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The GOLDen State: Winning California (by District); Texas; heads-up!

UPDATE: http://freeindependentsun.com/republic/the-golden-state-stan...

Okay, I'm not sure if Texas has a similar delegate process to us, but I just think Texas needs to step it up as much as we do.

We must have strong showings in both these states, if not win outright; this is how we are going to win in California. Seriously, if you are a supporter in California, this is it. No time to d!ck around.

We have new congressional districts this year. Find out which one you are in; this is your "turf." This is where you will be campaigning the next 2 1/2 months.



I'm district 5. (Any other CA-5s on here message me; now. Do it, don't go; "maybe I'll do it tomorrow or later." Just send me a quick message saying "Hey, I'm Ron, I'm in CA-5, here is my email/number).

Here is how the CA delegate process works: 10 go to the winner of the state, 3 go to the winner of each district (159 total), and 3 are chosen by the party. It is a district game!



Once you figured out your district, go onto the Ron Paul site and apply to be a delegate:


Put something at stake here, get invested, even if you don't get picked, as you are campaigning to your family and friends you will be campaigning for yourself. If you are like me you have probably gotten the "I'd vote for you; you should run for something." At the same time, you probably get frustrated when the same people won't simply support the candidates you do. Well, now you get the best of both worlds, "Hey, I'm running to be a delegate to the RNC; to win I need to get Ron Paul to win our district's GOP Primary. You've always said you'd vote for me if I ran for something, I can count on your support right?"

So, that is the base thing to do; now, if you don't already got down fundamental campaigning here is the short and skinny:

1. Go to the Library and Post Office and grab about half of their voter registration forms (if you grab all of them they might question you, grabbing half they won't bother).

2. Get literature, Super Brochures are pretty solid (there are some Cali specific brochures being worked on, I heard an idea for some Spanish language brochures, either way, get some literature). You can order them, or you might run across someone with a bunch at a local Ron Paul meet-up.



3. Get on Meet-Up, and get numbers of activists near you that are committed to doing a lot of work over the next 2 1/2 months.

4. Get to Work:

A) First thing is to focus on registering people with the GOP that are not already registered. This includes friends and family. Hit up anti-war groups, pro-pot groups, democrats (especially if there is an incumbent congressman in your district; thus no worth while primary), independents, and libertarians. Find their websites or meet up groups.

B) Start going Door-to-door. Find the time you like. I typically go around 11-2 on Saturdays, but recently I did some actual paid canvasing and they go 4-8 during the week. Door-to-door is rough, but you got to do it. Use this as your back-up, the following are priority when available:

C) Go to events and meetings. Farmers markets, flea markets, etc. Try to get a table there, if not, just stand somewhere and ask "are you registered to vote for Ron Paul?" - "Free information on Ron Paul?" - "Registered to vote?" Once someone stops you'll get to get more into the details about the registration deadline, the GOP Primary, and Ron Paul (and why they should vote for him).

D) Go to GOP MEETINGS!!! This is critical, especially after the registration deadline is over. Once the deadline is done it is GOP, GOP, GOP.


Along the way, if you are properly involved with your local groups, you will find DVDs, more handouts, signs, banners, etc.

Only do Sign Waves when you are burnt out and/or have nothing else to do (you can always go door-to-door).

E) Go to local vendors of like minded items (hemp, gold/silver, anarchist book stores, etc.) and talk to the people behind the counters, try to get them to let you leave information on their counter, try to get them to tell their friends about Ron Paul and get them to register and vote.

F) Along the way, start making lists of people (with numbers/addresses) in your immediate area. If you have a car, offer to give people a ride on election day (plan on taking it off of work if possible). If we all, after all of this work, at least make sure to bring 3 people to vote with us on election day we will win.

G) Okay, this is the last part, for the few days before the election, you are going to do some couch-to-couch canvasing. You are going to call your friends, especially ones you know have registered and are voting Ron Paul, heading over to their house and putting a sign in the lawn. You are going to get them to find out who they know that are registered GOP and make sure to get them to the poll to vote Ron Paul (make sure to emphasize, that since you are running to be a delegate, they are really voting for YOU!).

This will likely take 20-40 minutes of hanging out, having a drink, and showing how important this is to you.

H) Also, while you are driving around, if you got any banners, get some zip ties and seek out high-visibility over hangs, public fences (not private property, but fences along freeways, etc.) to hang up a Ron Paul banner.

I) And, lastly, if you really want to get crafty, get some chalk and the night before the election chalk up sidewalks saying "Vote Ron Paul Today" - I suggest making the "o" in Ron Paul a "peace sign." It is California after all.

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Postmarked May 21st for last day of registration to GOP.

Primary Presidential elections are closed primaries so you must "come to the darkside (lol)" and register GOP in order for your vote for RP to count.

Everyone else up for election for Mayor, state senate, congress, and federal congress are open primaries and can vote regardless of what party you are registered to and I believe you can vote for more than one on some.

Lastly...I'm seeing RP stickers, banners, on cars, road signs, and freeway overpasses. Continue doing the good work people!!!

You mean join the Obsidian Council!

The Gray Davis hoards are the dark side, not the McClintockians.

...and the Governators are equally confuzzled.

And on the Social Network group:

This is the platform to win

Top-notch work, Jaktober. Email me your numbers. I'll work with you.

Great way to go all out and

Great way to go all out and get more attention!

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