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It’s Not the economy, stupid!

We are led to believe that the economy is the most important issue for voters this primary season. It might also look that way on the surface. In most exit polls, as many as 80% gives “the economy” or “budget deficit” as the main reasons for their choice of candidate. But this is deceptive.

All candidates say they will improve the economy. But only one candidate has a real plan to balance the budget. Dr. Ron Paul. This is also admitted, I would say, by MSM. The candidate’s position on the economy is also easily available to voters.

But just saying “I will fix the economy and get America back on track” is obviously enough for most voters. And looking at the exit polls there seem to be no correlation between those who worry about the economy and those who vote for Dr. Ron Paul (Common numbers are that he is +2% among voters who worry about “budget deficit” and -2% among those who worry about “economy”, compared to Dr. Ron Paul´s total state %).

So what matters?

Harsh rhetoric against abortion, War on terrorism, Family values, Defense spending, Gun rights, Praising Israel etc etc.

In Tennessee, 76% of voters said that “Religious beliefs matter” - “a great deal” or “somewhat important”. Of these voters, 45% choose Santorum. Among other voters, Santorum got 23%!

To win the GOP nomination it’s enough to check the “I will improve the economy” checkbox and move on. Then mention all other issues and do 5 rallies a day saying the same thing.

Dr. Ron Paul wants to convince voters Why Romney and Santorum is wrong on the economy. I respect this. But I also want Ron Paul to win this election and do not believe this is the way to do it at this point.

A lot of people vote for Romney because he has the “right experience”. Well… who cares when he is wrong?! But experience seems to be another checkbox.

Last few words. Without Dr. Ron Paul’s constant talk about the FED, gold standard, personal liberty and limited government – I would have never come around to the message. But now… I just want to win.

Dr. Ron Paul for President 2012

Per-Ola Ericsson

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All our Hot issues are still the ones framed up by that one guy.

You know the guy who got Bush I elected....What was his Name?

Well anyways, that guys "evil" system is still shaping the debate and the minds of the voting public.


My thoughts are:

1. Destroy or minimize the "current" paradigm

2. Stress what really is harming us

3. Posit plausable (Ron Paul) solutions.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.