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Crowd at Louisiana College for Ron Paul

Here is a short video of Ron Paul's Introduction today at Louisiana College in Pineville, La. Camera pans to the back half way through to see the entire crowd.


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So? I thought they were

So? I thought they were voting today. What gives?

The video was from the 23rd

The video was from the 23rd

Nice....Christian College + intro by College Prez? Go LA.!


I take back every bad thing

I take back every bad thing I've said about our cousins to the East. ;-)

(I'm born/raised Texan, and yes if your response to that is "my condolences", I thank you.)



Right back at ya.

Make us proud Texas.

The man only gets standing

The man only gets standing ovations

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"Routinely" awesome reception for the Doc!!


Alexandria Town Talk Newspaper

The Louisiana COllege is a Baptist College in Louisiana. Newt spoke there on 3/21 and Santorum spoke their tonight. Today's towntalk paper had a nice piece on Ron Paul's visit. Also, Newt did not get much of a crowd. Notice on the right side of the paper there is a video interview of Newt where he was asked the question, why are you in the race?

Ron has a great photo op in this and he was introduced by the College President which is rare.




for the link


Just beautiful. :)

Enthusiasm and Determination...

continue for Ron Paul2012!!!!

Fantastic! I never get tired

Fantastic! I never get tired of seeing the warm reception at these events.


ditto here.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Thunderous applause!

You can tell Paul's security detail have their dream jobs. Paul should give a thanks to them. Something like, "And I want to thank my private security detail which preforms greatly and are happy to not take your tax dollars like every other campaign," then add his little haha haha.lol

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(it's character)

Thank you so much..

I didn't realize that the college was a private religious affiliated school. And the president of the college introduced Dr. Paul. The room looked packed. Hope someone has the full video.

Looks like a HUGE, LOVING

Looks like a HUGE, LOVING crowd. Am so happy. GO LA!


Loves them some Liberty!



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