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St. Charles Caucus: Bryan Spencer admits to rigging the outcome


Bryan Spencer, former St. Charles County Republican Central Committeeman and Caucus Subcommittee Chairman, admits to premeditated rigging of the St. Charles County Caucus.

This video was recorded surreptitiously on Monday, March 19 - two days after the caucus and three days before it was decided to be rescheduled - at a Pachyderms meeting.

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Roger that!

Maybe the good men and women that are left in the f=b=i will actually DO the right thing and save us all from this beast that is associated with the zio-media propaganda machine. Hand in hand they coordinate to kill the Americans right to that in which they were born. A Right to vote in the electoral process, and a Right to have it count!

Pray for the good guys to win. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our own righteous law enforcers actually did something right to redeem themselves from all the failures to protect America prior to this. What is amazing is, the people in this country that are rapidly waking up are joined by those around the world and yes, we are the 99%! We all see the evil beast that controls it all so easily now and reject it! Money is NOT god!!

Let those who would be part of this awakening do the righteous job of investigating vote fraud and the machine rigging, and then do their best to arrest it and stop this now in the public's Eye. The people are not going to take it no more!



Even went so far as to plan

Even went so far as to plan the use of "law enforcement" to execute a Criminal Shenanigans.


In fact I bet it is being orchestrated at a national level.

Of course. Where do you

Of course. Where do you think the Missouri GOP gets their marching orders from?

I think we should sue them for half the national debt.

That should get their attention, 7.5 trillion times.

Brandy pederson spoke out

Brandy pederson spoke out against what happened at the mo caucus, she is getting threats from committee people for not staying silent, how bout we send positive emails to her, we need more honesty no matter who they support, especially when it is so easy to stay silent.

Here's her email. brandypedersen@charter.net

Here's article explaining how she spoke out. http://bobmccarty.com/2012/03/23/message-reveals-much-about-...

She is no friend

Make no mistake, she is no friend to us. She is using this for her own political agenda.

She HATES Brent Stafford. She hates Ron Paul but she HATES Brent Stafford.

She has had a big fight with Eugene Dokes over redistricting and has been on a personal crusade against him. She is just attacking the wounded duck. She is known to be a backstabber and someone who likes to try to pull the strings.

She is mad she got redistricted, but she had no problem secretly doing the same thing to Brent Stafford and the other Ron Paul guy on the committee.

She is a corrupt as the rest of them and is just taking advantage of the caucus situation for her own personal agenda.

She is no friend of liberty. She just loves the corrupt backstabbing culture she helps to maintain.

By all means I did not say

By all means I did not say support her, all I say wether it is due to a fight with Dokes or not, she stepped forward. Always do your homework before voting, but it is better she stepped forward then not

someone please save this before

ir disappears from youtube.

Truthbearer's picture


...true that.

ALWAYS MAKE HARD COPIES with important info.

Back up, back-up, back-up.


It's a Republic, buddy . . .

. . . not a democracy. A middle school course in US history could have cleared that up for this aspiring candidate. Caucuses are one remedy against the tyranny of the (easily manipulated) majority.

The Republicans are crying because there's too much republicanism and not enough democracy. Yet they tell us the Democrats are ruining the country.

caught in the act. whwn this goes viral

please explain with it or with a link how caucuses work or your average person wont understand it. Great Job!

he says if Ron Paul people rlrcted the chiirman then everyone

else wouldnt have had a voice.... is that how it is when the establishments wins? nobody else has a voice?

its very telling of their strategy to proportion the vote being direct action against the peopel there that support Ron Paul from electing the chair of the meeting.

We know that Ron Paul people would have conducted the meeting fairly and by the rules not blocking anyone out unfairly... but the rules are set up like that by the establishment, see what im saying?

Show him Charlie Webster's speech

This is just a beauty contest and non-binding.
GOP cannibalizing itself

He clearly does not

He clearly does not understand the democratic principles of the caucus. If they want representation for the other candidates, those supporters need to show up and caucus.

He can't publicly say anything. He's running for office. He doesn't want the process recorded because it's sausage grinder politics and he doesn't want the public to see how it's done. Two words come to mind: corrupt, weenie.

What a pussy. Everybody go

What a pussy. Everybody go defend Eugene. I'm right behind you!!

Oh it just keeps getting better (worse)

I knew all along their pride and conceit would be their downfall.

They think they can just do this out in the open and no one will fight back?

The game is up, dude. The status quo is over.


What any thinking person already knew.


All these recordings of GOP establishment guys breaking their own party's rules are great!!! keep getting footage like this!




am confused! I DON'T HEAR A SINGLE WORD!

I thought it was my computer acting up, so I tried a different site--the volume worked at that other site. I thought perhaps it was youtube--so I played a different video, which worked and had sound! Therefore, it's this particular video.

As much as I'd like to see proof of fraud, how do words on a screen prove that???? What am I missing here?

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Sound is on the right channel only.

If your machine is only giving you the left channel you get silence.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

soud works fine for me. Guy was caught red handed.

sure you dont have something on mute?

Thanks for

the feedback from both of you. It's some fluke, I guess. I have tried another browser to no avail--this particular video just does not have any sound for me, whether here at DP, at youtube, or at Facebook (Ben Swann)---yet other sites have sound, other youtube videos have sound. At this precise moment, I truly am O.P.O.G.!!

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

There is sound

Not sure why you aren't hearing it. There is sound here and the one on youtube. Sorry you can't hear it. Try a reboot or a different browser. He does type out the words but you can clearly hear what the guy is saying.


Simple question for Spencer

If Santorum had a majority at the caucus, would he still have wanted to "represent all the voices in the county"? I bet he would have been quite a stickler for caucus rules in that case and not have minded the three other candidates being shut out.

A fair question. We know the

A fair question. We know the answer, I'm sure.


What would Satan... err, I mean Santorum do?

How dare bryan spencer says dokes is being "crucified"

it shows what regard this dips#i# has for crucifixion

these are the guys who ordered police to arrest our guys

i hope there is a hell because if so this a-hole will be spending a lot of time there


"He being crucified, but I can't help him out because I'm running for state legislature."

This guy will make a great politician.