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Cover up in Afghanistan: U.S. trained Afghans have murdered 200 of our troops

via Michael Yon: The mass murder in Afghanistan was predictable. Twice in the past three weeks, I published that it was coming. Why was I able to write this with sad confidence? I’ve spent more time with combat troops in these wars than any other writer: about four years in total in country, and three with combat troops.

About 200 coalition members have been killed or wounded from insider attacks. Afghan President Hamid Karzai is tantamount to being Taliban and has not bothered to apologize. Instead, Karzai whips up anti-U.S. fervor at every opportunity. Twice, Karzai has threatened to leave politics and join the Taliban.

Even our most disciplined troops — not the few problem troops — have lost all idealism. They have not lost heart for the fight. Mostly, they just don’t care. They fight because they are ordered to fight, but they have eyes wide open. The halfhearted surge and sudden drawdown leave little room for success.

We face a discipline collapse. The bulk of our force is solid — then there’s a small fraction, probably a sliver of a percent, who might be crushed by the pressure.

On Feb. 24, I published:

“As the prevalence of insider attacks rises, and we lose more troops to Afghan troops going berserk and murdering our people, it’s likely just a matter of time before a U.S. troop or troops turn the table and intentionally slaughter Afghan forces.

“That could lead to a meltdown. We are at risk of losing control of more than some people might imagine. There is only so much that U.S. forces will put up with before fringe U.S. combat troops start taking matters into their own hands. Believe me.”

The next day, I published, “If things keep going this way, my expectation is that it’s a matter of time before discipline breaks and the gun turns.”

I’ve seen a few men on our side precariously close to the edge. In fact, my official embed status was ended by the Army in August 2011 after I wrote about issues with three soldiers.

I was accused of saying there were issues because I was disembedded. Yet the written trail and chronology is clear: I publicized discipline problems, then the Army circled the wagons and I was shown the door.


Update:Some have mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that I support the war effort and have falsely connected me to the political beliefs of the reporter. My political beliefs are M/A to A/C and I never supported the war.. I do however, think that there is an opportunity to ratchet up the political pressure to end the wars, bring the troops home, and that this is a winning issue for Paul. If it wasn't the MSM would not be covering it up and the Army wouldn't be kicking out any embedded reporters that report on it.
Here is another article from TNA another important issue — perhaps the elephant in the room — is being largely overlooked: American and NATO soldiers are regularly being killed by members of the very same Afghan police and army they are arming and training. And the number of deadly incidents is on the rise. http://thenewamerican.com/world-mainmenu-26/asia-mainmenu-33...

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Cover-up, no cover-up,

conspiracy or not, too many innocents on BOTH sides are dying for nothing...what a disgraceful time in human history.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

A huge conspiracy I would say

We pour Billions into this region so each country will be our friend. I am sure Iran, China, and the Russian are spending millions to counter our efforts. When we give money to any country, what do they do with it? I am sure it doesn't go for humanitarian causes, like schools, food, or just making life better. Instead it goes for building up radicals that want to get even with us at any cost, for our past sins. If we could just dry up the free money, these war mongers would have to go to work to buy their guns and weapons. This would fix 90% of the problems we are having in the middle east. Because if we are not there, other countries wouldn't be either.

We give Billions to all these countries that hate us. We have to eventually invade some of these countries because of what we build up in the first place. All the while the rich banksters that own all these war making machine factories get richer.

The best that we could do is dry up the money swamp for ever.
1. Close down the Federal Reserve, and IRS
2. Kick the CFR spy organization out of the USA
3. Withdraw all US troops from every country would help in giving free money to other countries.
4. No free money to foreign Countries for any reason
5. Start an investigation into how the FED worked and where the money went to, this could retrieve trillions.
6. must repeal Obamacare

I am sure there are a lot that could be done but one thing is for sure Washington has turned into a swamp of lobbyists with lots of money in their pockets. One way to drain the swamp is allow free competition in the market place, or deregulation.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

"We pour Billions into this

"We pour Billions into this region so each country will be our friend."

No, we pour billions into each country so that we can take over and dictate their policies. Our "foreign aid" is a bribe that entitles Washington to take over other people's country. The US is an empire and those countries stupid enough to sell their soveriengty for the foreign aid bribe are colonies who have to do what Washington tells them to.

So true

but don't stop there. The real reason is the elites get control of the countries banking system, and total control. This is why we want Iran the last strong holdout of banks not run by the Rothschild cartel.

Israel doesn't apply here though because they control our political system. I often think of a little boy named Israel that has this huge viscous bull on a leash that will attack and destroy anyone that causes the little boy any grieve.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

those who live by the sword die by the sword

the violent come to a violent end

they use real bullets in the game of war

the tireless oppression
the wisdom instilled
the desire to kill or be killed

OF course they are going to kill troops

That's what troops are there for is to be killed.

Actually the Afghans on the side of what's right in
this game. They are the oppressed.

The US Troops are the oppressors.

Funny how they were freedom

Funny how they were freedom fighters when the Soviets tried to occupy their country but they're terrorists when the Americans try to occupy their country.

Try pointing that out to the average Republican,

and the answer is nearly always a slight variation of "Yeah, but that was different! American exceptionalism! herp de derp!"

My favorite is when they pull out the "holy war" card. Most of the drop bombs for Jesus crowd doesn't even follow their own religion for crying out loud, and they're going to pull that out of their a..er, hats? pfft!

If the warmongers at least admitted that they support the wars out of fear or blind hatred, then I'd be able to respect it in a way, since they'd at least be upfront about it.

A signature used to be here!

somehow this obvious irony is

somehow this obvious irony is totally lost on our 'exceptional' nation of public school moulded citizens.

DP's own Tom Mullen said it

DP's own Tom Mullen said it best-They're not fighting for our freedom:


I don't really call this a cover up

It's pretty common knowledge by my standards, but then again, I was in the marines so maybe it's only common knowledge amongst us.

Blowback defined?

The thought just hit me that this is classic example of "blowback" as described by Ron Paul.

Liberty or Death


To any hard rock fans...... listen to the words of "Devour" by Shinedown (a very under-appreciated band IMHO). They wrote this song after coming off of a "USO" tour to Iraq/Kuwait (and maybe Afghanistan, I don't remember).

The troops are "devoured" mentally, and spiritually by being pawns for the sociopaths running this country and war(s).

Good song.

Sad events.


Somewhat biased article...


I can’t even begin to address how incomplete your referenced article is which I read completely. “200 coalition forces” in what, 11 years (break it down for us by country, okay)?? Compared to scores of Afghanis, per WEEK for 11 years -- yeah, REALLY! There are human beings on this OTHER side of this occupation and for you not include how the OCCUPATION and protection of poppy fields over cotton fields has an effect on them renders your article exceedingly biased. Sure, it shows why we need to get the heck out of there, but who else did you go to besides the press with your warnings/premonitions of mass murder? And what were the “coalition forces” doing to piss off the Afghanis enough to fight back leading to troops snapping! (And by the way, it was more than just ONE troop--it was a calculated planned attack--more bias.) Rape, murder, torture, kidnapping, prostituting their women and children--let’s start there!! You’re not the only one reporting back on what the “coalition forces” are doing over there--read all the dispatches. And according to you, WE are being drawn into THEIR feudal system? Those evil Afghanis!! Every “coalition” troop that pulls a trigger going forward is a war criminal. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT AN ILLEGAL WAR! IT WAS NEVER DECLARED!! Would I do what they are doing if I were there? No, because I would have NEVER gone to fight in an undeclared war!! There is NO draft. These men and women had and STILL have a choice. They need to wake up to who the real enemy is before they draw their guns again…


"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

Middle Eastern Govt

Is the definition of corruption. Look up why Egypt lost it's war with Israel. Kick backs and bribes are the way they do business. These people have a right to run their own affairs but don't confuse the backwards nature of how those affairs are handled.

Ultimately, that is the reason why we should wash our hands of the region. We can not negotiate with them and one day our interests will clash with theirs.

When this happens war may be the only way to protect our security. That time has not come though. If it does come the reasons and goals should be debated in Congress and an actual war declared.

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

American Govt...

is the definition of corruption (actually which govt isn’t corrupt?). “These people” and “backward nature” -- REALLY? Compared to our waging insane conflicts for the benefit of a few?? “Wash our hands of the region?” Are you even LISTENING to Ron Paul? Open the lines of trade for their resources, not the exploitation of them. Build friendships. And how come we never see the WHOLE truth, especially when it comes to Israel's conflict with Egypt? We are all hungry for it here on the DP, so here’s a story from an Israeli general who fought the Egyptians, et al., who knew exactly what really happened in that “war”. For those seeking the truth and to see how CLOSE the Middle East was actually to peace in the region, start here:

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

Mostly Right

Maybe I was not as clear as I wanted to be. I was referring to military action and nation building not trade (although we should be very careful when trading in the region as well.) As for corruption Afghani Govt makes ours look like rainbows and sunshine. It really is backwards even by our standards and I stand by that statement.
My understanding of the Israeli Egypt conflict is that every time Egypt sent (let's say) spare tires to the front lines, a General would sell them to his cousin and that cousin would try and sell them back to Egypt. I will read your post though (I can always learn something new)
Given our past dealings with these countries (ie depleted uranium shells) I wouldn't be so quick to call them friends. That will take time, and effort and should be a goal.
Neocons are wrong that they are our sworn enemies, and lefties are wrong that they are friendly misunderstood allies. The truth (I'm sure) is somewhere in the middle. Like I said, after our recent policies I would give them as much room as possible after we withdraw. I support protecting trade routes and US interests. My view is that intervention militarily is ineffectual, expensive, and unconstitutional, not necessarily unwarranted. That is something that is above my clearance.
You have every right to disagree with me but that is what I believe.

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan


Giving money to someone in exchange for a service is ethical. A bribe is simply when the government says you shouldn't do it. For example, in America, you can pay someone to lobby for you. We might call that a bribe in another country.

You're off base and

You missed my point entirely. First its a report from on the ground by a reporter who is in a position to know what's going on. The 200 killed and wounded is the number of troops killed by the Afghan police and solders the U.S. trained with guns the U.S. supplied. Second, the decline in moral, the frustration, and the mental health our U.S. troops is at the breaking point. The reporters slant on the political situation is his. I posted it because of the cover up of the troops being killed by the very people the U.S. trained and if this was widely know the I believe the pressure on congress to bring the troops home would be immense. Here is another report from TNA: another important issue — perhaps the elephant in the room — is being largely overlooked: American and NATO soldiers are regularly being killed by members of the very same Afghan police and army they are arming and training. And the number of deadly incidents is on the rise.http://thenewamerican.com/world-mainmenu-26/asia-mainmenu-33/11083-more-us-troops-killed-by-afghans-they-armed-a-trained

Liberty or Death

You're right...


-- that “reporter” should know what’s going on, so why not report the BIG picture? Omission is lack of truth. And no, I am not off-base “entirely”. You tell me if someone occupies OUR country and recruits Americans to fight Americas, that you think 100% of those recruited are going to be WITH the occupiers? We’re deluding ourselves (and sold on the MSM cr*p) if we think we are changing “hearts and minds” where we don’t even understand their culture, religion and tribal laws. And so NOW we’re supposed to care when our troops are so sick that they’re CRAZY? Too little, too late, my friend. The destruction we’ve waged on our TREASURE is irreversible and the good will that we could have been fostering in Afghanistan is shaky, at best. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. But now I fear you’ll enrage even MORE people against the “occupied” instead of understanding why they are against the OCCUPIERS in the first place! RON PAUL CALLS THIS AN OCCUPATION, so let’s call it what it is!!

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

I agree with you more than you may think

@RP2012RP..I agree with you more than you may think, but you have to bring things down to a level the masses can understand. The masses can understand their money being used to train and equip Afghans, then those same guns and bullets killing American solders. If they were made aware of this situation they would understand "blowback" caused by the neocon's interventionist foreign policy. If they were to understand that things have got so bad in Afghanistan that some of the troops are going off the deep end they would demand they be brought home. They also would realize that Ron Paul was right about U.S, foreign policy and the senseless war on terrorism. This is an opportunity! This is also why in my opinion the MSM, military industrial complex, and the neocons want this story buried until after the election. Especially after the recent incident of the Sgt. flipping out and murdering 16 woman and children.

Liberty or Death

Yes, I hear you…

...and like I said, it’s the big picture that’s never exposed. What does it hurt to include the truth of what we are really doing over there and why we never should have been there in the first place? And you’re right on -- blowback, plain and simple! Yet that is not clearly mentioned in the article. The article gets people made at the Afghanis, not our government leaders who created this mess. The MSM will never cover this, or they’ll spin it until it’s unrecognizable or will just bring more havoc on Afghanis. *sigh*

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams

I think if Yon wrote about

I think if Yon wrote about both sides of the story it wouldn't have made it any further into the main stream. By comparison TNA is relatively a backwater publication.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Spot on man, thank you. I

Spot on man, thank you. I know how much we appreciate the troops that have shown their support for Dr Paul, but plain and simple, anyone who knows better, and CONTINUES their "service" to this evil empire and its wars of conquest and genocide is a fucking WAR CRIMINAL and a murderer.

Bradley Manning and all the soldiers who've accepted PRISON rather than lose their souls killing women and children in wars of aggression are the TRUE HEROES, and men I bow my head in respect to. The rest, deserve what they get as far as I'm concerned. If China occupied MY country, I'd be "murdering" them too.

Hippy Talk

These brave men and women go back to these God forsaken hell holes to help protect our brother and sisters that are in danger. The military is a noble profession. These people protect your very life! You and I can both see the folly of the orders they are given but following those orders is not the problem. Following orders saves lives. It is not their job to decide the right or wrong of our occupation but to do there best and come home alive. I know many Vets and I respect their service. I don't have to ask them what war they fought in to if the cause was just. I would never presume to ask about their service. That they served is enough for me and it should be enough for you too! You make a good point; If America was occupied we would fight and die for our land and freedom. Lines have been drawn and sometimes you have to pick a side. Don't draw it between us and vets. And defiantly don't draw that line on a public site that supports the doc! You do us all a disservice with your words.

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

Sorry brotha, I seriously

Sorry brotha, I seriously have no idea where you get the idea that a single one of those "brave" troops are protecting a damn thing. Not a single American has had their freedoms threatened by a foreign power since Southerners took up arms to defend their homes against Lincoln's invasion in 1861.

Tell me how a single goddam war this country's fought in since, has done a DAMN THING to protect a single American? Stop with the mindless, "I was just obeying orders" nonsense. It didn't work for the Nazis and it doesn't work for our imperial storm troopers either...

Irrelevant ......

The policy makers are the problem not the troops. Ask a vet. My argument is that the wars should end, just like yours. The difference is, you blame the troops for their service and I thank them and invite them to help elect people that will change the policies of unjust wars.

When I send them here they should not have to answer to you or be insulted.

Who's side are you on anyway? I'm trying to help Paul get elected and you are trying to win an argument.

Who are you trying to convince?

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

And I'm saying whether it be

And I'm saying whether it be Hitler, Bush, Cheney, or Obama, they'd be nothing more than annoying blowhards whom we could all simply ignore if they HAD NO WILLING STOOGES to take up arms for them.

YES, I blame the troops just as much as the leaders. They're not automatons, incapable of self-reflection and thinking. They're fathers, brothers, sons, with a HUMAN CONSCIENCE. As I said in a previous post, the SS officers who operated in the camps tried to take the, "I was just obeying orders" defense. It was rightly rejected. Our troops fight in unlawful, immoral, and AGGRESSIVE wars of occupation against people that never hurt nor threatened an American FLY! They are guilty of criminal compliance to evil policies and YES, DO have a moral obligation to resist it. Hundreds HAVE resisted and have suffered dishonorable discharges and even jail... no, even TORTURE in the case of the heroic Bradley Manning, doing the RIGHT and MORAL thing, rather than turning over their eternal souls to the likes of Dick Cheney or Barack Obama. THEY are the men I honor!

If You Were There Then..................

...You have an informed opinion. If you were not then I would advise you to wait for due process before making such inflammatory charges. Is it possible that you do not have all the facts? Are you an authority on war crimes?

If you feel so strongly that you are right, then don't post anonymously on the DP. Go down to the VFW and rant there, where you can be responsible for your words. It takes no courage to expound your opinions here. It takes no wisdom to tell others what they should have done differently.

Just don't bring your RP buttons because he does not share your views.


“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan