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Ron Paul is too liberal..Ron Paul is too extreme.. NOT

It seems everyone has some argument against Ron Paul.

For some he is too liberal..on this or that
and for some he is too extreme..on this or that

I had problems to counter these little itchy arguments but there is any easy answer.
He really wants you and the people in your state to decide whats good for you and your people locally. You know whats best for you and your county and state. The people in Washington don't know whats best for you. They are far away and spent too much of your hard earned money ineffectively. Ron Paul wants to give the state and the people in it the power back that is granted by the constitution.

Thats why Ron Paul is the president of all Americans!

From there its easy to go forward how he wants to cut the federal government and why we need the military at home and not in Australia or Japan..

..just some input for guys that have/had a similar problem getting caught up in the small details that should be decided locally rather then by the president/washington..