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Idea for a Foreign Policy Ad

Since the campaign has to focus on Primary states and the biggest problem with Establishment Republicans seems to be his foreign policy, Dr. Paul needs to come out with a new ad that clears up his views and stance.

The ad I imagine begins with some kind of military attack in a shaky camera, cloverfield kind of manner. Then it shows a war room with a map showing deployment of forces. Troops are seen marching out of their barracks with high moral and fresh equipment. A few seconds of gunfight, and then back to the war room with a General saying "the threat has been neutralized. What's our next course of action, Mr. President?"

Then it pans up to Ron Paul who says "let's bring the troops home."

Then as it shows troops coming home to praise and celebration, the narrator says something like "If America faced a real threat, would you want a President who has demoralized his troops with endless foreign occupation and nation building? Or would you want a President who can defend the country swiftly and decisively? Vote for the man who can rally our troops (right here show the graph of military donations per candidate). "I'm Ron Paul and I approve this message."

The latest adamvstheman video where he questions the Gingrich supporter really demonstrates that these Republicans think Ron Paul would turtle and refuse to defend the country. We need to seriously push the idea that it's more dangerous to demoralize the troops through pointless wars and nation building. We need to keep pointing out things like the massacre in Afghanistan causing more hatred towards the US, and the raising veteran suicide rate. If we can convince these voters that Ron Paul will defend the country better because the troops will be stronger with high moral, maybe we can win them over.

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