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It's time for all of you who haven't donated to dig deep and pony up.

It's time for all of you who haven't donated to dig deep and pony up. Then go to your neighbors and get them to donate. The campaign is running on fumes. I've seen it with my own eyes in our caucus battles in Missouri. Dr. Paul is out there running around like a spring chicken for us. The least we can do it get him the biggest money bomb in history. He should have another 20 million in his account by Friday night.

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I just donated $100.00 to Ron

I just donated $100.00 to Ron Paul to help Restore America Now! You can donate too at www.ronpaul2012.com.

Thank you!

A good investment.

In Liberty

Please Do Not Insult Your Own Family.

Please Do Not Insult Your Own Family.

Please consider that perhaps someone would love to donate, but for whatever reason at present do not have the means?

No-one here is a scumbag. In fact I imagined it would be the greatest brother and sisterhood. A gathering of those who know, understand and care. The nicest of people one would think.

Take a moment to think about that.

Wisdom Strategies

thank you for saying that Wisdom

I am sitting here on the computer working on mailing lists and printing and mailing costs for our delegates. We still have not had our primary and we are literally collecting change to put our stuff together. Quite frankly the official campaign is nowhere to be had. That's fine. We went through this in '07 '08. We can do it ourselves and we will! But to see that someone is calling us scumbags is a bit over the top.

Point of Clarification, Mr. Chairman.

What if I am more of a lazy S.O.B. than a scumbag? Can I still donate?

Robert's Rules do not require this motion be seconded; but I assure you, this is not obstructionist in intent. I just think it is critical to get clarity on donor eligibility before the money bomb starts.

Are you some sort of "Ron

Are you some sort of "Ron Paul" Republican who thinks they can walk into my caucus and contribute to my GOP just because you care, know the rules, and show up with hundreds of your friends? I've got something to tell you. "What took you so long to get to the party?"

Technically, a lazy S.O.B. could be a good donor. But, a scumbag is just a free rider. Thus, RONR states that all lazy S.O.B.'s are eligible to donate at will.

Please drop the s-bag reference,

not constructive, we need to appeal to your / our "better angels" by keeping it positive.

Does the scumbag reference

Does the scumbag reference upset you enough to donate even more. I know the label doesn't apply to you. I hoping it gets all of the lurkers to pitch into the campaign.

What! Are you a liberal?

Since when do YOU make the decision whether I contribute on not?

Relax Francis. It's a way to

Relax Francis. It's a way to get people to donate who have zoned out the usual "You've got to donate because we need money" type of title.

I understand your message

I am donating tomorrow, but kicking in a little extra for the following reason: I just got laid off and still have funds to spare, but soon won't. With 20% of American's un-employed many simply have to choose between feeding their kids and donating so I wouldn't call them scumbags, but rather just not in a spot where they can physically donate. But don't forget that there are many other ways to donate other than with money. They donate their time at sign-waves, going door-to-door to speak to neighbors, etc... Just a thought :o)


Hey, which of you scumbags is gonna buy me a beer? Hey, any of you scumbags loan me a quarter for the pay-phone? LOL. A novel approach if ever I saw one.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

I'll gladly buy you a

I'll gladly buy you a hamburger if you lend me a dollar?