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E Bay Auction Bomb!

While I was donating again for the second time Playing the Ron Paul Money Bomb Game, It hit me.

Here is the Game Link First


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Now it just dawned on me that everyone has Crap that they don't want right?

Now we have the campaign set up an ebay account and then everyone just drops off their crap to auction off on ebay at the local campaign headquarters.

Ron Paul could have a constant fundraiser going every day just from Crap we don't want.

I have a contact at the campaign that I am waiting to hear back from about something else.

What do you guys think?

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Thinking Outside the Box Requires Thinking a Few Steps Further

1. Who is going to take pictures of your crap, make the listing, package and weigh it, apply postage, etc.? eBay is a lot of work.

2. The value of the gift must be applied as your donation. The bookeeping would be a nightmare.

3. Where is this mythical campaign office that you would, what, mail your stuff to? Do they have an extra warehouse they're not using for campaign signs?

4. How does this help?

Hold your own garage sale, or eBay it yourself and send the money.

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I know it is a lot of work

So is everything else we are doing

The Point?

My point is that you didn't suggest we do the work, you suggested "they" do the work.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I just came up with

an idea and wanted some input about it.

There are 100000 people in meetup groups alone that are doing stuff every day like this.

Most of the people helping out the campaign are donating time also.

I just though it might be a great way to bring more money to the campaign.

I look at the glass half full not half empty

Rather than help find a way to make it work. You came up with road blocks


You're really trying to take credit for something suggested in another thread within the past hour or two?

Moreover, your idea of dropping stuff off at campaign HQ would be a huge burden on the campaign. It's like VolanTourism.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

I have not even seen another post

about it anywhere.

Whatever where are all of your F***ing ideas?

I didn't even see that

I only look at the top and most active posts on the right

Honest mistake,

but just so happened that it was 45 minutes earlier and that particular poster happened to see your post.

I posted this:


and got 2+

...and some 15 minutes later, someone posts an identical idea and gets 4+!?! Most people don't bother reading the comments, specifically when there are pages of them. Shame though, cause there's a lot of good info in the comments that people miss. Like I said, honest mistake.

No Problem

I think something like this working with meetup groups and other people who donate time at the campaign could help pull a steady steam of cash from stuff no one wants anymore

Just Ebay Your Stuff

And have a paypal account set up by the campaign to deposit the money into.


I wonder how that would work with the rules

I am just trying to think outside the box. Then the amount would add up in your yearly contributions but if the campaign bought your stuff for $1

Then you would not have to claim the amount of the sale. and if they auctioned it off for $50 the campaign would make $49 and you just donated $1

I don't know if that would work or not.

How about if the campaign bought your stuff for a copper penny and then sold it?

Then we only donate $0.01 per item and the campaign gets all of the profits and we can basically sell as many crap items as we want and we wouldn't have to worry about maxing out till the election

Not a bad idea, but I think

Not a bad idea, but I think they might need another new volunteer to run the account but I am sure that wouldnt be an issue.