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Are You Maxed Out In Contributions? $2500 Per Individual, $5k Per Couple But Still Want To GIVE? Heres What You Can Do..

Hold a fundraising dinner/reception event for Dr. Paul! We are planning a 1k per plate dinner expecting 100 people to show...thats 100k! The campaign would net about 90k! Another idea if you are maxed out: perhaps you can ask a friend or family member if you can give them money to donate for you?? There are many creative ways to do this. If every state (where Ron Paul has a presence) can get 50 - 100 people to come to a dinner/event for Ron Paul (perhaps the good Dr. would show up!)...we could raise some good money here! Think about it. Anyone with additional ideas please post in comments. Thanks!

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so if you collect a few thousand dollars for dr. paul

how do you get that to the campaign?

as a mini pac?

Too much per plate

$1000 per plate? That won't work. How about $25 per plate, or even $50?

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

sure, if that works for your area thats great! We feel pretty

good about 1k per plate in our area. I think that if we connect with the campaign on these fundraising dinners that it is ok for the money to go to the campaign even if people are maxed out because the money isnt technically for fundraising it is for "dinner". We are working out the details of our event & I will post more info when I know more. The whole scam of donation limits is a bit ridiculous. It may appear to protect the people from "the big guys" giving too much to a campaign, but it really hurts the non-establishment candidates who do not get establishment money. Ron Paul is a bit of a political anomaly because he garners a lot of money from small donations (the politicians understand this about Paul too, and they wish they could duplicate it for themselves). The problem is that so many people are maxed out (as far as the law is concerned)but still want to give. The rich always find the loopholes, because they make the loopholes. We are left to strategize about creative ways to generate cash. And it can be done...

james williams

sure about 1k being to much?

A dinner/reception is a good idea

but I think giving $$ to someone so they can donate for you is illegal!

reedr3v's picture

Such receptions are commonly held. It must

not be illegal.

Receptions are not but getting someone to donate your money

in their name probably is. "perhaps you can ask a friend or family member if you can give them money to donate for you??"

yeah-this could be illegal. you are correct. I was just

throwing this out there hoping to get some response, so thanks!

james williams