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Right! So I proposed this to my local group but I'd like to cross-post it here. It's an idea on how to promote Ron Paul or at least tear down his opponents during sign waves. It's to expand the Romney campaign's etch-a-sketch gaffe to include Santorum and Gingrich.

We all know that campaign statements from these three fellows have been vastly different from their own past actions and past statements. They're all running to the right of where they were before. We may be able to exploit that by pointing out that they're really just politicians.

So, we can make etch-a-sketch facsimiles for sign waves. Red construction paper or party banners around the edges and two large circles for the knobs. On the inside, we can include statements they derived specifically for their 2012 campaigns--especially those they have zero history of doing. Off the top of my head, here are some ideas:

Against Romney:
Balanced Budget

Against Santorum:
Economically Conservative
Free Markets

Against Gingrich:
Audit the Fed

And just to make the intent clear, the bottom of the signs can read "Etch-A-Sketchy-Politician".

The entire point is to prompt people to rethink their candidate's statements and compare them to their actual histories. We can also make prints and leave them around. A great idea I saw was to put them at gas pumps and in various display cases and bulletin boards. Another idea would be to turn it into a fold-out card--folded such that the etch-a-sketch is the first image, next to it is their past statements, and next to that is Ron Paul's position.

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How about something not so conflating

The Etch-A-Sketch stuff is great against Romney. It fits him perfectly.

Santorum's problems are primarily Google and YouTube, so how about a scene-in-scene with Santorum trying to remove results from Google [perhaps by Googling "Remove Google search results", For Great Irony] and file DCMAs against YouTube.

Gingrich seems to be more personally forgetful - and brings up his own problems. How about a speech bubble with him saying, for example, "I strongly support marriage. I've had three wives!" or "I don't remember saying that I like the Federal Reserve, even back when I was a "historian" at Wall Street."

If we separate the portrayals, they'll seem more targeted at each candidate, rather than a blanket attack against the Republican party - which is important when you're encountering casual voters.

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How about this one?

In 2008, Santorum endorsed Romney for president as a "true conservative".

In 2012, Santorum said he thinks Republicans ought to just reelect Obama if Romney gets the GOP nod: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/03/22/santorum-might-as...

Seize the moment,yes do this !!

Brilliant,I love it.