 points (48-45 and 46-43 respectively), Paul brings Obama a noticeable 2 percentage points further away from the 50 percent a candidate seeks to win on election day. Considering the +/- 3.3-percentage point margin of error, Paul in this poll is statistically tied for the presidency.

Reinforcing the electability case for Paul is that he ties Obama among independent voters, while Romney loses the largest voting segment by 6 percent, Santorum by 8 percent, and Gingrich by 15 percent – a cause for concern whether Paul’s three rivals would even be competitive come November.

While many polls have shown Paul to be the most competitive Romney alternative, it also shows Paul to be making substantial progress and momentum for a general election bid. The new poll reveals that Paul is narrowing the gap between himself and Obama by 5 percentage points since last month’s PPP poll.

Other notables are that among one of the fastest growing voter segments, the Hispanic vote, Paul takes a full third of the Hispanic vote against the sitting President, with no other candidate able to come within 5 points of Paul’s Hispanic support.

Among the largest voter segment, self-identified independents, Paul is viewed favorably by 41 percent, whereas Romney and Santorum are relegated to a melancholy 29 percent and Gingrich further behind with a mere 24 percent favorability. These favorability numbers among independents translate into a clear Election Day advantage unique to Paul, where he would tie President Obama 42 to 42 for their votes.

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It maybe a good idea for Paul supporters donating time to become election Judges in November. This way we are the ones handling the vote machine we could get hard counts of the paper ballots to keep em honest.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Vote fraud and FED money are problems, but hang in !

Pray that the delegate thing prevails, in spite of the crooks ! Never before has it been so imperative to elect the ONLY honest candidate; 3rd time has to be the charm, we are all here for you Dr. Paul.

We are all sending all we can to you when you call. When we exceed the limit, we will be out of luck to send more, then what ?

And with fantastic news like this, its time for a money bomb....

Mitt Romney doth deceive everything and anything he can in his path, but most people see right through him...a liberal fake who's faker than a wet paper bag.

Romney's game is clear, he changes positions wherever it suits him.

Wonderful news. Can't argue with documented fact.

Please send Dr. Paul a little money, if you can.

Awesome! Time for MoneyBomb!

Awesome! Time for MoneyBomb!

Yes we can Get this out to

Yes we can

Get this out to the NB's (Nonbelievers).

Bet you will not here Dr. Paul's name mentioned when this poll is covered by the MSM.

But we can make it go viral. Do it.

Yes he is

Keep on keeping on. Santorum is imploding (although when wasn't he??) and many Republicans are still unhappy with Romney. They might turn to Paul in desperation, you never know :-)

Keep pushing the message

Keep pushing the message hard. Even in states that have finished their primaries. If his numbers get higher, even bigger things will start happening.

optimystic's picture

This will be important

at Tampa so we can convert the other delegates!

Independents for Ron Paul!

Better than a simple bump.
Ron Paul 2012

...And We Are Only At The Half Way Point...

Pray for Ron Paul and Our movement for liberty...We must not fail. The event is in the hand of God..