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Where's the money going?

Right off, some people are going to hate this thread and vote it down. I'm not some troll trying to inject negativity. As a donor, as a supporter, as an activist, I'm asking a legitimate question. I asked this question in 2008 and got reemed for it. I'm asking it again. It is an important question. (we got trounced in the 2008 primary remember?)

Where's our money going?

Perhaps the experience of people in other states is different. But in this state? (Louisiana) I don't see anything. (almost)

#1 - I understand Paul's strategy, no need to remind me. He isn't trying to win primary states, he's going after caucus states.

#2 - I also understand, some states (like Louisiana) are hybrid processes, where caucuses choose delegates, but primaries pledge those delegates.

#3 - Caucus states are more of a networking/grassroots effort where campaign offices and organization can help coordinate everything to make sure it goes well at the caucuses.

#4 - Primary states require advertisement and robo-push polls. They require personal visits. You have to show a presence.

Has Louisiana not donated enough to the Paul campaign to justify fighting for it?

Does the campaign think it has Louisiana in the bag because of our efforts last time so they are just doing the minimum?

Yes, I was robo-pushed once for Ron Paul. (really? I'm on the supporter and donor list, and I, ME, got push-polled? Why not spend that phone call on someone ELSE who isn't ALREADY a supporter?)

Yes, Dr. Paul is making two stops here today, both in minor towns at a small college and a very small university. What is the strategy here? Why not maximize turnout? Why not generate the most local media buzz you can?

Sure, the national cable channels are blacking out Paul, but local media doesn't. Why not hit the larger universities in the larger cities? (also where the larger media outlets are)

Why make an appearance where they don't even have their own TV station or newspaper?

Why no ads at all? Radio? TV? Nothing?

We've been bombarded with ads, push-polls and direct mail from Santorum mostly, some from Gingrich, and a bit from Romney.

I've received no less than 10 calls from each in the last week. (Santorum about 3 times that, at least 4-5 a day)

If Santorum's and Gingrich's campaigns are on financial life support (save their super-PACs) how can they afford to campaign here, but Ron Paul can't? (EVERY push poll or robo call has been paid for by the campaigns, at least that I've received. I've received no calls from independent groups)

Does the campaign have any idea how hard it is to convince people to go vote for Paul if he appears invisible?

Is this the result of appointing former Paul adversaries as campaign chair and co-chair here? (who's brilliant idea was THAT?)

Joel Robideaux shouldn't have been allowed within 10 miles of headquaters. Who decided to make him state campaign chair? What influence and how much control does he have?

Look, I know I'm pissing people off by writing this, but can someone explain to me how I'm supposed to get voters to the polls as they tell me they have abandoned Paul because he seems to have ignored Louisiana?

They don't CARE about minor appearances in minor parts of the state.

They think such a tactic is absurd if you really want to win. It looks as if Paul is just going through motions rather than really trying to win.

ALL they see and hear is Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Gingrich - Ron Paul WHO?

Throw me a bone here campaign!!

And guess what - these were people I am tying to get to go to the caucus in April. That's looking near impossible now. And if they do vote tomorrow for someone else, you can bet I won't be able to get them to vote for Paul delegates in our caucus.

Vote this down if you want, but THIS thread - what you see here, not vote fraud or media blackouts, is why we are not winning.

You can argue the delegate numbers all you want. Paul MUST win a real contest if he wants a snowball's chance. This could have been an easy one. People don't like Romney here. He merely has "momentum." They also don't care much for Santorum or Gingrich, but don't see an option. There IS an option in Ron Paul, but Paul isn't giving them the option. Most don't even know he's still in the race. Those that do know, have written him off because they don't see a presence either in ads, calls, or appearances. They don't take him seriously anymore.

Now he'll be in a distant fourth. Maybe even less than 10%. Really? Is that what all the hard work was for?

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To win California and texes

To win California and texes and turn these blue states red for Ron Paul in the general election!

It's spelled "T-e-x-a-s"

and it's already a GOP dominated state.

But yes, it does have lots of delegates.

WHO voted this down? Because I corrected someone's poor spelling of Texas?


Some people need to grow up.


I haven't posted anything on this in an attempt to stay positive but I agree.

I humbly believe that the campaign is repeating almost every mistake they made in 2008. In 2008, any recognition Paul received was because of the grassroots. The blimp, money bombs, freedom march, granny warriors, liberty rider, the limo, google Ron Paul, all the videos, and more. Of course I'm not taking anything away from Dr. Paul or his message. If it wasn't for that the grassroots wouldn't have been there.

In 2008 we were very independent of the campaign itself. Today, instead of harnessing and directing all of that manpower, Benton et al. has failed to make any use of us. Heck, they don't even communicate with us aside from the pandering emails I get. The phone banking was atrocious, looking at the script I would have hung up on myself. Why pay some establishment bum to make our videos when there are an army of supporters out there who would jump at the chance. Did they ever ask if we had any ideas? A simple contest run by the campaign would have generated enthusiasm and hundreds of videos to choose from at no cost to donors. I don't want to pay some Romney supporter to make our videos. I won't even start on Doug or Benton since some people here seem to pray to them at night.

They are trying to run Ron like an establishment candidate without the establishment message. They didn't step out of the box because they've never been outside of the box. Ron will NOT appeal to establishment Republicans. The campaign is putting all of their eggs in the delegate basket and hoping for the best. In my opinion, the number one priority of the campaign (aside from delegates) should have been using supporters to register non-republicans and lead them to the caucus/primary. Could we have done that ourselves? Yes. However, with all of the name calling and fighting on this site (and others) this year we can't seem to get anything done. Leadership would have been nice and could have concerted our efforts making them more successful.

I'm not saying I have all the answers or that I know best. This is just my opinion. However, just like the push and pull of the free market, if the campaign would have included the grassroots a little more, I think ideas could have been vetted better, more could have been generated, and we'd be in a better place right now. With all of the money I have donated to the campaign I could have blanketed my entire city with Ron Paul signs and set up tables at more and different events. I'm now stuck wondering if I should have kept that money and used it grassroots style. I'm not donating to a family bonding experience and I definitely don't want my money to pay some establishment bum that I'd rather slap than support.

I'm done now. Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out. I'll go put on my cheer-leading outfit now and post something ridiculous. Maybe I'll compare us to the founding fathers which people seem to like. Never mind the fact that they took up arms for less than we're dealing with now. As long as it makes us feel good it has to be true!

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.


I've now sent a total of six emails to the campaign without a single response..They are HORRIBLE.


I hear ya TJ. I was reluctant to post this as well. I knew I

was going to, the only issue was do I do it before the La. vote is in or after?

I felt waiting till after would be arm chair quarterbacking.

As it is, the question is too late to accomplish anything here.

But at least it's on the record. And I too wonder, should I have done more locally, on my own, and not donated a penny to the official campaign? I'd rather the money went to something I know would be effective locally, rather than some hi-powered consultant's pocket.

You have every right to ask the

question. I take no issue with that. I do take issue with the idea that RP is unknown to the electorate. And ,it is not the fault of RP, his campaign, or his supporters.

I take issue with the rubes that are halfway through the nomination process in an election year at a time when our country going to hell...in too many ways to list.

If you are a voter and you have not taken it upon YOURSELF to find out about the candidates, exercise some critical thinking, and then make a sound decision about who is best to lead the country then YOU are the problem.

Tired of the ignorance and the apathy.

"Where's the money going?" - to fight for YOUR freedom

Perhaps one day you too can run for office under a campaign platform based of strict adherence to the constitution and fight for freedom from the inside as well. We certainly need more good people running and fighting the good fight.

When that day arrives, you too will need people's help to raise badly needed funds.

Until then: https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

Sorry, that is a generic and utterly useless reply.

You might has well responded with "Mom, Apple Pie and the Constitution!" and left it at that. It would have served the same purpose.

That reminds me of a dirty

That reminds me of a dirty joke...




Looks like my concerns panned out as expected.

I was close to pulling 15 more votes in 2012 than I pulled in 2008.

I got 10.

5 peeled off for the reasons I stated.

That's a loss of 33% potential votes.

These results don't show a recipe for success.

I stand by my original post and my comments here.

Sorry, but posting your generic question here is just as useless

You are posting "Where is the money going?" here to Daily Pauler's who do not have access to the campaign's books. Why don't you call the campaign if you *really* want answers?

I don't think you want answers. At best, you just want to bitch and moan in an open forum. At worst, you want to try and deflate enthusiasm for the movement.

My "useless" comment at least attempts to push people to get involved and make a difference rather than armchair QB someone else' campaign. If you don't want to send your money, don't. If you want to know where the money goes, go to FCC, download and examine the reports and call the campaign.

Read the rest of the post. Hey, try reading the post itself and

not just the title.

Then perhaps craft a response to the points in the post.

(That is why I called the reply useless. It doesn't address the topics raised in the actual post, it was just a knee jerk reaction to the attention getting headline.)

Not a bad idea...

...that's what I did in '08 and it wasn't pretty. Takes a lot of work to sort through the numbers though.

I will say this:

1. Compared to '08, the effort to get the Evangelical vote this go around has been AWESOME and very helpful.
2. The lack of high-profile homosexuals in high positions within the campaign this time has also been very helpful.
3. The ads that have been produced from day one this go around have been 100% better than four years ago.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I'm not sure what you mean by point #2 as I'm not privy to any

such complications from '08.

As for #1, I haven't witnessed any such efforts first hand, but if they are there, they haven't made much of a dent.

I agree with the #3, but that has no bearing on the actual presence laid down in this particular state.

It does seem to me as though Paul is doing the minimum

but at least he is out there and i'm not so I can't complain too much.


"THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value" Thomas Paine.

Its almost funny to see how easily people give up in our generation. Did you really think all you had to do was donate a few hundred dollars, argue with a few people over the internet, and write some angry emails to completely change over 100 years of U.S history? Then you are not only a coward and Sunshine Patriot, but your an imbecile as well. Now we haven't reached critical mass yet, but we have awaken hundreds of thousands in 4 years, based of common mathematics in four more years thats will be 3-4 million. If you are so disheartened with the campaign, that you are not donating anymore, and you've pretty much given up. You are not welcome to share in the spoils of this long battle in which people will lose their lives(possibly literally, definately figuratively). In which case Mark Twain summarizes your weak mentality as such "In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, hated, brave, and scorned. But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid will join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot". That is you, so go give up and wait till we do the hard work, and then you can jump on the bandwagon after and reap the benefits that we all gave everything for even in the face of what seems sure defeat! You are not a RP supporter!!!!!!YOU SUCK

You know nothing about me or what I've done or will be doing.

I was trying to articulate a frustration with making an effort to win over those still asleep to our side and what happens when the campaign doesn't "have your back" in that regard the way voters perceive and expect they should.

Perception is reality. If the campaign is not creating the perception that they are still in this and that they want people's votes, guess what's going to happen?

It has ZERO to do with my own efforts. If you had read my post, which apparently you did not, you'd see I advocate for LOCAL poltics. All politics is local - all of it. No matter what you think otherwise.

The power of personal connections always outweighs what you see on a more regional or national and thus somewhat disconnected level.

But, it isn't fool proof. It isn't all powerful. It can use a helping hand, a backup support. That's the least I'm asking of the campaign, and certainly the least voters expect to see - a presence.

A candidate who is not present is thus not considered seriously for their vote. Be present, or lose.

I may yet have still delivered a 15 fold increase in my vote over 2008. This post is about how much harder it was than it should have been, and that potentially 1/3 of that may not materialize precisely because of what I noted above. If my experience is in the slightest bit typical, that means Ron's vote here today should be 33% higher, or could have been.

Opportunity lost.

It was too easy and simple NOT to pass over the opportunity.

That is the entire point of my post.

I don't want to see this happen in ANY future state contests THIS cycle.

There's no good reason for it.

Utter nonsense...

We are ALL sunshine patriots. People are being murdered by our government every day, we are being stole from every day, our freedom is eroding, and the government refuses to redress our grievances. So we try to infiltrate a corrupt party? Give up? We haven't started to fight yet... However, unlike you I know Ron Paul is not the only route, nor is giving money to the official campaign. I can't believe you even got a +1 as nothing you wrote is a logical argument or answers the central question of the OP.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

our all sunshine patriot?


what right back to you

First of all its "Your all Sunshine Patriots", and if you don't know what that means I literally wrote probably a thousand word post to explain. You can't be serious???What are you missing???

Wow, do we really need this right now?

I know passion is high and nerves have been frayed but maybe we could all take a moment to remember that great prognosticator who said, "can't we all just get along?"

Come on people, we are all on the same team and I guarantee all of you would like each other if you met in real life. We all are going through tough times now so why don't we just all take a deep breath and move back away from this cliff.

No, it is "You're all" as in "you are all..."

If you're going to correct poor grammar, you might want to get it right.

You're a dick............

you never answered the question anyway? What was your simple mind so confused about? What confused you to make you say "our all sunshine patriot, what???"

I haven't attacked you personally and I don't appreciate the

ad hominem attack from you.

If you bothered to look at the source of the comment you were replying to, you would realize it wasn't me who posted the reply which you are quoting.

other candidates

other candidates are getting the big-media discount.

and tons of free exposure.

paul gets the big-media full court press. near total blackout, not to mention the establishment is cheating us six ways to sunday.

for the record, I've never seen one Santorum or Romney ad. I've never seen one McCain ad.

so unless you have numbers, what you are giving me is anecdotal evidence.

some of your points are good, a national ad would be interesting, my grandparents get up everyday at 5:00AM make coffee and turn on the TV. Usually some religious cable channel. I'd like to see them see a Ron Paul commercial.

But I disagree with the over all tone. You dismiss several factors as non-significant, like the media and the establishment influence, and the outright cheating, and you weigh your anecdotal evidence very high.

and you are going to single handedly suppress a huge number of donations with such your post, which like I said, had a couple of good points, but the overall conclusion and tone is inaccurate.

btw, your post is known as "piling on".

Read the post, and if necessary, my comments here again.

Specifically, the focus on national ad buys is a problem. But I don't think the campaign is doing any though.

I'm talking about LOCAL ad buys. Know your demographics. Target ads there. Make appearances. Make news. Issue statements on local/regional/state issues that generate news - locally.

Get your people mingling with local politicians. Get them talking.

The local media here will give anyone an initial fair shake. They are not lapdogs for the MSM.

The cheating, vote fraud, MSM blackout is only possible because the campaign is NOT leveraging its grassroots like it can, like it did in 2008.

And I understand why you don't like the tone. I don't like it either. But I'm not going to back down on that account. What I have expressed is a problem. Perhaps the campaign can't be the solution. But we need to find one, or this is going to continue to be much more difficult than it needs to be and we will be passing over opportunities for an outright win.

Third party will resolve many of these issues of:

"There IS an option in Ron Paul, but Paul isn't giving them the option."

GOP is not the platform of giving an option as they are control freaks and co-opt everyone, including tea party.

LP or const party gives Paul more freedom to get the right people onboard of his choice and to tell people that there is another option. With GOP, he is tied down. All GOP wants Paul to do is share high-level ideas during debates and have some rallies. That is just be an educator, and nothing more. With no more debates, gop-media-romney which are all one and the same set boundaries on all candidates, not just Paul.


No a 3rd party bid will compound these problems.

It will become infinitely more difficult to win over voters in a race between the GOP, Obama, and Paul. Too many people have Ross Perot syndrome still. If Paul runs 3rd party, expect him to get less votes in the General than he gets in the primaries.

He will not be allowed in the debates.

His funding will dry up.

After the initial media hoopla, they will completely black him out.

He will not be included in polling. (after initial polls)

He will become candidate-non-grata even more so than he is now.

It is a dead end. Forget it.

Polls say otherwise

Right now Paul is polling b/w 7 to 11% nationally. If independent, he would be at 20%. I don't know of any ross perot syndrome. A lot of talk to break the system of the two party tyranny and need for third party.

You misunderstand GOP. people think you can just use it to overturn the elites like romney and 'takeover' and do whatever you want when you run on gop. no, no! Reagan had to take on Bush. GOP still follows you on the campaign and thereafter if there is a win.

His funding will go up as people realize this is for a good cause to have a foundation where people can opt-out when disillusioned.

He has been laughed at atriociously for staying in the race and not winning. And media right, paul has no path to the nomination other than giving Romney his delegates. Newt doesn't have much of a chance, unless as he and Santorum say to pool all the anti-romney delegates to block Romney.

The path that the campaign has been has been a dead end, and you point many of the elements of why in your post.

You're saying forgetting to opting out. Even if Pual has one term, then you back to same old. gop leadership won't give any tea partier a leadership role, and you think Paul with the least amt of delegates will change the mind of that political class to suddenly side with him. That could also be one of the reasons the things happening your posting about no robocals, etc.. occurs, because you are on the wrong path where negativity or lot of errors occurs repeatedly.