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We Know the Problem … What’s the Answer?

This weekly column, which I have been privileged to submit for your consideration for the past three years, elicits many comments and questions. The most common of which can be summed up as, “I agree with your analysis, appreciate the Historical context, but how about some practical suggestions.”

If you are one of the many who have sent me those emails, posted those replies, made those phone calls, or asked me in person this column is for you.
To fully address these questions we have to look at two levels: the macro and the micro. We need practical suggestions for the very large and the very small. We need practical suggestions for the societal and cultural level and the personal level.

First of all we need some historical context for our current situation. In some ways we are unique, we are America after all. And in some ways what is happening to us has happened many times before. As I have often said in these columns if History doesn’t actually repeat itself it does rhyme.

The French Revolution occurred between 1787 and 1799. It was the first to try to replicate the phenomenon of the American Revolution which overthrew the age old tyranny of divine right kings and landed aristocracy replacing it with a federal republic operating on democratic principles based upon limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom.

The American Revolution inspired the French to believe they too could break free of the chains and breathe the fresh air of freedom. However, it lost something in the translation. Perhaps because the French didn’t have the centuries long tradition of limited self-government and human rights which had grown up in England since the Magna Carta had been forced on a reluctant King John in 1215. Perhaps it was because the French had endured centuries of the cruelest servitude under the most absolute of absolute monarchs.

Whatever the reason once the French broke free of the cultural, societal, and personal restraint of the Old Regime which had persecuted and exploited them for so long the French people sought to exact revenge. They sought to cut the former ruling class out of society and while they were at it establish a completely new regime in its place. The French, always famous for philosophers, had produced one who had a tremendous influence on the thinking of the Founders of our country and the Framers of the Constitution: Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

However, Rousseau had two sides. On one he eloquently expressed the idea that government was established upon a social contract between the rulers and the ruled and that to have any legitimacy government must base itself upon the consent of the governed. Thus empowering the governed to decide when that contract has been violated and giving them a philosophical basis for change. Our forefathers based their work upon this side.

On the other side, Rousseau argued against private property. And that it is the role of the state to impose freedom, equality, and justice for all within the state regardless of the view of the majority. Thus empowering a minority to decide what constitutes freedom, equality, justice, and justifying the use of state power to mold society to fit the vision of the few. On this side Rousseau is considered the father of modern socialism and communism. This is the side that the leaders of the French Revolution chose to follow.

Another difference is that by 1787 France had been a highly centralized nation for centuries. The local governments served at the pleasure of the central authority and they could be established or overthrown upon the whim of the ruler. In America we had the experience of thirteen separate colonies each with their own particular history and each with their own particular traditions. In America this led to the establishment of a Federal republic with sovereignty resting in the states and only delegated to the central government.

These differences led to the corruption of the French Revolution into The Terror. This was a period between 1793 and 1794 when France was surrounded by enemies and pressed on every side. The Leaders of the Revolution felt as if there were agents and sympathizers of their enemies everywhere and they proceeded to execute thousands of their own people in order to secure freedom. The Terror eventually led to a military dictatorship which evolved into an Empire with a monarch at least as absolute as the one they had overthrown in 1787.

Unfortunately for humanity suffering under the yoke of absolute rulers and their crony elites, subsequent revolutions have tended to follow the French model instead of the America. The Mexican Revolution (1810-1821) was part of a wide ranging revolt against the once great Spanish Empire (1808-1826). From the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego revolutions cast aside the foreign rule of Spain and established homegrown republics. All of these republics modeled their initial declarations of independence on America’s but the successor regimes all came to model some variation of the French. The people rose up in righteous indignation against an oppressive system and in the end found themselves under one military dictator after another. They fought to gain their liberty and merely traded one elite for another as the iron heel of tyranny maintained its stand on the throat of liberty.

Other revolutions, the Russian (1917) and the Cuban (1952-1959) are further examples of the trend. What begins as an attempt to bring the blessing of limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom to people ends up bringing instead a tyranny usually more cruel than what the people originally rebelled against.

As can be seen by this litany of subverted revolutions it is usually violence that brings the fall of the former tyranny and facilitates the rise of the latter. One example of a revolution that came about through an election would be the Nazi revolution in 1932. Another would be the current regime of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. A revolution by way of the ballot box, but a revolution none the less.

Today America is in the midst of a revolution. America has elected a President who has vowed to fundamentally transform America. He promised this to his adoring supporters before his election, and he has worked tirelessly to bring it about. He is an Alinsky style community organizer who is working to organize our community by occupying the center of power and the streets at the same time. He follows the Cloward/Piven Strategy spending us into oblivion in the name of saving the economy. He has seized major portions of the economy and shoved national health insurance, a financial sector take-over, and undeclared war down the throats of a passive American public. Polls show that vast majorities do not want what he is selling but he is closing the deal anyway.

Right now Mr. Obama is campaigning day and night for another term, and a term that would be without restraint for a President who has already said he can rule without Congress. He would undoubtedly appoint at least one more Supreme Court Justice and solidify America’s passage from a federal republic to a European style social democracy.

That is the context, so what should patriotic Americans do now? As I said at the beginning to fully address these questions we have to look at two levels: the macro and the micro. We need practical suggestions for the very large and the very small. We need practical suggestions for the societal and cultural level and the personal level.

On the macro level we need to do everything in our power to make sure Barack Obama does not win a second term. We need to contribute our time, our talent, and our treasure to making sure he is defeated and defeated decisively in the November of 2012. Whom should we support? My advice is study the opposition candidates, and support the one who stands for limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom. Choose the one that most credibly supports a return to constitutional government.

If after the primaries that candidate does not win the nomination of the Republican side of the government party, patriots will be faced with a dilemma. If we are forced to choose between Obama and the sure, sudden and, complete destruction of constitutionally limited government or a big government Republican who is in favor of more foreign interventions and a continuation of our role as policeman of the world what’s a patriot to do?

The problem with choosing the lesser of two evils is that you are still choosing evil. However in this instance with code blue on one side and a slow fall off a high cliff on the other we may want to choose the one who will drive us to the poor house a little slower. At least that way we will have more time to prepare and perhaps another opportunity to make the logical choice and vote for a return to constitutional government.

On the Micro level I am reminded of the many people I have met over the years who have escaped from any one of the hell-holes socialist revolutions have produced in the last hundred years. Whether it is Poland, or Russia, or Cuba they have told me over and over that they see the same things happening here that once swallowed their homelands. They have told me how they cry at night as they see central planning and social engineering consuming America. They have tearfully asked me, “Where can we go now? We escaped tyranny looking for freedom and now we see the same thing coming here?”

In answer to their questions I have asked one of my own, “How can we survive the coming darkness?” One by one they have all given me the same advice, “Get out of the cities, get yourself some land where you can grow your own food, and do all you can to protect your family and preserve the traditions of liberty.”

In other words, head for the hills and hunker down. Personally my wife and I have made this choice. We have decided to sacrifice whatever portions of our modern life styles and lucrative careers must be jettisoned to maintain what is truly important: our family, our lives, and our liberty. We saw this coming and made a five year plan which is now coming to fruition. Myself and many others have been sounding the alarm from the watchtowers for years.

Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of our nation. We must stand up for our heritage. We must do battle in the marketplace of ideas, and we must engage in the struggle at the ballot box, but we must also prepare to save some seed corn in case the winter does descend. We must preserve what we can so we can begin again. So “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Keep the faith. Keep the peace. We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College. He is the Historian of the Future and the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

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The Micro and the Macro

I think we have a convergence of the 2. Ron Paul is campaigning for the highest office in the land while his supporters are working at the micro level through the delegate and nomination contests. The convention won't be open and it won't be brokered. It will be fractured. Paul's supporters won't vote to "tow the party line" and get behind Romney no matter what. The only difference between us and the TEA Party is this movement won't get hijacked just to get control of Congress.

There are those that argue "If RP gets elected, he won't be able to get a lot of what he wants through Congress." I remind them that Democrats found out the hard way about midterms. If Ron Paul supporters became cogs in the delegate system, by becoming delegates, county chairmen/ chairwomen among other positions at the local level, imagine how many will run for the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2014?

The body of Liberty, once comatose, has been resuscitated by the good Doctor. It's up to us to keep that body alive in the hearts and minds of everyone that desires freedom. Right now, we're in rehab and it's a slow and sometimes painful process, but eventually the body not only recovers but gets bigger, better and stronger than it was before and by 2016 this country will have a clean bill of health but only if we stick with the prescription Dr. Paul has prescribed. It's the only way we'll all get better.

Competitive viewpoints force qualty up and cost down.

"That is the context, so what should patriotic Americans do now?"

I do not think that the context is accurate, and if it is not accurate then the degree of that error can lead to false steps.

I'm still reading from that quote above.

"On the macro level we need to do everything in our power to make sure Barack Obama does not win a second term."

If I may, in the effort to compete, offer a competitive viewpoint.

Rather than focus on the negative, why not focus on the positive. Instead of making sure that something undesirable does not happen, how about working to make something desirable happen, such as focusing time and energy, or POWER, on electing an honest representative of Liberty, such as Ron Paul, to be in charge of a working Democratic Federated Republic?

I can read on.

"...what’s a patriot to do?"

On the level of a Federal Government, it seems to me, The People can work toward helping competitive legal money, the understanding of it, gain currency, so as to move more and more people out of their Monopoly Money viewpoint, which is no choice, into a Competitive Money viewpoint, which is choice, and all those choices will then force the quality of money up, and the cost of money down, and a Democratic Federated Republic is designed to work this way, where The People force their representatives, at the local level, and then the State level, to increase the quality of what they pay for, so as to then apply that force to the Federal Level.

Utah, for one example, is moving toward Gold and Silver Backed Legal Money, in direct competition with the National Money Monopoly Power (falsely named The Fed) and if instead of ONE State (Utah) doing this there were a majority of States, or even every State, doing this, then an Obama, or a Romney would stand no chance of being elected, since all the States would be working to do the same job that Ron Paul is trying to do, which is to force the Criminals out of office, and return this Despotism back into a working Democratic Federated Republic.

So...on the Macro Level, people have to start working on their focus of attention away from fighting the right, if you think you are on the left, and stop focusing your attention on the left, if you think you are on the right, and start focusing your attention on forcing your will toward the legalization, on the city level, the county level, and the State level, of Legal Money Competition, where making Gold and Silver a legal money, once again, is a very good first step, because Gold and Silver as money is much better than the Fraudulent money produced by the Single Legal Money Monopoly Power, and therefore Gold and Silver is competitive in a very big way, even if Gold and Silver isn't the best money (that money can buy).

So...again: stop supporting a Legal Money Fraud, and start supporting competition, or suffer from whatever the Legal Money Fraud cares to do to you.

That is the macro level.

In my opinion.

Sure, support Ron Paul, he is on that side, the side of Liberty, the side that makes it legal to compete in Money Markets, so as to force the quality of money up, and the cost of money down, which allows those who are able to use power in the working of making more power to do so, instead of having power stolen and used to steal more power. When the quality of money goes up, the standard of living goes up, and when the cost of money goes down, the cost of living goes down, because competition forces quality up and cost down.


Think with your own brain, please.

If you earn more than you consume and instead of having no choice as to how those earnings are stored, you are now given, voluntarily, a choice between saving in a Dollar Denominated Bank run by the Legal Criminals at The Federal Reserve, where your savings will evaporate at the rate of inflation, which is a faster rate that the paltry interest rate you are "given", and, on the other hand, you can open an account in your City Bank, or your County Bank, or your State Bank, or a Bank in Utah, where your savings is now redeemable in Gold or Silver, which will you choose?

A. Certain Economic Collapse

B. Prosperity

It isn't even a contest, is it?

A. Torture and Mass Murder for all.

B. Steady increases in the standard of living while there is a steady decrease in the cost of living over time.

Seriously, please, think this through.

The way to opt out of World War III, and the pending World Wide Economic Collapse, is to disconnect that link to all that Doom, and the link to all that Doom is that Legal Money Monopoly Extortion Racket.

If Ron Paul can't do it alone, you do it, stop paying into the fraud, invent something better, produce something better, and maintain something better. Don't obey blindly. Use what God gave you, your own brain.

"In other words, head for the hills and hunker down."

What happens to all those people who currently do not produce more than they consume according to the current accounting medium?

That is a vital question.

Sure, if you have a measure of savings, a supply of surplus wealth, something you can cash in when needed, and then spend to stay alive, sure, sure, sure, you have something, in some form, stored, and ready for tough times.

What about all the people who, for whatever reason, have more costs than income, again, according to the current accounting mechanism?


Tax liabilities
Mortgage principle and interest
Utility costs
Medical Insurance
Transportation fuel costs

All that exceeds Income at this time.

We are on the subject of the micro level, or the personal level, of personal economy.

Power in minus power out equals a positive or a negative.

What about the people who are currently operating in the negative, where despite reducing costs severely, the income stream dries up, and the bills stack up, and up, over time, resulting in negative savings, or debt?

Who speaks for them?

How are they going to run to the hills, if they are now choosing between abandoning the house or the medical insurance, never mind taking a vacation from work to go hunting for a place to live in some other place on this Earth, some retreat in the country, or whatever?

What about all those people, who happen to be the majority of people at some point in this planned economic collapse?

Use your brain people.

If Ron Paul is elected and he, or someone replacing him to do the same job, ends the National Income Tax (falsely named Federal, which is false because it is National, not Federal), then your paycheck increases right away.

Why can't people see that?

If that is hard to see, then Ending the National Money Monopoly Extortion Racket, falsely named The Federal Reserve System, as that tool is used by a very few very powerful people to perpetuate The Business Cycle, is going to be that much harder to sell.

I can offer a Sales Pitch, by illustrating how Competition in Money Markets Work.

I do not suggest the the following is the only possible competitive money product that can be produced and sold as a competitive money product. The following is meant to illustrate, by example, how competition in money markets will force quality up, and cost down, and that force forces The FED out of business.

Suppose someone like me were Elected as President, or the Major of a City, and the difference between the office of President or Major of a City is merely a matter of scale, one is bigger than the other, both do the same thing.

Work with 300 Million people as President.

Work with 3 thousand people in a small City.

Use any competitive money you can imagine. I will use 3 competitors to illustrate the point:

1. The FED (Crime of Extortion made legal)
2. Gold and Silver
3. Two new legal products offered as an illustration to anyone having an interest in understanding how competition works.

1. The FED uses the enforcement of a single legal money to transfer all forms of surplus wealth from those who create it to those who steal it with that legalized extortion racket, and if anyone has any doubt about that, at all, just look at the National Debt Clock and start adding up your place in that Network of Legalized Extortion - here you are, it says, right there on that official web page, just like a map at the local shopping mall.

2. Gold and Silver made Legal as Money. Now, for all those who are still collecting more income then they are currently spending in bills have a place to store their surplus wealth instead of having it stolen by The FED (Legalized Extortion)

Product 1 is a product offered to anyone holding a current mortgage where the Product 1 interest rate is ZERO. That needs to be explained in detail. The concept is based upon giving away the razor, to sell the razor blades.
ZERO interest rate is offered to those who have earned it, because they have, even now, paid back every cent borrowed, plus interest. Product 1 is offered on Business Property Mortgages too, and if a person has bad credit, then interest is charged as a function of risk, so as not to exclude those customers who want to earn back good credit.

Product 2 is 1 percent interest loan, again to those who have earned that low interest rate, because they have a long history of paying back every cent borrowed, for, and this is important, the Product 2 loans are borrowed for the personal purchase of things that produce more than they cost, which proves that the money spent will produce enough to pay back the principle, the interest, and a profit for the borrower.

Examples of Product 2 loan purchases include:

Solar Panels
Electric Cars
Modular Greenhouse Farming Units

Only, and this is important, so long as the purchases currently project a net profit resulting from the purchase of the product, and the use of the product efficiently, and minus the rate of depreciation of the product over time.

How does that work?

Product 1 cuts each mortgage payment in half, or the borrower pays off the home mortgage in less than half the time compared to The FED type mortgage System of Extortion whereby a home buyer buys two homes worth, one actual home, and another entire home price paid in interest payments to those people who run the Legal Money Extortion Racket. Not the employees, who are paid to keep the books, but the profits, the interest above cost, goes to the Employers, the people who have taken and given themselves license to print money out of thin air, and then lend that money, so as to collect all that interest, or all those bundles of mortgages, and derivatives, etc, they collect those profits.

Does the average Joe then choose to keep paying for their home plus another home, in interest payments going to the criminal bankers, or does the average Joe opt out of that scam, choosing Product 1, choosing to pay for one home, his home, not his own home and a second home bought for some criminal bankers?

I have good credit, I need a home, I buy a home, not two homes, one for me, and one for the criminal bankers.

I earn good credit, but the criminal bankers punish everyone for the few bad apples, collective punishment don't you know, so I'm going to pay my "fair share", and work harder to buy two houses, so that the criminal bankers can buy another vacation home in some paradise on this planet.

You think I'm full of it, sure, but really, really, really, why can't the average Joe see the difference between voting for the candidate who will enforce The Federal Income Tax, which is right there each week, or so, on each paycheck, and voting for the candidate who ends that steady flow of earnings from the average Joes to those criminals?

Those criminals use that purchasing power monopoly to take that power and then they use that power to steal more.

Average, productive, honest, American people use the power they have to earn, to produce, to make more power, where there is no power without their earning it.

A. Power used to steal power, used to steal more.

B. Power used to make more power, used to make even more power.

Joe, and all the other producers, no longer pay National Income Tax.

That is a big change in the steady earning power equation.

Those who make that surplus wealth then have more of what they earn and therefore they can make even more surplus wealth instead of having their earnings taken, so as to have even more taken.

What if in addition to the end of the National Income Tax Fraud there is, additionally, competition in money markets?

How does competition in money markets actually work?

Wouldn't you like to find out?