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Someone from Kansas help me real quick...

I've got a brother in Kansas that I swayed toward Dr. Paul, but in the end didn't make it to the voting booth. I of course informed him that his inaction means he hates freedom and the American way (in a joking sibling rivalry sense), but I was curious as to the delegate process in Kansas. Are delegates selected much later like in Missouri and Iowa, or has that process already come to a close? If there is still a chance he can help vote for Paul delegates, I will double up on the incessant pestering.

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I'm from NE KS. I did vote

I'm from NE KS. I did vote at our caucus -- also gave an impromptu 10 minute speech for Dr Paul. Paul had a little better numbers in our tri-county caucus, but it still seemed a bit fishy. Is there anything else I can do? How do I get hooked-up with our Paul supporters, GOP know-how, in my area?

In Kansas

You had to file a delegate form by February 24th in Topeka to be considered as a possible delegate. The delegates are also bound to the candidate that won the majority in each district. They will be come unbound if if it goes to a brokered convention in FL and a candidate doesn't get enough delegates after the first vote.

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Excellent, thanks for the info. Now part two...

Has voting on delegates already been completed? In other words, could my brother and his wife show up to an event and vote for Ron Paul - friendly delegates, or is that done, or handled by insiders?

after the applications are

after the applications are submitted the KSGOP has a committee including county chairpersons, I believe, that select which applicants will actually be delegates. our tactic was to write as neutral an application as possible and make sure it didn't sound like we we're Paul supporters. We're pretty sure one of ours made the cut. but essentially, outside of who submits applications, it's completely in the hands of party leaders.

Very well.

Thanks for the info!

i live in northwest kansas....

i got my form in early volluteering to become a deligate, and i wrote on there that i thought any of the republican candidates could do a better job then obama.... havent heard from them yet.
santorum somehow got 51% of the votes in ks, still havent figured that one out, so IF i am selected, guess i gotta hold my nose and vote for him. but next vote, its RON PAUL ONLY!


ron in 12!


Anybody have this info?

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another call for anybody



I suppose I could call the Kansas campaign organization tomorrow, but I'll bump this one more time in case someone sees it.