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We need celebrity endorsements!

I know it sounds lame but the fact is celebrities get publicity and we need to turn over every rock we can find. If anyone knows of celebs that endorse Dr. Paul please comment. I know Joe Rogan was great when he was on Leno wearing a Ron Paul shirt! They also have access to fund raising. Any ideas?

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I guess this was done before but maybe

could use some fuel. Lets get a list started of any celebrities or famous people that have publicly expressed support or endorsement for Ron Paul.

Joe Rogan (UFC commentator/Fear Factor host/Podcast)
Peyton Hillis (Running back on cover of Madden 2012)
Kelly Clarkson (Singer)
Chuck Norris (Master of the Universe)
Vince Vaughn (Actor)
Peter Schiff (Investment Broker)
Andrew Napolitano (Judge/Attorney/TV host)
Michelle Branch (Singer)
Michelle Fields (Journalist for Daily Caller)
Tim Duncan (Champion Center for San Antonio Spurs)
John Mayer (Musician)
Jesse Ventura (Navy Seal/Wrestler/Govenor)
Aimee Allen (Singer)
Tony Pashos (NFL O-lineman)
Alex Jones (Radio Host)
Jim Rogers (Investor)
Drew Carey (Actor/TV Host/Comedian)

Thats all Ive got right now. Feel free to add on

snoop dogg


Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Arrest em all

A few more are...

Denzel Washington,Oliver Stone,Juliet Lewis