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Meet Dick Scaife - Funder of Fake Conservatism

This is an excerpt from a post I did here wherein I thread the needle between fake conservatives and the Elite:


I think it is instructive for those in the dark on how a guy can fund the Heritage Foundation and the UN-loving CSIS simultaneously.


Dick Schaife is heir to the Mellon steel fortune. You may remember Andrew Mellon, Treasury Secretary during the 20s. Well, Dick is his great-nephew. The fortune came down to Scaife's mother Sarah, and upon her death, he inherited a huge fortune. His father, Alan was a member of the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, and as researchers of the underground history of the 20th century would tell you - that is the source of so much of the foreign policy mess we're into today. Bear this in mind as we look at the organizations Mr. Scaife supports.

Now just because someone is an "Elite" doesn't mean that I want to go around gossiping about them, but I will say that Mr. Scaife hasn't had a tranquil home-life. He was expelled from Yale for drunkenness, according to his sister, their mother was a "gutter drunk", his first marriage ended in divorce, he had a falling out with his only sibling, Cordy (although they reportedly became friends again before she died), and his second marriage didn't last either. For pure entertainment, see this interview Mr. Scaife did at the Vanity Far. You WILL be entertained (catfights, dog-nappings, asparagus tongs, etc.) and will understand what a character this fellow is.

He is owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, and as you can imagine has an influence on Pennsylvania politics. Wait a minute.. who is running for president that is also from Pennsylvania? That's right, Rick Santorum, former US Senator from PA, I wonder if they've met? (eyeroll) Mr. Saife also owns Newsmax, perhaps you've heard of it? He also was responsible for trying to put on that sham debate with Donald Trump.


As regular readers of my blog know, we focus on the strings between the puppet population and the puppeteers (banksters). Those strings would be the tax exempt foundations set up ingeniously by those who also set up our tax law. Mr. Scaife has a few foundations of his own. If you look them up, you can easily get a copy of the financial disclosure forms of his three foundations: The Sarah Scaife Foundation, named in honor of his mother, The Carthage Foundation, and the Allegheny Foundation.

Before we begin, I want you to first keep something firmly in your mind: According to Dick Scaife, one of his grandmother's most important causes was population control and was friends with Margaret Sanger herself. In fact, about a year ago, Mr. Scaife wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, saying that conservatives should support Planned Parenthood because it does so much good. Does this explain to you why Rick Santorum took one for "the team" to fund Planned Parentood, when one of the biggest Pennsylvania money men apparently has some sort of family crusade to see Planned Parenthood succeed? So getting back to these foundations, are you ready to do this thing!!!??

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The only thing I can add...

is that the Tribune Review's editorial page has been going after Santorum with a passion since he entered the spotlight in this campaign. They also run columns by John Stossel and the Judge.

"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom." - Hayek

Mitt is It, huh?

That's what I deduce from that. Nice to know that Stossel and the Judge are also on that paper. That must be how this Establishment blue-blood "beards" himself.