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ARE you Paul Supporters a Bunch of SHEEP After all?

Why aren't you funding Paul today in the money Bomb???
Because of what the media says???? Or are you listening to what Paul says and funding him???? Are you really for liberty??? Or you are all talk??? Put your money where your mouth is, or YOU ARE A SHEEP!!!

There is no time to back down to the globalists!!! THIS FIGHT IS REAL!!! There are hundreds of delegates still awaiting to be taken. Are you not going to back Paul to the finish line???? DO IT!!!

Come on people!!! Put your money where your mouth is!!! Fund!!!! Don't be brainwashed by the media!!! Give Paul his AMMO!!! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!! It's RP or RIP!!!


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Like I said... I'm in.

We can use the challenge. I think those of us on DP are probably in and going to donate for the most part. OTOH, I feel that things have slacked a bit as happened after Super Tuesday back in '08. However we cannot slow down and a challenge may do some good.

This campaign has a lot to fight against, with a near media blackout, the GOP working against RP, and funds not flowing fast enough to keep the good Dr. in front a somnambulant public that sorely needs to be awakened.

Dr. Paul has twice as many people voting for him as he did in '08 so it would seem that the money should be up a bit more. I talked to several people today and got a couple of commitments to donate.

If people are tapped out, call people who are not and get them to donate.

How do we reach the rest? I sent a post to the Meetup I belong to. I know some are hitting facebook. What are we missing?

Again... I'm in.
Donation amount: $201.20
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-23 19:01:13
Transaction ID: 348119574


That reaching 1/2 million dollars is not going fast enough for you?


I think it's great!

I made this post, this morning when it was $200,000. So far it's good! Good work!!

Yes It Is Great

Hopefully 2 million before its over!


Pinky is apart of the Campaign on the ground

You come here to call names on people that are trying to boost the Campaign? What kind of supporter are you? We are working as a team here. Since when do you call fellow team mates names???


Your post sounds like the kind of stuff voters attribute to the "Paultards".

I guess this is what the other political supporters are talking about when they say, "I don't dis-like Ron Paul. It's his supporters I can't stand."

Thanks for spewing your adolescence on one of the top 1,500 websites in all of the U.S.

Nice representaion of Ron Paul.

I'll bet Rick Santorum would love to have you on board.

Rick Santorum 2012

And Daddy is a Goof!

She is only trying to help the Campain. You're the goof!


And Daddy is a Goof!
She is only trying to help the Campain. You're the goof!

Don't you have to be accompanied by an adult if you're under age 12? Where's your Mommy?

Like I said. Great way to represent the Daily Paul community.
Lay off the Jolt, go do your homework and clean your room!

I've Been Working on my Parents

My Dad and Step-mom I think have been won over, due to the fact, in part, that Ron Paul looks just like my Dad, especially in the Air Force photo (and they both worked in their family dairy as kids). Anyway, I've got them following the campaign.

I think they must have donated, because Carol sent them the family cookbook.


I doubt they've ever done that for any candidate before.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

the most important thing is to engage..

cant understand there are more rich guys out there wo see the benefit of a president paul in the highest office. A free market grows exponential faster.
or all rich guys part of the money scheme? jsut 5-6 guys who could make a difference. buy robo calls. radio advertisment. guys this is a investion into the future. the other candidates will drive the country into overdrive crashing it sooner or later. Ron Paul will restore america and the trust in its capabilities.

america home of the inventors. land of the free.. all depends on this election.

some millionaires! We are brooke ! prices go up! no money for the poor. everywhere benefits without any real help..
Ron Paul is running hot. cant some of you rich people with influence see that this man will benefit everyone and that with the other guys all the people with dreams who get the economy going will lose hope? The top of a pyramid can only stand with its base healthy and strong!

we the people cant sacrifice much more. the opponents are financed by the same people that hurt the economy worldwide. Ron Paul is the only way for more prosperity for every individual.

Agreed! 100%! I'm really hoping good folks are

Just waiting to get home from work...
Right now it's looking like too many people are valuing money more than liberty.
This is seriously depressing! Do people not comprehend the value of this donation?
What price can you put on liberty?
If Ron does not Win, I am quite certain that due to pending legislation my 27 year career will be in the toilet! Just like all the other jobs destroyed by Socialist Sam.
So, what is your future worth people?
What about your children's future? Grandchildren, future generations.?
will it be us that condemned them to hopeless freedomless slavery?
Dig deeper people, call some potential doners, sell something, beg, borrow, steal from a liberal.
My hope was a mill by now, 3 by midnight.
I'm maxed out, in a month or two my wife will be maxed out.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

No offense meant but I

No offense meant but I believe this thread is unwarranted. We look to be about in line with the last money bomb. If I recall it took two or three days to meet the goal. The economy bites right now and not everyone can afford to make donations but can help by spreading the word. Call it " sheep" if you want but as I stated already, it is unwarranted.

Two things

1) lighten up, you sound like Eeyore,..don't worry, I didn't say 'sheep'
2) pony up, if your broke, get other people to donate, sell something... Get creative

3) the bonus point :
Who made you judge of how much is enough?
why should the last MB have any bearing what-so-ever on this MB?
Why would you defend a smaller amount of support than what is possible?

These are rhetorical questions
You don't have to answer

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

Get over yourself dude!

Get over yourself dude! Re-read my post. I Have donated many times including twice today. You know, never mind your not worth it!

Refer to number 1)

don't loose sight. We are fighting the same battle.
Principal over politics
Your every contribution is most appreciated!

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

not a sheep

Just broke right now. :( want to donate again but im not the fed. Cant just print my own money.

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Arrest em all


I said this to for a long time but then I would catch myself buying a drink for $1.79 at the store. If everyone out there (millions of us) would just donate $1 it would add up significantly. Please dont feel like a small donation wouldn't help. $1 is a small price to pay for freedom. :)

Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!

I understand some are out of work like I will be in a month

But I gave anyway. Those who can't I understand. I'm not directing this towards you. Those who can should donate. Hopefully we can get at least a million, that would be cool. Thanks to all of you at the daily Paul, love you.

What is the price of freedom?

To our founding Fathers, it was everything. What is it to you? You have followed the man who brought us this message. And if you are for liberty and this message, you will show the world you will stand behind it all the way, and won't give up because of what the media says. Paul has a strategy, please listen to him.

As Michael previously posted

you're just preaching to the quire here. I'm pretty sure that of those of us here that could have donated, have already done so. Go work on people that aren't necessarily on the DailyPaul

It doesn't matter how long you have been here, it's what comes

It doesn't matter how long you have been here it's what comes out of your mouth. COINEL PROS Work is to become or pretend to be one of the people in the movement then try to sabotage it.

I can't believe you're

I can't believe you're actually serious about that...hahaha like I'm an undercover agent.

No actually, I'm one of those "in uniform" people you probably like to tell your friends about when you talk about Ron Pauls supporters... maybe I'm working for the Government! Maybe I'm the CIA.

Get a grip. You can't have a rational conversation of logically refute anything I said so you pull this sort of shit... it's just pathetic.



haha you're unhinged dude...

haha you're unhinged dude... hilarious

Hurricane p is a liar to sway the Paul supporter


You caught me! I've been on

You caught me! I've been on this board for a year posting just so I could launch this troll attack late in the campaign!


Hurricanep is a neocon troll

Real Paul supporters don't jump ship. You're either in to win or you are fooled by the MSM and the trolls like HurricaneP. The fight for freedom is real alright, if it wasn't, hurricanepaul wouldn't be trying to squash Ron Paul's plea for money for the Campaign.

Seems like the only troll is

Seems like the only troll is the guy who repeatedly posts and never responds. Coward.

You act like a 7 year old who just covers their ears when someone tries to tell them something they don't want to hear.

The way you act when someone has a different opinion is an embarrassment to the principles Dr. Paul teaches.

Hurricanep is here to take the momentum for Paul MB

Neocon arsewipe