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Obama's Fake Birth Certificate - Wow

I just happened to be looking at Obama's recently released phony birth certificate and was hit in the head with a bag of bricks - at the very bottom it was signed by the "Registrar" as "Uklelee." So in 1961, the Hawaian birth registrar had one name, a la "Cher", and that name happens to be the item most often associated with Hawaii, a ukulele.

They are MOCKING US, people.


They were so confident that they could get away with this (since they control mass media) that they are actually mocking us.

This is just like the brazen assassination of US Citizens, non-recess recess appointments, threats to raise the debt limit without Congressional authority, war without even informing Congress, anti-protest law, NDAA, etc etc.

They are openly urinating in our faces.

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Oh, no doubt they are openly

Oh, no doubt they are openly mocking us. They can hide all of this in plain sight, because they know most Americans just don't care. At this point, Obama could grow a tiny mustache and start calling himself Furer, and the sheeple would still be talking about the latest episode of "dancing with the stars." No one ever cares until the problem affects them personally, and by then it's too late.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

Really, more birther garbage?

Keep your eye on the prize. This stuff is beneath us.

Just beat him on our ideas and leave the conspiracy theories alone. He is a bad president who spits in the face of the constitution. That is enough for me.

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

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You play right into their

You play right into their hands with the birthed label - just like conspiracy theorists. If you question what they spoon feed you, you are crazy.

Cos Cob, CT

I Find This Stuff Interesting and It Appears Obama, a Foreigner

has defrauded all of us. Imagine, he holds the highest office in our nation and it is beneath us that he has filed false documents and is running our country and sending Americans to fight unnecessary wars. Then he signs the NDAA and other bills!! He is spending my and other taxpayers money and he does not even qualify for this office. I am interested and what I or we do on our own time is our business. More and more facts are being revealed about what Obama has done to get into office and we have a right to be interested. Plus he is using someone else's social security number too? Selective Service card also appears to be forged? To many things just do not add up. In addition, the media wouldn't talk about it so we do have to talk about it and expose it to all Americans. The whole truth will eventually come out, and the sooner the better. And do not forget, someone dies at a young age, 40's, who was going to release Obama video just this month, with an announcement hours later it was a natural death?? Trying to brainwash the masses are we? I don't buy it, I think there is a lot more to Obama and we will soon find out.


In a sense, I agree

In the sense that it is not top priority and can be a distraction I agree. But the reason that they can be so brazen, is because of attitiudes like yours. We should impeach him for not upholding the constitution, before going after him for the birth certificate. But we sure shouldn't censor or tsk tsk each other for airing something that is significant on its own.

They didn't even try

to make it look authentic. They could have used a real typewriter and then scanned the document, any junior highschooler could have done better. Instead, they left the "layers" in - anyone who uses photoshop knows what this means. They used a type font instead of a typewriter, the resulting spacing between letters does not have the consistency that a typewriter would have had. Yeah, they didn't even try. It would have been easy to make an authentic looking birth certificate, I wonder why they didn't bother.

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As with their other actions

As with their other actions in the last year, they are getting deliberately brazen - I believe to (a) send a message to those that can see that we cannot fight them, and (b) continuously push the envelope to see just how far they can go (which I think is limitless in this society of sheep).

Cos Cob, CT